The rate and an increased number of white blood cells in the smear

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  • What is the urogenital smear?
  • White blood cells: normal and elevated levels
  • As evidenced by white blood cells in a smear of pregnant

term "bacterioscopy" comes from the Latin word "scopeo", which means "consider".Method is a laboratory test bacteria using a microscope.

In gynecological practice and procedure of taking further analysis of urogenital smear widespread.With its help define one of the most important indicators - level of white blood cells.

What is the urogenital smear?

Bacterioscopic smear - the procedure is fast, inexpensive, informative.Therefore, it has become very popular in medical practice and carried out virtually every time you visit a gynecological office.

microscopic smear is performed in order to identify the most important indicators of the microflora, one of which is the number of white blood cells.

procedure consists of two stages:

  1. smears.
  2. His laboratory research.

1. At the first stage in the urethra (urethritis) Women speculum is inserted, follo

wed by the fence samples of material using a disposable spatula possible foci of infection for subsequent microscopic analysis.

Generally, the material is taken from the following points:

  • meatus;
  • cervical
  • ;
  • vagina.

disposable spatula - a stick of plastic with an expanded end.With the help of a specialist makes the strokes, and then distributes the material obtained by special sterile glass slide.If it smears assign identification letter:

  • U - urethral;
  • C - from the cervix;
  • V - vaginal.

The sample was then dried and sent to the laboratory for smear microscopy.

2. The second stage - the study itself.Doctors perform laboratory smear Gram stain with specific dyes, then - gynecological analysis under a microscope.Thus various bacteria and cell parts are colored in certain colors, and this makes it possible to evaluate the composition of the secretions from the cervix, urethra and vagina.

Normally urogenital smear is not a painful procedure. It can cause a feeling of discomfort.Pain is an indication of the presence of inflammatory pathologies or infections, sexually transmitted infections, which lead to the defeat of the urethra wall.The intensity of pain is directly proportional to the degree of urethral tissue damage.

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White blood cells: normal and elevated levels

main indicator of urethral smear are leukocytes.

Their rate is 15 units in the field of view. low level of white blood cells is an indicator of the health of the organism as white spotting cells perform a protective function: prevent the penetration of pathogens.Increasing their content indicates the presence of a particular infectious process, and the more of them in the smear, the more severe the pathologic process.

Most often increase in the number of white blood cells occurs in the following diseases:

  • urethritis - inflammation in the urethra;
  • coleitis - inflammation of the vaginal mucosa;
  • endometritis - an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus;
  • cervicitis - inflammation of the cervical (cervical) channel;
  • adnexitis - the presence of an inflammatory process in appendages (uterine tubes and ovaries);
  • oncological pathology of the sexual sphere;
  • vaginal dysbacteriosis;
  • genital infections (syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea);
  • intestinal dysbiosis.

exact definition of the high content of white blood cells in the smear reasons requires some laboratory tests: PCR assays crops.diagnostic results allow to choose the optimal methods and treatment regimen or advise additional diagnostics and consultation of other specialists.

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As evidenced by white blood cells in a smear of pregnant

leukocyte level in a smear in pregnancy is defined multiple times.The first swab is taken when the woman put on the pregnancy registry.During childbearing normal white blood cell count ratio ranges from 15-20 in sight.

Increase indicator indicates the presence of inflammation due to vaginitis, vaginitis, etc.In order to clarify the diagnosis is carried out immunological, bacteriological tests, PCR.

presence of a particular disease is not evidence of recent infection.A woman may long to be the bearer of infection, which manifests itself only after a pregnancy, against the background of hormonal changes and the associated weakening of the immune defense.

1. The main causes inflammation in the genital organs are sexually transmitted diseases:

  • gonorrhea;
  • genital herpes;
  • syphilis;
  • mycoplasmosis;
  • ureaplasmosis - an average of about 20 in the list of pathologies.

2. The second most common cause of inflammation and increase the level of white blood cells is a yeast infection (or candidiasis).

Thrush is common in pregnant women is very common, especially in the later stages.

After determining the reasons for the increase of white blood cells and to identify the specific causative agent of inflammation prescribe appropriate treatment, taking into account the sensitivity of the organism to specific drugs and pregnancy.

If identifying the causative agent is not possible, a topical treatment fails, using the standard antibiotic regimen (if it is permissible at this stage of pregnancy).