Autoimmune thyroiditis : Symptoms , Causes and Treatment

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thyroiditis Autoimmune thyroiditis is classified as chronic diseases and is, in fact, the inflammatory process that occurs in the human thyroid gland.Proper protective systems of the body begin to perceive the said portion of the foreign cells and attack by antibodies.The course of the disease is marked by partial replacement hormone cells of the thyroid gland by fibrous tissue and other morphological changes within the body structure, carrying a negative impact on the body.

tireodit is classified as non-fatal autoimmune diseases, but may signify exacerbations and complications of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyrotoxicosis.Outside the active phase of thyroiditis has no effect on the duration of human life (or is it the effect of certain it is not installed), and refers to the disease categories with which "you can live a hundred years."Meanwhile thyroiditis can give rise to more serious complications, up

to cancer, and it has a hormonal effect on the nature of the hormone system of the whole organism, disease progression within thyroid also affects a condition of the circulatory system.

In the active form of the disease is also manifested in the form of increased thyroid, until complications of breathing and swallowing in a patient.

statistically in the world some form of thyroiditis affects up to 4% of the population, with women the incidence rate six times higher, which gives scientists reason to believe the relationship of disease with sex hormones.

Types disease

thyroiditis is divided into several forms on the specifics of the disease, its dangers to health and the severity of symptoms.

  • classical form is a chronic thyroiditis, revealed for the first time a Japanese doctor Hashimoto's family.Named after Dr. Hashimoto's thyroiditis is the name directly and autoimmune.Expressed as it appears in the active antibodies and T-lymphocytes, which are beginning to attack on the thyroid cells.The main negative phenomenon, which carries the disease, it is reducing the amount of hormones in the thyroid gland cells and a corresponding decrease in the production of hormones.The most important decrease in production of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TGP), which reached a certain high level, receives the name of hypothyroidism.The disease is believed to be the most transmitted hereditary factor has a genetic predisposition, may occur as a complication of diabetes mellitus;
  • Postpartum thyroiditis form itself is not dangerous, it appears as a form of reaction to the weakening and overload during and after pregnancy, can lead to an autoimmune form of the disease;
  • Silent thyroiditis, or painless - as well as postrodovoy in itself is not dangerous, but can lead to autoimmune form;
  • cytokine-induced form of thyroiditis occurs in the form of complications of hepatitis C.

also thyroiditis can be divided into different states:

  • Hypertrophic - marked increase in thyroid goiter formation.There may be diffuse (with uniform increases across the surface) and an anchor (a point increase in cancer and the emergence of nodes) variations, they are often combined;Atrophic
  • - breast size is retained at the same level as before, it can even be reduced, with the development of thyroid hormone decreases by several times;
  • Latent - the absence of clinical symptoms, but the presence of signs of immunological manifestations.Iron maintains the normal size or may be slightly increased, while there are no irregularities in the process of production of hormones.

Various forms can have various symptoms, causes and, accordingly, require different treatments.

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What causes thyroiditis

Regardless traditionally supposed main reason - genetic predisposition, thyroiditis requires special conditions and the occurrence of other reasons for the development.

  • presence of foci of chronic diseases of various types in the acute form (carious teeth, inflammation of the tonsils or sinuses);
  • hazardous process, the negative impact of the environment, a surplus in the food and water of chlorine, iodine, second, the air oversaturated by them;
  • uncontrolled medications, especially hormonal or containing active composition of iodine;
  • presence of radiation exposure during radiotherapy, or when working with radioactive substances, as active insolation;
  • Injuries, stress, chemical and thermal burns, in general, and directly in the thyroid gland, the same surgical intervention may negatively affect;
  • Hormonal instability - a violation of hormonal background of the organism due to other diseases, because of injuries, pregnancy, after taking the drugs, and in other cases.

development of the disease is gradual, the reason for its acceleration or recurrence of active forms may be some factors in combination.

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Symptoms of thyroiditis

main symptoms related to the active phase when the disease is accompanied by inflammatory processes and morphological changes in thyroid structure.

  • seal and increase the size of the thyroid gland, feeling any knots with your fingers pressed;
  • Difficulty in breathing and swallowing food;
  • presence of pain in the thyroid gland, aching and pressing;
  • Easy fatigue;
  • pain in the joints;
  • weakness;
  • Sensation of a lump in the throat.

Postpartum thyroiditis manifested in about 10-16 weeks after birth:

  • violation of hormone;
  • weakness;
  • weight loss;
  • sudden fatigue;
  • less tachycardia and fever.

mainly autoimmune thyroiditis occurs almost without symptoms, most symptoms can be associated with underlying medical conditions, especially with hypothyroidism:

  • Obesity;
  • presence of muscle pain;
  • Constipation;
  • Swelling neck and face;
  • Violation of thermoregulation;
  • irregularity and other menstrual problems
  • Problems with hair, skin, mucous

appearance of signs of hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism need to take treatment measures.

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Treatment thyroiditis

Latent and painless form of the disease is not accepted try to treat medication or other means, such thyroiditis requires regular monitoring by a doctor, but nothing more.Active autoimmune thyroiditis is actually not curable, but does not carry lethal consequences for the organism, medicine and other measures can afford to suppress or neutralize the negative impact of the disease.


  • hypothyroidism corrected hormones - triiodothyronine, thyroxine, L-thyroxine, tireoidinom;
  • if combined with an autoimmune form of subacute thyroiditis, is used for the treatment of prednisone and similar preparations;
  • directly autoimmune thyroiditis form can be treated by drugs cinquefoil white - Endocrinol, Zobofit, Alba, Endonorm;
  • there is evidence on the basis of monotherapy thyroid drugs in combination with immunocorrectors;
  • complications of thyroid enlargement with the effect on breathing and swallowing food can be corrected through surgery.

With timely visit to the doctor, situational use of medicines and proper monitoring the progress of the disease autoimmune thyroiditis can not represent danger to the human body for decades.