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throat cancer arises from the cells of the pharynx and larynx, which are reborn from normal to malignant.External manifestations and symptoms of throat cancer depend on the stage of the disease.Most often, at the initial stage, patients do not notice the throat cancer.The throat may be felt sore, pain and tension in swallowing.Usually these symptoms either overlooked or blamed on starting a sore throat or a cold.Such neglect of patients in their own health prevents timely diagnose cancer and begin early treatment, in order to save the patient's life.Only if there is a tumor on the vocal cords, the primary symptoms will be noticeable immediately.

So, at the initial stage of the patient may change the tone of voice, you may be hoarseness or complete loss of voice;there is pain when swallowing, shortness of breath.Patients feel a foreign body in the throat, which can not "push" swallowing.

As the disease progresses these symptoms joins hem

optysis, blood streaks in sputum expectoration with;difficulty passing food, sore throat;not passing spastic cough;ear pain, a feeling of fullness;lymphadenopathy, swelling degree in the neck;unpleasant fetid breath;Patients can become very emaciated.

Causes of throat cancer

Speaking about the causes of cancer is worth noting that scientists still do not have a single answer - where the cancer appears?In recent years, the majority of doctors sees a genetic component in the complex causes and factors of cancer.Undoubtedly, the situation worsens patients smoking and alcohol consumption - in smokers and alcoholics throat cancer is marked by several times more likely than other categories of patients.Therefore throat cancer often overtakes men than women.

diagnose the disease may dentist and an otolaryngologist.Of course, good if the disease is detected as early as possible, but most patients have come to ulcers in the throat.When a doctor makes sores additional diagnostic manipulation, allowing the diagnosis - X-ray, ultrasound screening, biopsies, MRIs.Only after all the results of the study can be obtained to diagnose.Often, the biopsy is crucial, which can detect abnormal cells at an early stage.

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throat cancer treatment

Despite the fact that this terrible disease has long been known in the treatment of cancer medicine has advanced not by much.Today there are three main methods of treatment: chemotherapy;Surgery and radiation.Typically, the first and second stage of the disease is carried out radiation or chemotherapy, in the third stage are turning to surgical methods of treating diseases.All this time the patient should be kept under strict supervision of doctors who will monitor the state of health and possible negative complications.

radiotherapy is based on the effects of ionizing radiation on the tumor tissue.Such radiation detrimental effect on cancer cells, because due to the specific metabolism in cancer cells are sensitive to excessive radiation.The procedure is done in two ways - externally (irradiation of the throat) and internal (radiation directly to the tumor through the introduction of special tools).

cycle of radiotherapy - two months.In week five exposures do in five days, and two days allowed to rest.In some cases, radiation therapy may be combined with surgery (it is carried out to reduce the tumor, which is then dissected, and sometimes do after surgery to remove the remaining cells) - then it can roll over timing.Since radiation therapy - a method of treating aggressive enough, it may produce a negative effect in subsequent to the body.They appear in varying degrees.Among the side effects most commonly noted dryness in the mouth, sore throat, tooth decay, long recovery after dental procedures, fatigue, loss of sense of taste and smell.

When surgery is taken into account the location of the tumor, the presence of access to, tumor stage, age and state of health of the patient.The most common operation - resection using an endoscope, however, make and laser surgery.The laser helps to remove the smallest pockets, as acupressure on cancer.Because of this, most of surrounding healthy tissue is preserved.

Endoscopy is performed by a flexible hose which is fed to the tumor.The entire process is controlled by the camera, and the image displayed on the monitor.This interference is done in the event that no significant tumor size.Otherwise, when a large tumor may require removal of part of the larynx.Among the side effects of surgery there is a significant pain in the postoperative period, fatigue, education in the area of ​​the throat swelling.Chemotherapy

performed using drugs that detrimental effect on cancer cells.Due to the fact that the metabolism of cancer cells faster, they are more sensitive to chemicals.Chemotherapy can be carried out before the operation and after.Due to the fact that the operating medium flow chemotherapy, then the entire body suffers from exposure to these substances.Among the side effects of chemotherapy noted hair loss, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, reducing the number of white blood cells, the formation of ulcers in the mouth, loss of sensitivity to odors and tastes, unmotivated gag reflex.