Symptoms and treatment of gastric hyperacidity and diet

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acidity level of the stomach - one of the most important indicators of the gastrointestinal tract, it is with the help of gastric juice in the digestive system is split what we ate for breakfast,dinner and supper.The decisive role belongs to the hydrochloric acid, the level of which is not constant - it varies even at different times of the day, not to mention the fact, that may be generated incorrectly, causing damage to the gastrointestinal tract.Such a failure can occur due to the presence of infection due to previous operations, etc. In this case, doctors diagnose -.. A change in acidity, it often occurs upwards.

Symptoms Symptoms of elevated acidity experienced each.First of all, it is heartburn - unpleasant sensations in the esophagus, accompanied by a burning sensation in pylorus schemleniya area.After stopping an attack of heartburn in a patient for a long time remain discomfort.Another striking sign - belching.It also occurs spontaneously,

brings discomfort to the patient, takes place independently.The most common heartburn and burping, and provoked the adoption of non-specific food.This may be a fatty meats, spicy foods, cakes with cream, cakes, sweet drinks too.

At the time when the hydrochloric acid enters the duodenum, there is an additional symptom - pain in the stomach aching.Most often, this feature occurs when a person is hungry - the gastric juice is produced, and there is nothing to digest.Another sign of acidity - bloating, heaviness in the stomach.Even on a small eaten piece of the patient can feel a significant overflow of the stomach.People with high acidity, there are problems with defecation - either constipation or diarrhea, decreased appetite, they become depressed and lethargic.

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treatment of hyperacidity

cure acidity possible with modern drugs, but it is worth remembering that it may not only be independent disease, but also part of the symptom of a more serious ailment.Therefore, it is not necessary to resort to self-medication, and should be examined by a specialist and start competent treatment.To reduce the acidity of the appointed preparations known as Rennie, Maalox, Gastal, Almagel, Gaviscon.They allow you to eliminate the isolated cases of heartburn and regurgitation, which do not have serious reasons.

In most cases, the increased acidity is a symptom of gastritis. If you start successfully treat gastritis, and the level of acidity with time returns to normal.To do this, use a whole range of drugs, including Omeprozol, ranitidine, nizatidine, Gastrotsepin, lansoprazole.Drugs used in courses for week on dieting.

It is worth noting that a diet with high acidity is very important. After improvement and stabilization of the level of acidity is not necessary to stop the diet, it is best to stick to it consistently.Excluded from the diet fatty, hearty soups on the first broth.It is best to cook them in the broth of the third is not fat meat and fish.If a period of exacerbation, the meat is replaced by vegetable soups, porridges or purees.Cooking meals need to vegetable oils (no more than two tablespoons per day) with a minimum of added salt.In the period of acute salt should be excluded.Breakfast is best to eat an omelette without egg yolk and a glass of warm water.It is important in the diet of those foods which are rich in fiber, - potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower.And fruits can have other than citrus, which are also useful in acidity.Among the beverages worth paying attention to soft drinks and coffee - they should be excluded.It is better to use enveloping drinks, such as fruit jellies and compotes.

Patients must keep track of time eating.The Basic Law - fractional methods for at least four or five times a day.In no case should not overeat.Breakfast must be present, do not need to load up in the morning for the whole day.Much better would be to make fruit snacks.The water balance also needs to be a full - at least two liters of clean water, preferably a special - "Borjomi", "Truskavets", "Kvasova Polyana", "Svalyava" or "Essentuki".
from the diet is to remove all the alcohol in any form and amount, mayonnaise and ketchup, spicy seasonings, marinades, preservation, salting.