Causes and treatment of noise in my head ( + folk remedies )

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noise in the head can occur for several reasons.

  1. most innocuous reason - stress and strain.Typically, such a noise takes place after a person is distracted from work, changing the location, calms down after stress.This phenomenon is not permanent, it arises and is terminated by a conditional factor.
  2. Another common cause of the noise in my head - age-related changes.Usually the elderly because of retrogressive processes noise occurs in the head and ears of varying strength, but you can not cure a symptom.
  3. most serious cause of the noise in his head - a brain aneurysm.Aneurysms are certain parts of the vessel, as if stretched in relation to the vessel (a kind of "bags").Typically, such an aneurysm accompanied not only noise, but also headache pulsating character.
  4. also often enough noise in the head occurs due to atherosclerosis.Shelving cholesterol in the vessel wall and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques leads to the fact th
    at the blood begins with greater force and speed pushed through these obstacles.This causes a persistent hum in various parts of the head, more in this in the temporal region.
  5. vascular dystonia can also induce noise in my head.In this case it is shown receiving special preparations, and normalization of blood glucose and adrenaline.
  6. Among the less encountered causes of noise in the head is worth noting the instability of the cervical spine, kidney problems, endocrine system, the presence of a brain tumor, previous head injury, use of certain drugs (the noise in my head as a side effect).

Noise Treatment in

head In order to start appropriate treatment, it is necessary to ascertain the cause of the noise.Usually associated symptoms allow to reliably establish the diagnosis and start therapy.For cervical osteochondrosis indicate numbness of the fingers, and headache.If the patient has a yellowing of eye gray arc around the iris, this indicates atherosclerosis.In this case, the prescribers with omega-3, vitamin complex.

If the noise in my head accompanied by instability when walking, vomiting, dizziness, difficulty breathing and hearing, these symptoms may indicate Meniere's disease.Treatment consists primarily preparaty¸ improving microcirculation of the inner ear structures and reduce the permeability of capillaries.

If the patient is suffering from hypertension, it is also to a large extent may cause noise in my head.It shows the drugs that normalize blood pressure, and eliminating noise.

noise in my head is also eliminated with the help of magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasonic treatment, light therapy, D'Arsonval currents, massage, meditating.

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Treatment folk remedies

wide range of facilities offered to patients and traditional medicine.Among the most effective may be mentioned horseradish tincture iodine with milk, garlic, strawberry tea, etc.

  • horseradish root peel clean and put in water for several hours.After that, it must be rubbed on a fine grater, turned to mush.Dining Boat gruel mixed with sour cream and is used together with other food.
  • iodine tincture 5 percent (starting with 2 drops) was added to a glass of warm boiled milk.The treatment means that twenty days, and an iodine number of drops in the first ten days, should be increased by one drop, and the last ten days - one drop reduced.After completing the course you need to make a two-week break and repeat again.Total recommended that three such courses.
  • two hundred grams of garlic is crushed in a meat grinder and poured a glass of vodka or alcohol in a glass container.So you need to keep insisting for two weeks, after which the mixture drain, add two Art.spoons of honey and propolis, mix.In such a vehicle is left for a further three days.Assuming it takes three times a day, dripping into milk, half an hour before the main meals.The increase to twenty-five first reception in the milk is added one drop, then every day.
  • the perfect remedy for the noise in my head - tea from herbs.It is best to collect the strawberry flowers and infuse them as regular tea.
  • should stop and hirudotherapy.This kind of method is also helps with the noise in my head.Leeches administered to the patient to blood specific substances that enhance blood flow, especially in the smallest vessels.This contributes to the normal passage of blood through the capillaries and the disappearance of the noise in my head.