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Hemorrhoids - inflammation of the veins of the rectum or anus, accompanied by the formation of hemorrhoids and edema.A large number of people at some point in their lives faced with this problem.Peak of the disease between the ages of 45-65 years.80% - representatives of the stronger sex, rarely affects women - about 20%.

hemorrhoids be treated in two ways - rapid and conservative.The conservative method is used in the early, not late stages of the disease.Pharmacists have developed many forms of medication, has been used successfully in the treatment.The best way considered candles from hemorrhoids.

candles from hemorrhoids

Rectal suppositories very effective, since at room temperature are solid, and the introduction into the melt, thereby affect the problem area.This treatment is very effective because suppositories rapidly absorbed into the blood than have a therapeutic effect.Signs of recovery appear about a week after the st

art of use.Candles will greatly facilitate the itching and other symptoms that cause this disease.Effective as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent.

introduced into the anus of the patient in a comfortable position.If you enter them with the utmost care, will not feel the pain and significant discomfort, but the feeling can be unpleasant.It is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before and after administration.In the application and follow the instructions and advice of a doctor.

Diabetics, pregnant women and people who have problems with pressure before use of such preparations must necessarily consult your doctor.In addition, carefully review the structure to ensure that no substances that cause allergies.Contraindicated candles from hemorrhoids receiving immunosuppressants, aprepitant, and anticoagulants.

If the patient worried about the pain after a bowel movement and itching, candles are used, which contain antispasmodics (consisting of available substances, relieves spasms of smooth muscles in the rectum) and has the effect of anesthesia (as a part of procaine, benzocaine, etc.).For example, a candle Anuzol, which is composed of belladonna and anti-inflammatory agent tribromophenol bismuth.Has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, antibacterial and drying effect.

If troubled youth often bleeding, help candles with adrenaline. Older people who have, as a rule, unstable blood pressure, these drugs are contraindicated because it can cause a sharp rise.

Rectal suppositories gepatrombin , containing heparin, counteract the formation of blood clots in the hemorrhoidal site and, hence, hemorrhoids.These candles in the structure have hormone prednisone, reduce inflammation, and polidocanol, providing local anesthesia and provides tightening of the connective tissue components.But these candles do not have antifungal and antimicrobial agents, so they are not used for viral, bacterial and viral skin lesions, syphilis and tuberculosis.There are also contraindications for tumors as it stimulates their growth.Unacceptable use with hemorrhoidal bleeding.

perfectly relieves itching, soften and heal tissue buckthorn rectal suppositories .Also strengthen local immunity and resistance against infection.In the same immunostimulatory effects have candles Relief Advanced containing shark liver oil, has a hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect and benzocaine - anesthetic medication.Almost do not have contraindications not only used for increased blood clotting.

The use of rectal suppositories strictly on the evidence lead to excellent therapeutic effect.

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Ointments for hemorrhoids

Medications in the form of ointments used widely for the treatment of hemorrhoids.As the candles have a local effect, it is sometimes more effective than suppositories.Ointments for hemorrhoids in its composition contains anti-inflammatory, analgesic, healing, decongestant and antipruritic components.The ointments different active substances may vary.Therefore ointment selects only the doctor, taking into account the form and features of the stage of the disease.

Because ointments are often used protivogemorroynyh note Aurobin, bezornil, heparin and troksevazinovuyu ointment ultraprokt. ointment should be applied correctly.This is done after emptying the bowel and hygienic treatment of the anus.The anal region is washed with water and only then applied ointment on the inflamed area with a thin layer.For external hemorrhoids better to do it with a swab.If the internal hemorrhoid ointment is introduced into the rectum using a special tip, came with a tube.After the application of the patient must lie down for half an hour.

Detailed instructions for use of a particular tool is in the annotation sheet, present in each package.

Result ointments treatment depends on the condition of blood vessels and capillaries, stage of the disease, individual characteristics.Celebrating the most effective protivogemorroynyh ointments, giving a positive effect.

Heparin ointment characterized in that the structure includes a substance - heparin, eliminating the local inflammatory process and accelerates the resorption of hematomas, which often occur in pregnant women with hemorrhoids.Recommend to use the ointment after childbirth, to eliminate the further spread of the disease.

ointment Vishnevsky gives excellent results in the treatment, although not considered special treatment for this disease.Please put manganese gadgets, then for twelve hours compresses with ointment.Vishnevsky ointment perfectly removes inflammation, safe, can be used by pregnant and nursing women, as the perfect tool to combat hemorrhoids.