Symptoms and treatment of myositis muscles of the back and neck muscles

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Myositis - a defeat of skeletal muscles (one or more muscles), resulting from processes, wearing the inflammatory, toxic or traumatic naturemanifested by pain syndrome and the development of muscle weakness (up to atrophy).

the lesion characterized by the formation of hard nodules and local pain, which are enhanced by palpation the affected muscle fibers and motion, causing their decline.Over time, the intensity of the pain increases, there is a limitation in the joints of motor activity that leads to muscle weakness.

causes of myositis

  1. As a result of infectious diseases such as angina, influenza, rheumatism, chronic tonsillitis and other, and parasitic infections (echinococcosis, trichinosis).
  2. As a result of toxic effects (diabetes, gout and other diseases associated with metabolic disorders).After receiving
  3. injuries resulting from occupational diseases associated with a constant voltage of the same muscle grou
    ps, and also by the negative impact of external factors (hypothermia, strong overvoltage muscle and associated appearance of convulsions).

most frequently observed myositis muscles of the back and neck muscles, the main reasons for its occurrence, and the prerequisites for its development are:

  • infectious and viral diseases;
  • scoliosis, herniated discs;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • joint diseases;
  • trauma, hypothermia and edema;
  • regular overstrain the same muscle groups.
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back muscles Myositis Myositis

back muscles is characterized by redness, swelling of skin and muscle aching pain of local nature, increasing during movement of the affected area, with pressure on her at night and sudden change of weather.In some cases, the presence of concomitant chronic infections and metabolic disorders Myositis lumbar muscles can take place against a background of joint pain.

disease is characterized by longer duration and, depending on its course (acute or chronic) following treatment.

Acute myositis flowing back muscles recommended:

  • compliance with bed rest;
  • anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug therapy;
  • physiotherapy (electrophoresis, in some cases, physiotherapy under medical supervision);
  • dry heat and massage with warmed by rubbing essential oils (lavender, marjoram, eucalyptus), as well as the use of special ointments, relieves muscle tension;
  • protein diet.

In the chronic form of the disease affected area of ​​muscle becomes very sensitive to sharp changes of weather, physical exertion, exposure to cold, drafts and so on.Therefore recommended sparing regimen, heat, massage, medical gymnastics, swimming lessons, physical therapy, restorative treatments and diet.As a rule, a chronic form of the disease is caused by undertreated acute myositis

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Myositis neck muscles

This is an acute inflammation of the muscle fibers of neck and shoulder department, which is exposed to even a healthy person as a result of intense exercise, excessive cold or drafts, features professionalworking, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, and so on.

manifested the disease is usually 1-2 days after the possible overloads, hypothermia or other traumatic factors mentioned above.During this period, sore muscles swell that provokes reflex spasm, causing severe pain, which extends from the neck to the back of the shoulder on the side surface, in more severe cases (10-15%), pain may spread across the hand and reach up to the fingertips.

Character nerve inflammation in cervical myositis asymmetrical, pain is often harder on the one hand, while they are very sharp and intense.The patient can not make any rotational movement of the head or hand.

key to successful treatment of cervical myositis is timely set of procedures. With proper treatment of pain attack takes place over a period of 3 to 14 days.In the absence of treatment, sore neck muscles can lead to "sag" of the neck and the development of displacement of intervertebral joints or the appearance of herniated disc cervical spine, so that the disease became protracted.

the treatment of cervical muscles myositis appointed full rest, warming and anti-inflammatory drug therapy.As an effective pain relief with a strong pain syndrome can be administered novocaine blockade, reduces inflammation and reduces the intensity of pain.If contraindications to medication is recommended that a post isometric relaxation (PIR) - the stretching of ligaments and muscles.This method of manual therapy belongs to the category of new and involves interaction between doctor and patient in which to relax muscles during doctor holds them stretching relieves tension and pain.This procedure is one of the most useful in the cervical myositis, the number of its implementation shall be appointed in accordance with the general condition of the patient.

myositis effectiveness of treatment depends on a common set of procedures for appointing and combined medication.As with any aggravation there are exceptions, and precautions.So when acute myositis occurring stage-intensity physical activity is prohibited and any load, while at higher temperatures it is necessary to take antipyretic, thus make sure that the damaged area was kept warm.If you have a purulent myositis require surgery, in which an autopsy will be performed sore outbreak.In this case, absolutely contraindicated massage and any grinding.Considering all the features and contraindications, competent treatment can only assign a qualified doctor after a medical examination.

At the initial stage of the disease cervical myositis and myositis of the lumbar muscles is difficult to determine.Therefore, following some recommendations: avoid hypothermia and drafts, physical overload, long stress the same muscle groups, awkward posture during sleep, can prevent development of the disease.