Treatment of arthritis of the joints of the toes , arthritis of the big toe

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arthritis called inflammation of the joints.Arthritis can occur in various joints, such as single (monoarthritis) and multiply (polyarthritis).Arthritis of the joints of the toes - one of the most painful varieties, because the disease causes pain not only during the walk, but also at rest.

Symptoms of arthritis Symptoms of arthritis

develop gradually.Most often, the first harbingers of arthritis are pain in the affected joint of a finger.By the nature of the pain may be dull twitching, stabbing.The pain is not constant - it is simmering, then reappears, very often this is due to weather changes.Quite often, the pain disturbs patients at night when joints are relaxed.Then on the site of the lesion skin begins to redden, finger swells, swells.Later, all appears high temperature, which indicates the severity of the process.Temperatures can reach high levels, even up to forty degrees.After that, as a rule, a person begins to

think about the problem and go to the doctor.If this does not happen, the inflammatory process leads to a violation of joint function, and hence the finger.Toes are limited in mobility, in the morning they were shackled, often patients can not even make an effort of moving a finger.Even after the patient changes the position of the feet, seeking to develop joint stiffness persists.

Despite the fact that most arthritis affects large joints (elbows, knees and so on. D.), The toes are also often suffer from this ailment.It should be noted that arthritis toes spread not only among the elderly but also among the young generation.Arthritis toes for a long time can not produce symptoms, or flow so sluggishly that patients mostly blamed the pain of fatigue from a long day of work or walk.

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Causes of Arthritis fingers

  1. legs As a result of penetration into the body of infection, especially if the immunity is lowered.Even the lightest cold can result in the penetration of infection and the onset of arthritis.A pregnancy arthritis toes occurs because of natural decline mother immunity.
  2. Metabolic disorders.Typically, the shortage of generating substances which cleave slag or the excessive accumulation of minerals also provoked arthritis.Most often, you can see this process in the form of gout - an enlarged and deformed bones of the big toe, projecting beyond the norm.The cause of the disease - accumulation of uric acid salts.Patients feel significant discomfort with gout, it is not just a sore and inflamed, but also prevents wear normal shoes.
  3. External influences on your toes.Arthritis toes can be caused by wearing too narrow shoes, hypothermia, frostbite limbs insufficiently active lifestyle or other extreme - active sports.
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After the doctor make a diagnosis, starting treatment of the disease.It should be noted that the treatment of the complex - you need to not only eliminate the symptoms but also the possibility to eliminate the cause of the disease.Patients prescribed a special diet, medications with allopurinovoy acid or corticosteroids.Be sure the appointment chondroprotectors that contribute to the restoration of cartilage tissue.To remove the pain prescribed analgesics, and upon detection of the infectious nature of the disease - antibiotics.To how to successfully work on the affected joint, after the elimination of the acute period of widely used methods of physiotherapy - heating, baths, massage, gym, mud, etc.