What tests need to take on cancer

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  • diagnosis of cancer
  • modern and accurate cancer diagnosis methods
  • Psychological aspects of setting
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Cancer Today, the number of cancers increased many times compared with previous decades.This is due to the increased influence of adverse factors, including carcinogenic (causing the development of cancer cells in the body).

Cancers are one of the most dangerous and terrible diseases, because the cancer cells grow and divide very quickly, while also rapidly going the further spread of cancer throughout the body and form new foci of cancer (metastasis).

diagnosis of cancer

in the fight against diseases such as cancer, most importantly, make a diagnosis as early as possible.This will give the patient the chances of recovery.The best way to diagnose the passage of time is timely and regular checkups.

For specific cases, you can adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • To prevent ovarian cancer can be tested for tumor marker CA -125 (ovarian tumor mar
  • To prevent the development uterine fibroids need to undergo gynecological check-ups every six months and do ultrasonography (US);
  • To prevent skin cancer, melanoma, especially in people with many moles, age spots or light-skinned by nature, it is necessary to conduct dermatoscopy.This analysis will determine the nature of skin lesions;
  • for detection of cancer, can pass the blood chemistry .As a rule, even this analysis gives an idea of ​​some of the changes in blood proteins and, if necessary, is a prerequisite for further, more detailed study.It is known that with the growth of cancer cells are increased protein formation, which is carried by the blood throughout the body, it then detects blood chemistry;
  • To prevent prostate cancer can be tested for tumor marker PSA, after 40 years of doing this once a year is necessary;
  • To diagnose liver cancer can hold a blood test for alpha-fetoprotein (AFP);
  • To diagnose breast cancer and ovary and can hold a blood test BRCA, on the tumor marker CA 15-3;
  • Blood Test for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) reveal tumors irrespective of localization;
  • Blood on the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) reveals bladder cancer ;
  • Blood tests for tumor markers CA 72-4 reveals stomach cancer, lung ;
  • Blood tests for tumor markers PAS 19-9 detects bowel cancer, gastric, pancreatic, liver;
  • Blood on the neuron-specific enolase (NSE) detects lung cancer, nervous and endocrine systems ;
  • blood test to determine the SCCA carcinomas of different localization;
  • thyroglobulin blood test to detect thyroid cancer ;
  • Blood on CYFRA 21-1 help identify lung cancer, bladder still in the initial stages;
  • blood test to HE 4 detects ovarian cancer ;
  • Blood tests for tumor markers CA -125 specifies lung cancer, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas.

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Determination of tumor markers is not the basis for an accurate diagnosis, but it is a solid excuse to carry out a more complete and thorough examination.

Onkomarkery - is specific substances of protein origin, appearing in human blood, who has cancer.Unfortunately, such an analysis does not provide an absolute guarantee an accurate diagnosis, but still makes it possible to identify cancer at an early stage, which means that in the future to cure it.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

is very informative method allows a great reliability to detect even the earliest stages of cancer:

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modern and accurate methods of diagnosing

cancer following methods are used for early diagnosis of cancer.PET examination method is also applicable in those cases when it is necessary to track how moving cancer cells in humans.This enables doctors to predict what organs and tissues can spread metastases and to prevent this process, having begun treatment and chemotherapy.

method based on the use of radioisotopes

This technique is relatively new, and with its help you can detect cancer at early stages when still no obvious symptoms.This is very helpful when examining people at risk.These are people who have a genetically determined predisposition to the emergence of cancer.Or people in the family who have had relatives with a history of cancer.Moreover, this method allows detection of metastases of any size, even the smallest in any body completely.

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Psychological aspects

diagnosis statement for each person is a huge challenge to find out from the doctor a diagnosis like cancer.Naturally, this gives many hard psychological breakdowns occur.In such cases, doctors provide qualified psychological assistance and support to help patients cope with the diagnosis.

for a speedy recovery to any person of great importance played by his mental attitude, especially in the case of cancer.Therefore, voicing his diagnosis to the patient, should be very tactful and sympathetic to do it.In order not to frighten and discourage him, but on the contrary, to give hope and faith in recovery and a favorable outcome.

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forecast cure cancer

chances of cure cancer depend, primarily, on whether treatment was initiated at any stage of the disease.Naturally, in the early stages (at 0, 1 st and 2 nd) the forecast is very favorable, but not so mention the later stages.In percentage terms, the possibility of full recovery after detection of cancer and started treatment in the early stages is between 70% to 95%.For a man who will be able to cure cancer, it's a lot.

cancer treatment in the later stages of a lethal, but the condition of the patient as much as possible try to facilitate and extend his life as much as possible.

study, research, diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases (cancer) is engaged in oncology.Due to the great interest of scientists around the world to address the issue of effective methods of cancer treatment, cancer refers to one of the most developed areas of medicine.

In this area, the most modern and advanced methods and technologies, improve and create medicines that can help cancer patients.

Unfortunately, not always oncologists can achieve positive results in the fight against cancer.The main and the main objective is the prevention and early diagnosis of cancer in the population.