Symptoms , Causes and Treatment adnexitis

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  • reasons appendages inflammation of the uterus
  • conditions for the development of adnexitis
  • Mechanisms of adneksita
  • manifestations of inflammation of the uterus
  • Diagnostics adneksita
  • Treatment adnexitis

Adnexitis - an inflammation of the ovaries, in Latinlanguage.But in Greek the same diagnosis sounds as salpingitis and oophoritis.The Greek name is wider captures the essence of the disease, because salpingo - an inflammatory disease of tubes and ovaries, which, in fact, are appendages of the uterus.Therefore, doctors refer to the diagnosis in Russian: "Inflammation of the appendages."Anyway, whatever language it may sound, the diagnosis is inflammation in the pelvic cavity of women.

Causes inflammation of uterine appendages

cause of inflammation is always infectious agents.They can be:

  • viruses;
  • bacteria;
  • specific pathogens: protozoa (Trichomonas), tubercular bacillus Koch, syphilis and gonorrhea.

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conditions for the development of adnexitis

Any infectious inflammation develops under certain conditions.And it starts with getting to the body of microbes.By ovaries inflammatory agents fall through the tubes, so there are no appendages inflammatory lesions without tubes.

In childhood, in the absence of sexual activity, inflammation of the ovaries do not develop!

in childbearing period appendages inflammatory processes contribute to the imbalance of the vaginal microflora and gastrointestinal tract.The most common causative agents of adnexitis - staphylococci, including opportunistic pathogens.The second most common, but the first in strength ovarian failure are streptococci.They have a tropism - aimed action on the connective tissue of the human body.Therefore, chronic tonsillitis always directly linked to the inflammatory processes of the uterus.

Development appendages inflammatory factor promotes hypothermia feet.This is due to the anatomical features of the female body.The phenomenon of "ascending infection" is characteristic only for women.When exposed to cold on the feet are activated "dormant infection."Bacteria begin to multiply and move beyond the lower extremities.The human immune system insulates the lymph nodes, which are arranged in the pelvic area.Here are located the uterine appendages.So begins an inflammation of the ovaries after hypothermia feet.

important role in the development of adnexitis play infections, sexually transmitted infections.Gonococci and Trichomonas come to the ovaries through the vagina.Inflammation develops much earlier, because the specific microflora get into the pelvic cavity more quickly, bypassing the barriers of the lymph nodes.

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Mechanisms of adneksita

The inflammatory process is a typical immune response, and flows through a single scheme consisting of three phases:

  • I. Destruction.When an infectious agent or damaging factor introduced into the body tissue.
  • II.Stage edema.In response to injury of blood vessels occurs effusion leukocytes which surround the die and the pathogen therewith.During this period, the formation of pus.
  • III.Healing.On the site of the lesion scar is formed from connective tissue, or there is demarcation of purulent focus capsule.Since the formation of inflammatory ovarian cysts.

Without timely and proper treatment of acute inflammatory process becomes prolonged, chronic course, which appears under the influence of exacerbations precipitating factors.

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manifestations of inflammation of the uterus

inflammatory process of the ovaries and uterine tubes has the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the pelvic area, ie, in the lower abdomen.The pain is constant pulling character.It is independent of food intake, but increases during sexual activity and during sleep.Increasing pain provokes the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which increases at night.
  • swelling and local edema bodies diagnosed with vaginal examination.
  • Violation appendages functions manifest failure of the menstrual cycle.No ovulation, so celebrated without delay menstruation pregnancy.Sometimes, on the contrary, uterine adnexitis bleeding continues for a long time.

Acute inflammation of the uterus

Acute adnexitis all the inflammatory process occurs rapidly.One phase is followed by another within a short period of time.Pain in the lower abdomen are marked.When you right-sided lesion of the ovary develops a complete clinical picture of acute appendicitis.

affected tissue appendages provokes the formation of cavities filled with the liquid component of blood.Soon serous content is converted into pus.It fills the resulting cyst of ovary and fallopian tube.Volumetric education - adnekstumor - subject to immediate surgical treatment.

the present time - the era of antibiotics - a subacute adnexitis, which sometimes goes unnoticed.So adnexitis becomes chronic course.

Chronic adnexitis

Chronic adnexitis is seasonal.Exacerbations occur in spring and autumn.This is due to changes in solar activity and weather conditions.A slight hypothermia during these periods results in activation of the inflammatory process.

In remission, which may last for several years, appendages are fully operational, that does not preclude the possibility of a woman becoming pregnant.

Features adnexitis caused by specific pathogens

Basically all the specific pathogens are either very fast or gradually.The rate of inflammation does not appear acute health problems.Period cell disruption and immune response occurs almost simultaneously, immediately replaced by the healing period - proliferation - proliferation of connective tissue cells.

As a result of the inflammatory process, massive field of connective tissue, a kind of scars.They are placed inside a small basin in a suspended state in the form of a web which surrounds the adjacent organs.This condition is referred to as adhesive process.Adhesions inside the fallopian tubes, they overlap, preventing the conception of the child.In such cases, the only manifestation adneksita is primary or secondary infertility.

This is typical of tuberculosis, gonorrhea and trichomonas infection.

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Diagnostics adneksita

Recognize inflammation of the uterus can not be without vaginal examination.Ultrasound, and other functional and diagnostic procedures indicate only a change of anatomical structure of the body, without specifying its reasons.

Pathogens inflammation of the uterus revealed in laboratory assays and specific assays.At the same time made bakposeve vaginal flora on sensitivity to antibiotics.In those cases, when the inflammation is chronic, or made provocation pirogenalom gonovaktsinoy.

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Treatment adnexitis

Complex treatment adnexitis ensures complete cure or long-term remission, until the end of childbearing age.

After menopause adnexitis not develop!Read more about the female menopause read the article.

According to the sowing on the microflora, produced targeted treatment aimed at the destruction of the causative agent.Only use antibiotics to which the bacteria are sensitive sown.Most often you need to use a combination of antimicrobial agents.This mandatory appointment of antifungal agents.

Which antibiotics are used in adnexitis, especially drugs, click here.

Surgical treatment is done in rare cases, when the development of the appendages inflammation threatens a woman's life.

Physiotherapeutic procedures contribute to the attenuation of inflammatory responses.Electrophoretic procedures used with copper and zinc.Also effective is the application of ultrasound with hydrocortisone - a fashionable anti-inflammatory hormone.In this procedure, it has no overall effect on the human body and has no undesirable side effects.

best indicator of the effectiveness of the treatment is conducted pregnancy.Therefore, in the treatment of inflammation of the appendages women do not expect to give birth to a child, it is recommended acceptance of contraceptive hormones.