Inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin in males and females - causes, symptoms and treatment .Folk remedies.

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  • Causes inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes
  • Symptoms of inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes
  • Diagnosis and treatment of inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes

In the human body there are special clusters of cells of lymphoid tissue - the lymph nodes, the main purpose of which becomes a focus limitinfection in an organism and its elimination through increased strength of the immune system.Lymph nodes located in the groin, in the human body is one of the largest, they are an integral part of the uniform of the lymphatic system.

With organs and tissues, as well as among themselves, these lymph nodes connected by lymph ducts, capillaries and blood vessels.The main task of the lymphatic system in the body are involved in metabolism and release it from the products of metabolism, toxins entering from outside, agents of various diseases of viral, bacterial, fungal origin (it acts as a permanent biological filter).

clusters of lymphatic tissue in the groin are the regional lymph

nodes of the lower limbs, perineum, pelvic organs, including small.Increase and inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin suggests possible trouble in the body and requires a mandatory consultation of a doctor and an integrated examination of the patient.

is important to remember that many of these diseases anatomical regions, regardless of their nature, with timely diagnosis respond well to treatment by means of official and alternative medicine, while late diagnosis leads to complications that make recovery difficult.

Causes inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes

name "lymph nodes in the groin," is quite generic in nature - this term is combined three local cluster nodes, bearing the appropriate name:

  • top - collect the lymph from the lower portion of the front surface of the abdomen, side andgluteal regions;
  • average - are lymphatic collector to the rectum area and anus, external genitalia and perineum;
  • lower - collect the lymph from the lower extremities.

Depending on which group defeat groin (inguinal lymphadenitis) expressed more may be determined by a preliminary diagnosis and limited development zone of the pathological process - to clarify the true cause must be a comprehensive examination.

bubonadenitis is a type of inflammation of the lymph nodes.Often inflamed and submandibular lymph nodes.

Read also the article about lymphadenitis and its classification.

inflammation of the lymph nodes may occur in the background:

  • infectious and inflammatory processes are localized in the lower limbs and genitals;
  • malignancies related bodies;
  • viral and bacterial infections (sexually transmitted diseases and infections, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis);
  • local trauma genitals and perineum;
  • taking certain medications (steroids, chemotherapy agents).
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Symptoms of inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes

often the first manifestation of trouble getting the appearance of painful lymph nodes in the groin, and their increase - its level does not always correspond to the type and kind of pathological process, thus becoming the sole diagnostic criterion can not.

However, in a possible suppurative process indicates permanent pain, diffuse lymph node enlargement, the occurrence of sudden swelling of the affected area.At the same time, the patient may occur total deterioration of health, fever, chills, formed pronounced signs of intoxication.

With the progression of infectious-inflammatory process fester beyond the lymph node area, pus begins to spread throughout the intermuscular spaces hips, causing the development of cellulitis.

When malignancy lymph nodes in the groin are increasing but remain painless for a long time - so the true diagnosis is made too late, but in the area around the lymph nodes process does not apply.

In diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, there are also regional lymphadenitis, but it does not reach the severity inherent in purulent inflammatory processes.

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Diagnosis and treatment of inflammation inguinal lymph nodes

order to establish the true cause of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin, an evaluation of the patient's complaints and the results of his clinical examination, on basis of which the screening program.It must be included:

  • clinical and biochemical analyzes;
  • bacteriological blood cultures;
  • needle biopsy of lymph nodes;
  • cytological and histological examination;
  • radiography and ultrasonography of related bodies;
  • computer and magnetic resonance tomography.

Traditional treatment of inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes in both men and women can be carried out:

  • conservative methods include the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and rest for the affected areas (limited to walking and exercise), as well as the use of ointments with antiseptics and antibiotics;
  • radical methods necessary for the treatment of necrosis (at its formation) - conducted an autopsy and drainage of suppurative focus with optional subsequent use of antimicrobials for the general and local therapy.

Also, be sure to establish the true cause of inflammation of the inguinal lymph node and the impact on it (if possible).causes lymphadenitis Treatment should be complex and necessarily include drugs that stimulate the immune system.

Traditional methods of treatment of inflammation inguinal lymph nodes

methods of alternative medicine can be used in the early stages of treatment in the complex therapy - their application accelerates the recovery of the patient.Nevertheless, we can not completely abandon the methods of traditional medicine, and the treatment process should be conducted under the supervision of a physician.

The efficiency of these methods of traditional medicine:

  1. Fresh dandelion juice is used for impregnating the cloth - it is applied as a compress.This procedure must be repeated 2 times per day for at least 3 days.
  2. suitable for the treatment and svezherazmyatye peppermint leaves - they are applied directly to the affected area.Compress to keep at least 2 hours and repeated twice a day.
  3. for oral administration can be recommended collection, consisting of leaves of oregano, plantain and mint, wormwood grass and meadowsweet, flowers St. John's wort, dandelion root, raspberry branches - components are taken in equal proportions, are ground, mixed and brewed as a tea.Infusion need to take 1 glass 2-3 times a day after meals.