Symptoms, causes and treatment of vaginitis in women and men

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Colpitis - a disease manifested by inflammation of the vaginal mucosa.Therefore, this disease occurs exclusively in women, men also can only be carriers of microorganisms causing it.

When people ask about the manifestations of vaginitis in women, they just do not know about the physical incompatibility of men and this disease.Men also suffer from inflammation of the genital organs, but such inflammatory processes have other symptoms and other names.

symptoms of vaginitis

Every woman can be the individual symptoms of the disease.Especially these symptoms are directly dependent on the variety of disease, its severity and shape.After coleitis can occur in acute and chronic.The chronic symptoms are not so clearly expressed, so that many women do not attach much importance to them and take no action.

There are major symptoms of the disease, which is most often seen in women:

  1. Itching of the external genitalia, their swelling and redness.
  2. Pain in the lower abdomen.
  3. purulent or sanies from the vagina.Impurity occurs when blood mucosal ulcerations due to inflammation.
  4. Pain when urinating.
  5. pain during intercourse.
  6. Poor health.

All of these symptoms can vary the intensity of each woman, but their presence is already talking about the development of vaginitis.

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causes of vaginitis

Many people believe that the disease may be caused by the infection, sexually transmitted, but it is not so.The appearance of the disease contributes to many reasons such as:

  1. Infectious diseases of the genitourinary organs (including those that are transmitted during sexual intercourse).That is the infection (staphylococcus, streptococcus, mycoplasma and other pathogens) can be transmitted from men, infected by it but the man himself suffers from other illnesses, not colpitis .In some cases, women found coleitis yeast, which in its manifestations resembles thrush.The causative agent of the disease is also transmitted sexually, but in men it is called candidiasis.
  2. Any other infectious diseases.For example, even the little girls can develop coleitis if she is sick with scarlet fever.In this case it falls into the vagina infection through blood vessels.
  3. Any hormonal disruptions that lead to violations of ovarian function.These include not only failures arising out of any ovarian disease, but also those that occur in diabetes, menopause and even obesity.
  4. Mechanical damage to the mucous membrane.
  5. intestinal dysbiosis.
  6. inflammatory processes in the uterus or appendages.
  7. Failure to observe personal hygiene.
  8. Sear mucosa due to age-related changes after menopause or changes after surgical removal of the ovaries.
  9. allergic reactions.It may occur under the influence of any gels for intimate hygiene, local contraception, suppositories, ointments and other means.
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Treatment of diseases

Before treatment, the doctor carefully examines the patient during the examination and take the necessary swabs for analysis.The survey results are compared with complaints by women and the diagnosis and treatment is prescribed on the basis of this.

most important in the treatment of vaginitis - is not only the medication, but also to abstain from sexual intercourse.In the case of infectious vaginitis, acquired through sexual contact, should be treated as a woman and a man, or does not make sense to get rid of the infection, which again will be received at the first sexual intercourse.

Even if coleitis not caused by pathogenic microflora, do not forget that this illness provokes a severe inflammation of the mucous membrane.Therefore, any physical impact will be even more hurt her and cause pain and complications, and slow the healing process.

treatment, prescribed by a doctor, can be divided into general and local.To the general treatment include antibiotics to kill disease-causing microbes in the body.As I mentioned previously the doctor should do a swab from the vagina to determine which microorganisms causes inflammation and prescribe appropriate antibiotics.Not all drugs are good for the individual pathogens, so to appoint their own in any case impossible.

addition to antibiotics woman will be useful topical treatment to inflammation of the vaginal mucosa and contribute to its recovery as soon as possible to remove.To do this, the patient is prescribed herbal baths, douching herbal extracts, healing candles and tampons with sea buckthorn oil.

Some women believe that it is able to do without antibiotic treatment, and lay all their hopes only on a local treatment with curative infusions.This approach is fundamentally wrong.If it is not time to remove the inflammatory process, it might cause cervical erosion or endometritis, the consequence of which is infertility.So treat yourself any inflammation is not recommended.

After a course of antibiotic therapy, doctors prescribe drugs that restore the normal vaginal flora, as antibiotics kill and pathogens, and those who benefit by their presence.To refuse further treatment is not necessary, on their own body will be a lot longer to recover their natural functions.

After passing through the full course of the male and female take repeated swabs for the presence of microflora and after their study concludes whether the treatment is successful or not.

What can a woman do further to accelerate recovery?In the first place it is not necessary to eat salty, spicy and smoked food.They slow down the removal of inflammatory processes.But vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products are not only useful, but also necessary to speed up the restoration of the body's normal microflora.

also need to pay special attention to personal hygiene.Of course, it needs to pay attention, and in the absence of obesity, but if any extra change of clothes to clean and hygienic procedures only accelerate recovery.

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Avoiding vaginitis

Simply prevent the occurrence of the disease, than to try to get rid of it.Therefore it is better to carry out simple rules and then not have to conduct long-term treatment of the disease.These rules include:

  1. Personal hygiene - one of the basic rules, but that does not mean that you should douche every day.It will be enough just to wash and douches on the contrary contribute to the washout of beneficial microorganisms and the subsequent acid-base imbalance.
  2. Using a condom with a partner, which did not exist before intercourse.
  3. Wearing clothes only from natural materials.Despite the fact that the synthetic underwear much more beautiful and fashionable, and is considered advanced, it almost does not pass air, and this contributes to the development of bacteria that cause inflammation.
  4. Failure to various hygiene products, which include perfumes and other perfume additives.These tools include not only gels for intimate hygiene, and napkins, tampons, and other items needed for every woman.This does not mean that you need to give them.But because you can use ordinary unscented pads.The functionality of the gasket lies in its ability to absorb secretions and clean, but not in flavor, it's not perfume.The same applies to sex-gels.


If any signs of itching of genitals, their swelling, redness and the appearance of secretions should immediately go to the doctor and to hand over smears for the presence of pathogens.A positive result should be surveyed and sexual partner.

should not avoid a prescribed treatment and try to recover on their own.Nedolechennaya coleitis leads to unexpected consequences.

Elementary preventive measures will relieve the development of this unpleasant disease and the need for treatment.