Symptoms and treatment of pinching of the sciatic nerve .Traditional methods of treatment

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Entrapment of the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve of the human body - the state is always an unpleasant and uncomfortable.May arise for various reasons.The most common - hypothermia, diseases of the spine, trauma, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, piriformis syndrome, infection, back-breaking load on the spine.


most commonly used method for the diagnosis of X-ray diffraction - using this method can be most accurately determine the cause and see other abnormalities affecting the patient's state of health (low back pain, the displacement of the vertebrae, etc.).If accurately determine the cause can not be subject to additional diagnostic techniques - magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography.

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pinched sciatic nerve symptoms

Symptoms of this condition is very diverse.The degree of symptoms depends on the level of damage to the nervous syst

em and related abnormalities.Some patients often talk about pain in one side of the body, the intensity of pain can range from barely noticeable to the unbearably heavy, not giving opportunities normally sit, stand, walk, climb stairs.Localized pain is most often in the buttocks, giving to the lumbar region.Also, the pain may spread across the lower leg, to give to the toes.However, patients feel soreness dumbness, tingling, as in convulsions.The duration of these symptoms are also varied - from several days to several months.

main symptoms .

  1. Soreness in the back of the lower limbs, which are enhanced sitting.
  2. burning sensation in the lower part of the leg, petrification legs when moving.
  3. Continuous nagging pain on the back surface of the lower limbs.
  4. The standing backache may occur in the leg from the buttock.
  5. Sudden weakness in the legs, fatigue when walking.
  6. Incontinence of urine or faeces.

Speaking of pain syndrome, it is necessary to mention that the localization in the lower limbs can be interfaced with soreness in his back.The severity of the pain is different, but it does not exceed the intensity of pain in the leg.Most often, patients report increased pain when coughing, sneezing.

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Treatment pinched sciatic nerve

to treat pain arising suddenly and for no apparent reason, you can use a cold compress - ice cubes wrapped in a cloth.This helps in the first two or three days after the onset of pain.If you eliminate the pain is not managed, it is possible to use drugs such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen.They are sold in pharmacies without a prescription.If the pain is so strong that it makes movement uncomfortable, the patient is recommended to reduce the motor activity, but does not comply with bed rest.Suffice it does not give the body of heavy loads, walk more leisurely walking pace.Usually a couple of days the pain goes away and the patient returns to normal mode.But do not forget that half or two months, it is better not to lift heavy and not to engage in power sports which involve a load on your back and waist.If pain persists, symptoms such as urinary incontinence, inability to wake up without pain and move, you must apply to the medical institution.Doctors usually have several methods that can cope with the pinching of the sciatic nerve, or rather - his symptoms.

Physiotherapy .Physiotherapy - one of the key elements in the treatment of disease.After eliminating the aggravation phase the doctor refers the patient to a physical therapist who develops an individual set of exercises.The correct and consistent implementation of the rehabilitation program will not only significantly improve the state of health, but also to avoid repetition in the future.The most common exercises associated with straightening posture effect on lumbar spine, back muscles.Do not delay physiotherapy - than before classes start, the more they will give effect.Do not take physical therapy as a physical education - these classes are for those who have certain diseases and health problems, so they are extremely important for patients with pinching of the sciatic nerve.

Pharmaceuticals .Already during the first visit to the doctor prescribes a number of medications that can help relieve the pain (anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants).If the feeling is very strong, intense, then m nly the period exacerbation can be applied preparations containing opium.antidepressants and stimulants natural endorphin also apply capable numb.If during the use of drugs occurs fever, swelling appeared on the rump or back, numbness in the lower extremities, weakness, blood in the urine and her incontinence, it is an urgent need to go to the hospital.So there were complications - inflammation of the nerve, and will need an injection of corticosteroid.Corticosteroids relieve pain only for a while, in addition, they can not take a long time, so further treatment strategy will be changed.

Surgical .If physical therapy and medicines do not help to resort to surgical methods - mikrodisketomii, disketomii in which part of the disk is removed, pressing on the sciatic nerve.

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Traditional methods of treatment

Traditional medicine also has an arsenal of tools in the treatment of this disease.

  • Tincture leafs made of eighteen sheets of medium size.Leaves need to pour two glasses of vodka and put on three days in a dark room.Then tincture is rubbed into the lower back and sacrum.
  • infusion of potato sprouts made from sprouted potatoes, rather it processes.To do this, you need to take a glass of sprouts and pour half a liter of vodka.In such a mixture is brewed two weeks in the dark.Once it is ready, you need to rub into the affected area twice a day and wrapping for a while warm cloth.
  • flour with honey is used for making cakes.A glass of flour and art.spoon of honey mixed to a smooth paste, which is formed from the cake.It is applied on the sacrum, insulated with plastic wrap and wrapped a warm cloth.
  • with tincture of iodine and analginum semidesyatiprotsentnogo prepared on the basis of alcohol.In a glass of alcohol dissolved ten tablets and add a bottle of iodine.Next, we insist in a dark place for three days, and after the expiration of rubbed into the waist.
  • Raw potatoes are also effective in the treatment of pinching of the sciatic nerve.Potatoes rubbed on a grater, squeeze the juice.The mass obtained is added to kerosene is adjusted to the consistency of sour cream.In the affected area first buttered, so as not to cause a burn, and then put the weight of kerosene.If there was a slight burning sensation, it must be patient - it is a mixture of a therapeutic effect.During the procedure it is important to constantly look to avoid a burn appeared on the sore spot.