Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment ( + photos )

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breast cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm in women of different ages.According to official health statistics, over the past 15 years in the CIS countries, the number of cases of malignant tumors of the mammary glands has increased in 2 times.

Residents of large industrial cities face this problem more often than inmates rural hinterland.

In fact, breast cancer is not exclusively a women's problem, as it occurs in men. Many representatives of a strong half of humanity even can not imagine that they can appear a disease, so turning to specialists only in the later stages.Such late diagnosis and causes delays in starting treatment and not very impressive results of therapy.

to this pathology risk factors include the presence of such pathologies in the family history (especially if breast cancer was diagnosed in the next of kin), late delivery or lack of delivery, abandonme

nt of breastfeeding, as well as long-term abstinence, some diseasesreproductive system that trigger hormonal background.

Studies have shown that their negative influence and diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Causes and consequences of breast cancer

It is known that the tumor arises because the active atypical division of cancer cells - a process that can not be controlled.If untreated, the tumor rapidly increased in size, it can grow into muscle, skin, chest than to cause considerable discomfort.With current lymph cancer cells enter the nearest lymph nodes, and metastasis carries blood throughout the body.

most often from breast cancer metastases occur in the lungs, liver, bone and brain.Defeat any of these bodies is dangerous that quickly leads to the death against the background of cancer intoxication and manifestations of the disease.This form of cancer often develops on the background of pre-cancerous diseases, such as mastitis and fibroadenoma.

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Symptoms and diagnosis of breast cancer

main symptoms of cancer and the reason for the visit to a doctor is often the detection of a painless dense formation in the breast tissue.It is advisable to consult a doctor immediately upon detection of this symptom, as in this case, any delay in treatment can be fatal.Forms and contours of the breast also change the skin on the surface becomes wrinkled or retracted.

Women also may complain of discomfort and pain in one breast, bloody discharge from the nipple, an increase in the axillary lymph nodes from the prospective tumor.The nipple on the breast may appear swollen or compacted.

The main problem is the fact that not every woman goes through an annual check-up , so doctors are not able to monitor the state of health of the population.In most cases, a woman comes to mammologist with suspected tumor and detected seal chest, not the doctor detect it during the inspection.If you take the survey at least every year, the probability of cancer detection at an early stage greatly increases, which consequently increases the chances of a full recovery.

to detect tumors in the mammary gland using a special kind of X-ray examination - mammography.According to the Ministry of Health standards, each of the fair sex should take this study at least 1 time per year, but in fact it turns out that less than half of the women actually do.

breast examination can go to almost any clinic or hospital, but about 50% of female patients fall into the hands of doctors on the third or fourth stages of the disease.This can be explained as a lack of culture and self-skills, and the habit of self-medicate for any ailments.

elementary Very often women are afraid to hear the terrible diagnosis, completely oblivious to the fact that the current level of development of medicine has allowed to remove the cancer from the list of deadly diseases, but only in cases where it is found in the early stages of tumor development.

to confirm the preliminary diagnosis is necessary not only to have a mammogram, but also do a breast ultrasound and biopsy, during which the fence a small amount of breast tissue for histological examination.If there is a suspicion of metastasis has already occurred, it is necessary to undergo bone scintigraphy, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, chest X-rays do, computed tomography, and pass other tests as needed.

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treatment of breast cancer

Conduct breast cancer treatment requires a comprehensive approach.Depending on the tumor's location, size, general condition of the patient's health may recommend chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiation therapy.In addition, the choice of method of treatment influences and the presence of metastases, the age of the patient, her hormones.

Choose the correct and appropriate treatment regimen can only be a specialist.Early detection of cancer allows for full recovery and return to normal life.With today's plastic surgery consequences of surgical removal of the tumor can be almost completely removed.In the early stages of breast cancer cure easiest, but with each successive stage will make it increasingly difficult.

In severe cases, doctors suggest undergo treatment that is not able to completely cure the patient because of the large size of the tumor and the presence of metastases, but can prolong its life and reduce the severity of symptoms of the disease.In this case, the question of expediency operation resolves patient herself.