What if there was wen on the face

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When asked what to do wen (lipoma), there is only one right answer, "we should get rid of him."Even if this zhirovichok small in size, still it is better to remove, because such education have to increase the property, and in some cases even merge into one bumpy surface.The very fact of such a defect is unpleasant enough, what to say, if it is located on the face.

However, the removal does not necessarily mean complete freedom from problems.On with time the skin may appear New talc until you remove the cause of their formation.

Causes Wen

reasons for this phenomenon may be a few, namely:

  1. Metabolic disorders, so that fat is stored under the skin.
  2. diabetes.
  3. Kidney disease.
  4. Liver disease.
  5. Genetic abnormalities, because of which are beginning to develop fat cells.
  6. Hormonal disorders.
  7. Heredity.If talc is usually rarely formed in young people, the hereditary factor may even contribute to their occurrence in young children.
  8. Wrong skin care.This refers to the use of substandard or inappropriate for this type of skin cosmetics.

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Before deciding to have surgery to remove tumors, require a mandatory examination by a doctor.

  • Firstly, it should confirm that this is wen, not a malignant tumor (to which talc, by the way, can be reborn in the future).
  • Second, to avoid further complications, it is necessary to pass inspection and find out what disease has caused the appearance of a lipoma.Proper and timely treatment will prevent the formation of more and more fat.
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Methods for removing wen

In some cases, mechanical removal is not even required.There are medications, which when introduced into the last Wen gradually resorbed.If such treatment is possible in a particular case, the doctor is required to offer it.Other methods involve:

  1. Electrocoagulation.That is a neoplasm affecting electric shock, as a result it is simply burned.
  2. Laser therapy - laser impact on the lipoma.Both procedures are virtually painless and does not leave marks on the face.
  3. piercing shell Wen and the release of its contents.This manipulation in any case can not be trying to play at home, as a very high risk of infection and subsequent problems with healing.
  4. Surgical removal.This method only applies if the tumor is too large.

After a procedure to remove a lipoma in a medical institution, within 1-2 weeks you will see that the fabric is fully recovered, and no trace of the operation, or Wen left.

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home As mentioned above, the main treatment - is getting rid of the underlying disease, provoking process, but also need to get rid of the existing wen, as their own, they are very rare, and even then, ifIt was very small.Many people do not rush to apply to medical institutions, and are trying to use traditional methods of treatment.some of them should be considered.

  1. Aloe. used to treat leaf aloe.It should be cut lengthwise and attach the pulp to the desired location.In this position the sheet is fixed and allowed to stand overnight.The procedure is repeated on a regular basis.Lipoma, if not disappear, it is significantly reduced in size.
  2. Kalanchoe. Kalanchoe Leaf as cut and applied to day to Wen.it is required to remove the evening.The treatment course is 1 week.
  3. Garlic. Take the garlic clove and rub to a smooth slurry.To it add vegetable oil (the same as and garlic) and the resulting mixture is applied to the tumor.The procedure is done on a daily basis until the result is achieved.Please be aware that oil is required in order to avoid burns on the skin, so it is not recommended to enhance the effect of the garlic to use one, it will bring nothing but harm.At the very delicate skin burn can occur even in the preparation of a mixture of butter.If burning becomes too strong, it is necessary to immediately stop the treatment and use some other method.
  4. Golden mustache. necessary to carefully knead leaves of the plant that have started to stand out juice.The pulp and juice applied to Wen, the top covered with plastic plenochkoj and insulated with a piece of thick fabric.All this is fixed and allowed to compress for 12 hours, after which it is replaced with fresh.The course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  5. celandine. Juice plant cuticles tumors, while they do not appear holes, through which you can remove the fat by means of further applying aloe leaf or Vishnevsky ointment.However, this method may leave slight marks on the skin.

All these treatment methods can be executed on only if it is known that on the face of it wen, not the cancer. If no effect is better to consult a doctor to remove the tumor and one of the methods practiced.