Symptoms and causes of lung cancer ( + photos )

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  • Signs and symptoms of lung cancer
  • Causes of illness

Lung Cancer - Cancer is a malignant disease that affects the lungs and bronchi of man.The disease tends to be greater and more widespread.This is due to environmental pollution and reduction of immunity in humans.You can also say that this disease is more common in men than women.At 7-8 male patients account for 1 woman with lung cancer.In addition, it should be clarified that the disease is most often seen in the elderly.

Stages of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment, read this article.

Signs and symptoms of lung cancer

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disease is diagnosed based on characteristic symptoms and subsequent laboratochno - instrumental methods of analysis.Symptoms of this form of cancer are often nonspecific and begin to appear with significant prevalence of pathological process.

They are divided into several groups: the first group of K include:

  • pain in the chest;
  • cough;
  • shortness of breath;
  • released during coughing
    sputum may be streaked with blood.

Pain Syndrome is the most common and severe symptom of lung cancer.It is manifested in over 65% of cases, localization is concentrated on the side of the pathological process, and almost impossible to analgesic action.

The pain is permanent, exhausting the patient.Sometimes it can be paroxysmal, irradirovat in the shoulder, neck, head, stomach.If there is pain similar to intercostal neuralgia, we can speak with confidence about the metastasis of the tumor in the thoracic vertebrae.If pain appears in the early stages of the disease, this is evidence of the spread of the tumor in the pleura or its significant size.

Cough - at the initial stage it appears in the case of varieties of endobronchial lung tumor.First is a dry cough, sometimes in the form of painful attacks occur mainly at night.

Dyspnea - this symptom rarely occurs at the initial stage (a maximum of 10-15% of cases).Its cause is the penetration of tumors in the bronchial lumen (or bronchi), spadenie the affected lobe of the lung (atelectasis) or compression of mediastinal organs.

Sputum - appears as increased cough.Initially, it is a thick, mucous consistency, then it appears the elements of pus and blood stains.As the disease sputum becomes crimson.

second group of symptoms beginning to emerge as a result of the rapid growth of the tumor and its growth into nearby organs.There are several groups of symptoms:

  • superior vena cava syndrome;
  • Horner's syndrome;
  • signs of compression of the mediastinal organs and blood vessels.

first syndrome ( vena cava ) is shown as follows:

  • arises paroxysmal cough - often at night;
  • develop swelling of the face, sometimes extending to the upper half of the body;
  • shortness of breath;
  • pain in the chest;
  • tumor growth may lead to compression of nearby organs and disruption of their function;

Signs of Horner syndrome appear as a result of compression of the cervical sympathetic ganglion.The survey thus reveals:

  • constriction of the pupil;
  • narrowing of the optic fissure.

When squeezing mediastinal organs and blood vessels develop :

  • swelling of the face, extending to the neck;
  • swelling of the chest on the side of the pathological process;
  • in severe swelling also covers the upper limb;
  • bluish complexion;
  • increase supraclavicular lymph nodes;
  • change in the frequency and pulse character.

Spreading disease beyond the lungs to the organs located in the abdominal cavity, leads to the appearance of the third group of symptoms mainly related to metabolic disturbances and intoxication.Appear:

  • fatigue;
  • weakness;
  • decrease in vitality;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • staining of the skin and sclera yellow;
  • drastic weight loss (cachexia can reach - complete exhaustion);
  • pain in the joints, bones;
  • thrombophlebitis recurrent nature;
  • psychosis.
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Causes of illness

If other diseases can say that they, in most cases, depend only on genetic predisposition, in the case of lung cancer heredity plays practically no role.The disease develops as the same people, whose parents suffered from lung cancer, as well as those whose relatives have never encountered this problem.

reasons of occurrence of lung cancer can be several, and if some of these people may avoid their own, to change other reasons not subject to him.

  1. lung damage

    Smoking.It has long been known that the habit is lung cancer, as cigarettes are carcinogens resin smallest elements falling into the lungs with smoke, etc.Among all the people who developed lung cancer, can be found about 80-90% of smokers.This reason is fully removable and the success of its elimination depends on the person.

  2. work in hazardous industries.This refers to the places where people inhale or some chemical or mechanical (dust).In the first case it is the workers of factories dealing with chemical compounds, in the second - the miners.This cause can be eliminated too.Many people do not care about their health and go to work on harmful enterprises, to get as much money as possible.But we should not delude ourselves.What is the meaning of money, if thanks to this production the person is sick with lung cancer?
  3. Bad ecology.This cause is much more difficult to eliminate.Living in a big city or in the countryside, where several chemical plants, people regularly inhale large amounts of substances harmful to the body.Since this is constant, and not from case to case, the risk of lung cancer considerably increases.It occurs as a smoker: the more a person smokes cigarettes per day, the higher the chance of developing the disease.In the case of living in an area with bad ecology people reside in the contaminated area, and do not always have the opportunity to change their place of residence.Therefore, exposure to harmful substances occurs regularly and causes changes in the lungs of the patient.
  4. Severe inflammation of the lungs, the previously observed and passed into the chronic form.For example, people suffering from chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and increased chance of lung cancer.Also, degeneration of tissue into a malignant tumor promote scarring in the lungs, remaining after suffering tuberculosis.
  5. Some viral diseases.These include human papillomatosis.Since the virus not only causes warts on the skin, and growths on the mucous membranes of internal organs, infection with the virus it is very dangerous.Formed papilloma in the lungs can develop into a malignant tumor in a short term, so the patient does not even have time to ask for help in time to identify the disease.