Symptoms , treatment and diet for gastritis with low acidity

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  • Why there gastritis with low acidity
  • symptoms of gastritis with low acidity
  • treatment program gastritis
  • Diet for gastritis

Gastritis with low acidity is a special kind of mucosal inflammation lining the inner surface of the stomach- the development of this disease gland cells responsible for the production and secretion of hydrochloric acid, atrophy.That is why changes dramatically gastric acidity and violated the processes of digestion in the gut - hydrochloric acid becomes normal substance that destroys communication in products of protein origin and initiates the process of digestion.If these processes in the stomach changes inevitably disrupt the absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food.

Why there gastritis with low acidity

Like in case of gastritis with high acidity, when a variant of the disease with secretory insufficiency huge role in the development of the disease plays a hit and the introduction into the thickness of the mucous membrane of a particular micr

oorganism -Helicobacter pylori.The impact of this microorganism in the development of gastritis today is not disputed by virtually no one of the researchers, but the mechanism of formation of excess or inadequate secretion of hydrochloric acid is not decrypted until the end.

reasons for reducing the production of hydrochloric acid can become both external and internal factors.Among the most common causes of this condition is isolated:

  • causes related to nutrition - a habit to eat too hot and roughage;
  • alcohol abuse, especially with high strength;
  • autoimmune disorders that occur in the body;
  • other inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, including colitis and enteritis;
  • diseases of internal organs, which are accompanied by circulatory disorders (heart disease) or a decrease in oxygen supply to the body (chronic lung disease);
  • endocrine disorders - hypothyroidism;
  • metabolic diseases - gout, metabolic disorders.

Virtually any of the predisposing causes can lead to damage to the gastric mucosa and destruction of epithelial cells, and on the background of any of these reasons may occur violations of gastric juice production - cells in a disturbed blood supply and hypoxia can not fully recover.With the development of gastritis with low acidity often in the mucous membrane develop processes subatrophy and atrophy, against which increases the likelihood of developing dysplastic changes and tumors.

At the same time there are disorders of motor function of the digestive tract - from entering the contents of the duodenum into the stomach aggravates gastric mucosal injury.The formation of autoantibodies to the cells which produce hydrochloric acid causes coarse digestive disorders - a patient having the characteristic manifestations of the disease.

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symptoms of gastritis with low acidity

Hydrochloric acid produced by the stomach cells that initiates the process of digestion - it destroys the chemical bonds in the rough products (particularly protein) and promotes the conversion of the inactive to the active pepsin its shape.In addition, the acid reaction bolus contributes to its promotion in the small intestine.If it does not, the food is "stagnant" in the stomach, and it begins the process of decay.

hypoacid characteristic manifestations of gastritis are:

  • heaviness and discomfort in the stomach, which occur at the time of a meal or immediately thereafter;
  • belching with rotten (rotting) smell;
  • nausea and vomiting, bringing relief - discomfort disappear after vomiting, so patients can provoke vomiting that provokes disorders of water-electrolyte metabolism;
  • disorder of motor function of the intestine - constipation may occur (rarely) or diarrhea (often undigested pieces of food are found in the stool);
  • on the background of these disorders occur metabolic disorders - there is brittle hair and nails, there are manifestations of beriberi ( " 'll pick" around the mouth and cracked skin), is found on the tongue coating, progressively reduced the weight of the patient;
  • patients develop intolerance to milk.

some patients deliberately refuse to take food - unlike gastritis with high acidity food worsens the condition of the person.Pain in this disease uncharacteristic - Patients often complain of discomfort in the epigastric region, and the appearance of the pain should get to hold an extraordinary comprehensive examination to rule out the development of a malignant tumor.

In addition, patients may experience weakness, expressed dizziness, heart attacks - this is evidence of violations of all kinds of metabolism in the body.

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program of treatment of gastritis

Before prescribing treatment must conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient and determine the acidity of the stomach, as well as to explore the state of the mucous membrane (required execution fibrogastroduodenoscopy and fluoroscopy).

gastritis treatment program includes:

  • suppression of active inflammatory process in the gastric mucosa - prescribe antibiotics and antimicrobial agents, which is sensitive to the pathogen (drugs and dosage appoint a gastroenterologist);
  • replacement and enzyme therapy - to that end, pepsin, hydrochloric acid, complex enzyme preparations (panzinorm, festal, mezim, enzistal);
  • restoring impaired motility of the digestive tract - using drugs activating the promotion of food bolus on the gastrointestinal tract and eliminate the spasm of smooth muscles of the intestine;
  • vitamin therapy - it allows you to eliminate vitamin deficiencies in patients with symptoms;
  • mandatory component of the treatment of gastritis with low acidity becomes the use of diet.
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Diet for gastritis

In the case where the patient is detected gastritis with low acidity, the severity of the diet depends on the patient's condition - the symptoms are more pronounced, the stricter the need to adhere to the doctor's recommendations for the compilation of the diet.

At the stage of active inflammation is eliminated mechanical irritation, but preserved foods, stimulates the production of pepsin - showing the inclusion in the diet-cooked cereals, low-fat broth of meat and fish, these products made in one piece, of dairy products, vegetables, fruits, juices, coffeeand tea.Ideal food - dishes, steamed or in a double boiler.Eating is necessary in small portions, in the form of heat - too hot or cold food worsens the condition of the stomach cells and inhibits the secretion of hydrochloric acid.

contraindicated in gastritis with low acidity consumption of smoked foods, pickles and fast food, prohibits any alcoholic beverages.With the improvement of diet can expand.