Parkinson's Disease : Causes, symptoms, treatment and prognosis

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  • stages of the disease
  • Symptoms of Parkinson's disease
  • Treatment and prognosis

Parkinson's disease called severe disease characterized by movement disorders.Most often it ill patients over sixty years, slightly more males are affected.

mainly Parkinson's disease is an acquired disease, although rare, but still there are signs of Parkinson's birth.

Typically, the disease progresses slowly, over time the patient will need constant caregiver relative or social worker.It leads to disability, incapacity, inability to fully realize themselves in the outside world, dementia.


diseases distinction between the different classifications of the stages of Parkinson's disease.The most popular classification of 1967, supplemented later.Usually stages used to determine the degree of disability.

  1. zero stage - signs of the disease can not be detected.
  2. first stage - the symptoms manifest in one of the limbs.
  3. intermediate stage or the so-called - queen - symptoms affect one limb and torso
  4. second stage - bilateral manifestation in mild.The intermediate stage - bilateral manifestation, however, the patient is able to restrain involuntary movement.
  5. third stage - the patient is unable to restrain the spontaneous movement, but is able to self-service.
  6. At the fourth stage the patient is in need of third-party support, however, independent of movement is still possible.
  7. fifth stage of the heaviest - the patient can not stand on their own.Constant supervision and assistance in basic activities.
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Symptoms of Parkinson's disease

first signs that appear in Parkinson's disease, are not specific and therefore can not be taken seriously and regarded as a formidable harbinger of a serious illness.Patients feel fast fatigue, impotence, but blamed it on a hard working day.In the future, these features are added tremor at rest, rigidity when changing body position, when you turn the body in a prone position.

Tremor of the head or other body parts may be a symptom of other diseases, is available here.

It should also be noted that involuntary swings hands when driving, which are common in healthy individuals, patients with Parkinson's disease are difficult.Often, such people find it difficult to start the first step to get up from a chair, get out of bed.

It may be such a thing as micrograph - corruption handwriting, his grinding, unnecessary gaps between the letters.Due to the fact that these features are not individually specific to Parkinson's disease, physicians allocate at least two permanent deviations suspected to disease.

Tremor patients appears dormant. At that time, they begin to actively move the limb tremor becomes less, and during sleep and disappears.Tremor may occur in a single limb, and the two immediately.Initially, patients can write it off on the awkward position of the body occupied, but the repeated manifestations of tremors torturing them more and makes ashamed of his fault.With nervous excitement tremor even more amplified, patients can be awkward, which is why much of the complex, avoid crowded places.Typically, patients are trying to change the activity (eg, lean on the table, take the book) - it relieves tremors.

Depression. Patients with Parkinson's disease are very prone to depression.Because of feelings of awkwardness, due to tightness of their disease state, they feel ashamed and try less to communicate with friends and acquaintances.If the family will contribute to this, such people are happy to withdraw with the problem, which further aggravate the disease.

Stiff muscles.This symptom patient feels already at the first stage.Even at rest, muscle tense, it can not relax even strengthen the patient's will.This symptom is not noticeable to others, however, it brings significant discomfort to the patient, not allowing to forget about the illness.The cause muscle rigidity doctors see in the increased activity of the spinal cord area, responsible for muscle tone.

Hypokinesia. slow motion, namely the so-treated hypokinesia, usually involves muscle rigidity.Hypokinesia manifested in various forms - poor facial expressions, movements, inaccuracies, like laziness to do them. Patients often long busy with buttons, can not fasten them.Also shown in the letter and hypokinesia - Patients write slowly, avoid small movements, which is why there are characteristic letters (large, with a minimum of bends).

Hypokinesia can manifest itself not only as a slow movement, but also as a reduction of their amplitude and quantity.For example, the patient can not take the item from the shelf, becauseyou must complete razdvizheniya shoulder joint.Patients prefer to make less precise movements, such as taking care of themselves - they can somehow shave, brush your teeth, comb hair only slightly.

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Treatment and prognosis

largely determined by the stage at which it was detected.If the patient has only the initial symptoms, you should as soon as possible to start taking drugs that can restore lost function and draw the pathological process as possible.Medication can help to increase the synthesis of dopamine and stimulate its emission and absorption, inhibit its disintegration.All this prevents neuronal death.In the early stages prescribed amantidine, Piribedil, selegiline, pramipexole.If necessary, the doctor will prescribe additional medicines.

Late symptoms of Parkinsonism treated fairly difficult, because there is no question of the elimination of the causes, but only to ease symptoms.New phenomena of the disease is constantly growing, joining the other, not yet cured.Depending on the severity of a symptom, the doctor prescribes circuit receiving several drugs that can suppress the sharp picture.

In the last stage of the disease the patient cure is no longer possible, is native only to provide proper care.In any case should not lose heart, with the patient should try to walk (to the extent possible), lift it out of the chair, etc.

prognosis of the disease Parkinson unfavorable.Despite the fact that scientists have been able to approach the disease causes, drugs, healing him not invented today.Symptoms of the disease will gradually increase, the patient will no longer serve themselves at home, in the production, he also will not be able to adequately perform their functions.Time of disability in each case different.After disabling some time death occurs.