Causes yellow discharge in women , what to do ?

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  • reasons for concern
  • These should be the normal allocation
  • If there is no reason to worry
  • more dangerous yellow discharge

allocated for women - is not uncommon, and often there is nothing wrong, butalways have to be attentive to their own health.

Before reading the article, perhaps you mean pus (they have a yellowish color) and can occur for other reasons.

reasons for concern

There are some adverse symptoms, when they appear, should take immediate action:

  1. unpleasant smell at discharge.It can smell onions or fish, sour or rotten.
  2. itching in the vagina.
  3. Pain in the lower abdomen.
  4. burning sensation when urinating.
  5. Intense color selections.
  6. Discomfort during intercourse.

Thus, the selection does not represent anything dangerous, if you have periodically appear or have appeared for the first time, if there is no adverse symptoms, and their color - pale yellow.However, the parameters of rules need to talk separately.

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These should be the normal allocation

You do not have a problem if:

  1. number of discharge no more than a teaspoon per day.Deviations from this rule are possible during the period before menstruation or in connection with the sexual act.
  2. on underwear is left bright traces shade discharge yellow or cream color.
  3. Consistency watery, with no apparent clots.In the middle of the cycle during ovulation may appear clear mucus.
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If there is no reason to worry

When the allocation is not accompanied by additional symptoms, see a doctor is not necessary, but you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Observe personal hygiene.This will help you a special liquid soap, you can buy it in pharmacies, and any supermarket.
  2. Change underwear on cotton.
  3. If you have experimented with a variety of lubricants or contraceptive methods, it is necessary to go back to the usual measures of the barrier, refusing for a time of new products in the intimate sphere.
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more dangerous yellow discharge

This symptom may be a sign of serious gynecological diseases and infections, sexually transmitted diseases.Pay attention in any case need to adverse symptoms.

  1. If you have a large amount of bleeding and worried about the pain in the intimate life, then you have bacterial vaginosis.
  2. If you are concerned about the itching, there are vaginal swelling and pain in the lower back and perineum, you definitely coleitis.
  3. can diagnose you adnexitis, if accompanied by a purulent discharge odor, have low back pain and when urinating.
These were the most frequent causes of such emissions.In addition, the allocation can be a natural allergic reaction to new intimate hygiene products, tampons or underwear.In this case, you will have more trouble itching and irritation.

diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, are accompanied by a variety of symptoms, but the first harbingers could be exactly abundant yellow discharge.

  1. Gonorrhoea you also concerned about pain during urination and intercourse.
  2. If trichomoniasis by secretions odor of rotten fish, itching and irritation also accompany this disease.Similar symptoms and chlamydia.

Besides yellow discharge in small quantities are due to cervical erosion.After intercourse, it can be added to the drop of blood may appear a nagging back pain.

In all these cases, the first step is to visit a doctor .He will smear and send you for further tests to identify the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment.In any case it will be a course of antibiotics, the funds for the restoration of the vaginal flora, etc.

Today, with the help of internet you can manually put a diagnosis and even prescribe treatment.However, many of the symptoms of various diseases are repeated, and the yellow discharge - example.A clear diagnosis always puts only a doctor based on the results of your tests.Pay attention to their health and trust it only to professionals.