Symptoms and treatment of chronic adnexitis ( + folk remedies )

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  • Causes
  • Symptoms of chronic adnexitis
  • consequences of chronic adnexitis
  • Treatment of chronic adnexitis
  • Folk remedies for the treatment adnexitis

Adnexitis - gynecological disease caused by inflammation in the epididymis.Details about the disease, see the article "Adnexitis (salpingo)."


disease cause of the disease is the activation of pathogenic microorganisms present in the mucosa of the genitals of each woman as a result of:

  • low immunity;
  • hypothermia (dangerously especially during menstruation or after abortion);
  • violations of sanitary regulations;
  • allergic to condoms, semen, intimate cosmetics, underwear;
  • use of drugs that promote the growth of certain microorganisms;
  • stress;
  • genital infections and multiple sexual relationships;
  • complications during childbirth, abortion, intrauterine device.
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Symptoms of chronic adnexitis

  • disrupted menstrual cycle, there are selection (abundant or scarce);
  • body temperature rises to 37 ° C and held for
    a week or more;
  • abdominal pain keeps constantly in the period of exacerbation.

disease in acute adnexitis almost always causes a woman to see a doctor, which is not the chronic form, when a woman is not always in a hurry to begin treatment, which can lead to irreversible consequences.

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consequences of chronic adnexitis

result of inflammatory processes in the epididymis may form adhesions, obstruction of the fallopian tubes and infertility.

Pregnancy adnexitis when possible.Much depends on the degree of development and neglect of the disease.In any case, the disease significantly increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

addition, adnexitis may cause a tubo-ovarian abscess (purulent adnexitis).

The diagnosis requires a comprehensive approach and includes:

  1. examination by a gynecologist;
  2. smear on flora
  3. blood test;
  4. ultrasound.

In addition, in some cases, can be used methods such as CT and magnetic resonance imaging (strictly prohibited during pregnancy), laparoscopy.

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Treatment of chronic adnexitis

aim of all therapeutic interventions for adnexitis is the suppression of infection, prevention of possible complications and, as a consequence, the restoration of reproductive function.

treatment should occur as intended and under the supervision of a physician-gynecologist.Only a professional can properly diagnose and assess the degree of complexity of the disease.Especially, that the etiology of the inflammatory process in appendages can be different and it is extremely important for effective treatment to identify the real cause.

Initially assigned antibiotic therapy using drugs of various groups (see. "Antibiotics for adnexitis").

Also antibiotics are appointed detoxification, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and immunokorigiruyuschie drugs.

also possible surgical intervention, but only if the therapeutic treatment is attained improvement in purulent adnexitis and optionally recovery of the Fallopian tubes.

times for effective treatment is necessary to go to the hospital.

Indications for hospitalization

  • patient age of 20 years;
  • disease after various gynecological interventions;
  • severe form of the disease;
  • suppurative complications and immunodeficiency;
  • pregnancy.
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Folk remedies for the treatment adnexitis

Since the disease is caused by increased activity of microbes, the folk remedies are aimed primarily at restoring the microflora.

  • used to treat a variety of fees herbs for vaginal douching: chamomile, plantain, aloe;
  • milk, heated almost to the boiling point (95 ° C): pour into a bowl and sit on it so that a pair of penetrating the vagina and destroying pathogenic microbes;
  • potato juice, which need to drink every day on an empty stomach;
  • celandine and garlic: from brushed and crushed cloves of garlic, squeeze the juice, mix it with a little water and a few drops of the juice of celandine, moisten with this fluid tompon and insert into the vagina (be careful not to burn!);

Folk remedies are recommended only after consultation with your doctor.