Causes, symptoms and treatment of cervical lymphadenitis

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  • Causes and classification of cervical lymphadeniti
  • Symptoms of cervical lymphadenitis
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If people saw in his neck just below the ear, or mandible appeared seals, please contact immediately todoctor.Most likely, in this way can manifest cervical lymphadenitis.This - not a reason to panic, but timely diagnosis of the disease - the key to successful treatment.

condition of the patient, accompanied by a sharp increase in the lymph nodes, in the name of medicine has lymphadenopathy.It is - quite generic name rather describes the clinical picture of the disease.But the causes of it may be a variety of diseases, including lymphadenitis.

Lymphadenitis - is an infection of the large lymph nodes (See the general article "Lymphadenitis.").Typically, the disease is quite distinct localization.Usually, an increase in units visible in the armpits, in the groin, in the region of the elbow or the knee.Enough common is cervical lymphadenitis, and, in view of the proximity to the surface of the body retropharyngeal lymph nodes (between the angle of the lower jaw and ear), submandibular and cervical surface (in the collarbone area).

Causes and classification of cervical lymphadenitis

Usually, the cause of inflammation of the nodes becomes the penetration into the lymphatic system of external infection - different kinds of pathogens.There have been cases of the onset of inflammation of the vessels entering the organic decay of tissue products, or even microscopic foreign bodies.

In normal development of the disease, when lymphadenitis is the main disease, usually present a history of injury to the skin wound, festering wounds or severe inflammation (boils, abscesses).However, manifestations and lymphadenitis may be the result of proceeding in an organism acute or chronic diseases, such as tuberculosis, influenza, pneumonia and upper respiratory tract, tonsillitis.Often, the inflammation of the lymph nodes causes have not sanitized mouth with active caries or periodontal disease is running, or even careless man's relation to the treatment of chronic rhinitis (runny nose).

Pathogens lymphadenitis can serve a number of pathogenic bacteria - streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli, or purulent.Penetrating with shock lymph from the primary site lesions in the lymph nodes, micro-organisms are actively multiplying, accumulate in them, hitting themselves nodes and adjacent tissues produce toxins.

often occurs hematogenous path of infection (through the bloodstream), which can manifest itself in chronic infectious diseases of internal organs (liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract).

in its manifestations and character progression cervical lymphadenitis may be acute, purulent, may have a serous form, go to the non-specific chronic stage.In the case of neglect or improper treatment of the disease can not be ruled appearance phlegmonous adenitis.

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Symptoms of cervical lymphadenitis

man, watching over his health, immediately see the first manifestations of cervical lymphadenitis.Markedly increased and compacted lymph nodes, there is a feeling of pain when you click on them.Often this is accompanied by a constant headache, difficulty swallowing, malaise, weakness, aching joints, fever.

When not taking appropriate action in the disease may go serous form .The general condition of the person is not improving, lymph nodes become even larger and harder, become permanently painful, even without touching them.

In chronic nonspecific stage (more than typical for people with deficiency of the immune system) lymphadenitis may be anemic, almost asymptomatic.For a small swelling on the neck the person gets used as a constant slightly elevated body temperature.However, this does not mean that the disease is on the decline, at any time, it can go in its severe forms.

In advanced disease it can go to the stage of purulent .The pain becomes sharp, often - throbbing, over the lymph nodes acquire a deep red color, which indicates the activation of the inflammatory process.Swelling grow, merge with each other and with the surrounding tissues.Touching these sites are extremely painful.The body temperature rises sharply to 38 degrees and above, deteriorating general condition of the patient.

The most severe form is not cured lymphadenitis - education phlegmonous adenitis .flushing of the skin spread over a large area, the affected areas of the field appear explicitly softening, suggesting the formation of extensive internal purulent tissue lesions.The temperature rises to critical levels, accompanied by a strong malaise, headaches, disorders of the cardiovascular system.In this case, the required emergency hospitalization of the patient, as the consequences can be very sad.

Children lymphadenitis development process is significantly more active than adults.Usually the symptoms occur on the background of the current respiratory infection, sore throat, flu.Most of the time kids are affected submandibular nodes.The child has a fever, he becomes restless, there is a decrease in appetite and sleep disturbance.In addition, sometimes pain in the neck does not allow him to keep his head straight, which can cause developmental disorders of the cervical spine.

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disease At the slightest manifestation of these symptoms should see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

  • specialist usually starts with visual inspection of the patient, palpation of the affected areas.Taken into account the patient's medical history and assigned to specialized laboratory testing.The importance can not be overestimated, since the development of lymphadenitis can talk about the development in the human body such serious diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, cancer disorders, tularemia, plague.
  • Of course, much will the overall analysis of the patient's blood.But for a more complete picture, as a rule, carried out the puncture site for sending its contents to histological analysis.
  • taken into account a person's predisposition to tuberculosis infection (the results of recent Mantoux test), shall be required fluorography examination of the lungs and thoracic organs.
  • At insufficiency of objective data and not fully understood etiology of the disease can be carried out ultrasound examination of lymph nodes and abdominal organs.
  • To reveal the full clinical picture is often required to test for HIV, the study by computed tomography methods.
  • In acute purulent lymphadenitis forms, and, in particular, with its development into cellulitis stage diagnosis is carried out simultaneously with surgery.The delay in this case is unacceptable because it may be the most serious complications in adverse conditions of developing the disease - up to osteomyelitis, meningitis and general sepsis.
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Treatment of cervical lymphadenitis

In the initial stages of the disease its treatment is carried out, usually on an outpatient basis.Even before receiving the detailed histological analysis, patients were administered antibiotics penicillin.Subsequently, to obtain a clearer clinical picture, the list of anti-inflammatory drugs may be updated or changed by a specialist.

If lymphadenitis is an external manifestation of other disease processes in the body, the prescribing physician will be directed, first of all, to eliminate the causes of disease.

Any treatment regimen involves, along with antibiotics, taking fortifying preparations, vitamin complexes, enhance the body's immunity and improve overall patient health.

When purulent forms possible therapeutic agents will not be enough, and have to resort to surgery followed by disinfection, removal of pus and drainage area.

In severe cases, as well as, if lymphadenitis caused by atypical species of bacteria, not amenable to medication, surgery carried out by excision of the affected lymph nodes.

positive effect has physiotherapy (electrophoresis, ultrasound, galvanotherapy).The only thing that should be cautioned - in any case can not be applied hot compress, as it leads to the activation of inflammatory processes.

Cervical lymphadenitis is a serious disease that brooked no neglect or improper self-medication.Especially hard the consequences of neglected diseases.Therefore, when the first suspicions of swollen lymph nodes is necessary to consult a doctor immediately for setting accurate diagnosis and complex treatment measures.