All about diet for gout : prohibited and permitted foods

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  • The destination diet for gout
  • Basic principles of nutritional therapy in gout
  • Permitted products for gout
  • products that limit in the diet for gout
  • products prohibited sick gout

Goutwhich becomes the cause of the accumulation of blood in an excessive amount of purine bases, typically refers to disorders of metabolic processes in the body.Above a certain concentration of uric acid and purine products exchanging serum (these states are the result of massive formation of these substances in the body or in violation of their normal allocation) of uric acid crystals in the joints can fall or be deposited in the tissue as tophi.Urata

(salts of uric acid, which is formed in the body during metabolism of certain protein compounds) can actively deposited in the synovium of joints, tendons surrounding the affected joint, or in soft tissues of the body.A prerequisite for the development of gout becomes a sharp increase in the concentration of the purine metabolic products (uric acid) in th

e blood serum - it is in the laboratory blood test your doctor may suspect gout assign activities, warning its complications, even before the first attack of arthritis.

use of nutritional therapy in gout based on proven facts, evidence that certain foods have the ability to raise blood serum urate concentration, while other components of the diet reduced the content of these compounds in the body.

use in gout diet is mandatory and permanent component of systemic therapy, which is used at any stage of the disease - in this disorder of metabolism in the body recommended diet should be used for life.

The destination diet for gout

Changing the diet composition in violation of purine metabolism helps monitor the patient's condition and to control the amount of uric acid in the serum of patients blood - it several times will reduce the likelihood of developing gouty arthritis, and with continued use reduces the chance of injuryrenal gout.To achieve this effect it is necessary to exclude from your diet foods that increase uric acid salts in the blood serum or accelerate the mobilization of urate tophi (tissues of the body where there are deposits of these compounds).Products that are not so strongly influenced by the metabolism of uric acid salts in the body, patients can be eaten only in limited quantities and only under complete clinical remission.Without limiting in patients diet food products can be used, reducing the concentration of uric acid and its derivatives in serum - dishes of them may be used in any period of gout.

Especially for the treatment of patients and the prevention of gout and its complications diet used №6, developed by Pevzner.

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Basic principles of nutritional therapy in gout

the treatment and prevention of gout rheumatologist and dietetics experts recommend the following principles:

  1. patients suffering from gout or exchange of purine bases disorders should eat regularly - all the daily rationshould be divided into 5-6 meals (not less than 4 in the initial stages of the disease).In patients
  2. power equally unacceptable overeating and use of any diet and fasting days - and that in either case the blood levels of uric acid increases.
  3. Reducing body mass money had become the purpose of the patient, but it is desirable - it is worth to monitor the monthly weight reduction (it should not exceed 3 kg for 30 days).
  4. Between meals, the patient should drink plenty of fluids -not less than 2 liters per day in remission of the disease, and 3 liters - in the event of signs of gouty arthritis (this increases the excretion of uric acid from the body).

Drinking alkaline mineral water should be compulsory component of the non-drug treatment of gout - this rule must be observed and satisfactory condition of the joints and internal organs, and in the event of acute illness.

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Permitted products for gout

When preparing the diet of patients suffering from gout, it is important not only to use "authorized products", but also to follow the food diet value - patients should receive a diet that is calorie corresponds to their age, genderprofessional activity or be slightly lower.Be sure to limit animal protein - vegetable protein can be ingested without such stringent restrictions.

The list of products approved for gout included:

  • chicken, turkey or rabbit - allowed fillets without skin and fat;
  • seafood - squid, mussels and prawns;
  • eggs - chicken and quail;
  • soups for cooking which uses vegetarian broth;
  • fish low-fat varieties;
  • dairy products - cheese, yogurt, low-fat cheese, sour cream (without any restrictions);
  • bread, black and white;
  • pasta and cereals;
  • fresh vegetables - carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, eggplant;
  • jam, candy, honey, marshmallow, candy, sweets without chocolate - without restrictions;
  • any dried fruit (raisins exclude sweet varieties and figs);
  • fruit - citrus fruits, green apples, gooseberries, watermelons, melons, avocados;
  • any berries - the only exception is raspberry;
  • vegetable fats;
  • herbs and spices;
  • drinks - tea with milk, fruit drinks and juices, green tea.
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products that limit in the diet for gout

Some foods in the diet of patients with gout may be introduced in a limited number - are allowed only in the stage of remission and completely eliminated in the exacerbation periods.In such food products should be administered in small portions - after their use need to monitor the condition of their joints and well-being

Prohibited foods for gout

  • sausages;
  • salt;
  • vegetables - asparagus, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower;
  • mushrooms;
  • pickles;
  • plum;
  • a small amount of animal fat;
  • whole milk.
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products prohibited sick gout

This group includes those products that are maintained by dramatically increases the concentration of purine compounds in the blood and accelerating their delivery of tissues.

The list of products banned in gout include:

  • any dish of meat of young animals;
  • meat and fish soups and broths, jellies;
  • smoked and any semi-finished products;
  • offal;
  • canned fish and meat;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • legumes (any) and their products, including chocolate and coffee;
  • animal fats and margarine;
  • spices.

gout Diet therapy should not be limited to the use of "useful" products - no less important observance of the recommended diet - in compliance with such recommendations likely to develop the disease and complications of arthritis associated with gout, decreased significantly.