Treatment and diet at a superficial gastritis

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  • Features treating superficial gastritis
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The main difference between the surface (catarrhal) gastritis from other forms of the disease the vast majority of gastroenterologists consider the lack of deep lesions - in the inflammatory process involves only the surface layer of cells,lining the inner surface of the stomach.Cells responsible for the production of gastric juice, are located deeper into the submucosal layer so noticeable change sekretoobrazuyuschey function in this embodiment, the disease occurs only when running surface gastritis.It is from these features of the disease the doctor pushes the appointment of treatment and advice on drawing up a diet - an important element in the treatment of this disease.

Features treating superficial gastritis superficial gastritis

Treatment should begin only after a comprehensive examination of the patient and obtain the results - you need to spend fibrogastroduodenoscopy.During this study, the doctor examine

s not only the inner surface of the gastric mucosa (the actual focus of inflammation), and receives a biopsy of stomach tissue for immunological and cytological examination.Doing this research necessarily - quite often superficial gastritis accompanied by the development of diseases such as gastric cancer and peptic ulcer.In addition, research sekretoobrazuyuschuyu function of the stomach - in long-term existence of superficial gastritis can be complicated by the development of atrophy of the gastric mucosa.In this case, there is a decrease of acid-forming function of the stomach or a sharp increase in acidity (relatively rare), that will also need appropriate medical correction and the selection of an appropriate diet.

Bright clinical symptoms appear only at the time of acute superficial gastritis or exacerbation of chronic version of the disease - in this case necessarily appointment posindromnoy therapy that will eliminate some symptoms of the disease (heartburn, pain, an unpleasant taste in the mouth).Most of the professionals who have to deal with patients suffering from superficial gastritis, it is believed that in this variant of the disease should be the appointment of antibacterial therapy helps to eliminate Helicobacter pylori.

In this case, is commonly used set of drugs, which includes:

  • drugs with antimicrobial activity - a broad spectrum antibiotic with proven efficacy or metronidazole;
  • bismuth preparations - De-Nol, sucralfate (Venter);
  • drugs sekteroobrazuyuschuyu regulatory function of the gastric mucosa;
  • drugs, digestive motility regulators in general.

Appointments enveloping drugs (Fosffalyugel, Maalox, Gaviscon in terms of Gastal) helps to stop the pain and uncomfortable symptoms of gastritis (heartburn, belching), while the use of drugs, which contain digestive enzymes, eliminates digestive disorders in the gut.The need for the appointment of sedatives and tranquilizers must be determined by a physician - the elimination of nervousness and irritability accelerate the recovery of the patient.Compulsory component of therapy, superficial gastritis diet must become - it must adhere to the patient, even when stihanii signs of acute inflammation, but the improvement of the diet can be gradually expanded.

Monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment of superficial gastritis can be on the patient's state of health, the results fibrogastroduodenoscopy, the results of blood tests (titre of antibodies to Helicobacter pylori properly chosen therapy should steadily decline).

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Diet for superficial gastritis

As with other embodiments of the gastric mucosa inflammation, the diet at a superficial gastritis should be directed to the acute warning - recommended to split meals, organization of regular meals, the absolute exclusion of any of the products and substances that may provokeexacerbation of the disease.

Patients with superficial gastritis, should give up smoking, drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages, limit the use of herbs, spices and salt.Excluded pickles and hot sauces, meats and pickles, is not recommended to use too hot and cold food.Limiting the amount of consumed fat (vegetable and animal origin) is only required during the development of the expressed exacerbation, whereas additional use of digestive enzymes (in pill form) must, even in the absence of acute superficial gastritis.At the time of aggravation must be limited to fried and fatty food - preference should be given to vegetable products, steamed or baked in one piece.

From the menu of the patient is necessary to eliminate any carbonated drinks, but illustrates the use of therapeutic mineral waters in the acute stage, and in remission.According to the results of the examination the doctor may recommend the use of heated or slightly chilled water suitable composition for some time before a meal or immediately after (it depends on the preservation of acid-forming function of the stomach).

required in the treatment of superficial gastritis:

  • organize split meals - small portions several times a day;
  • to comply with the prescribed regimen of eating;
  • eat in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • at the time of acute use thermally, mechanically and chemically benign dishes, but as the inflammation subsided, you can expand the diet;
  • patient's diet should meet the body's needs and level of physical activity - at the time of acute need to reduce the amount of fat and coarse fibrous tissue and an increase in protein content, the use of vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities required.