Causes and treatment of the oil lamp on the eye than is dangerous and how to remove wen

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visual appeal - an important attribute of a successful person.A clean facial skin without blemishes -component of this appeal.Unfortunately, there are a number of diseases that threaten to ruin not only the aesthetic appearance of our skin, but also have a negative impact on overall health.Among these tumors - wen, or lipoma.

Lipoma (from the Greek lipos -. «Fat» and oma - «swelling") - a small tumor, which is overgrown fat tissue yellowish.Wen can occur on any part of the body where there is even a minimal layer of subcutaneous fat (head, neck, abdomen, chest, back, arms and legs).Often, wen is formed on the eye.

lipoma size for a long time may be the same, and can reach a diameter of 1.5-2 cm and let it initially does not cause discomfort: no pain, no itching - but growing, wen can affect the nerves and cause.discomfort, turning from cosmetic problems in health.

Sometimes a person may form several
Wen immediately.They cluster with the characteristic pain sensations called lipomatosis or disease dercum .

Formation internal lipomas, its encapsulation and isolation of antibodies, resulting in the deposition of fat becomes a breeding ground for a variety of organisms, may be the cause of a malignant neoplasm - liposarcoma .

Most lipomas are formed on the skin of adults and the elderly, but children can be faced with this problem.Wen ignore the child can not be: with age, he is able to grow to a significant size, and to deliver a serious physical and psychological discomfort.To conduct surgery to remove only allowed at the age of 5 years old child.

Causes lipoma

Wen - a fairly common disease.But despite widespread, doctors have not yet come to a consensus about the causes of the appearance of a lipoma.Basic version are:

  1. Disturbances in the body during embryogenesis.
  2. Violations of metabolic processes.
  3. hormonal failure.
  4. Reducing the activity of the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland.
  5. damage the liver or pancreas.
  6. renal diseases of the urinary system.
  7. genetic predisposition.

«fertile ground" for the formation of the oil lamp is a general decline in immunity, constant overeating, lack of exercise, diabetes, alcoholism, and others.

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Diagnostics lipoma

Before Wen treatment on the eye, you should conduct a thoroughdiagnostics, which involves the following points:

  1. palpation: wen usually soft, mobile and does not cause pain;
  2. laboratory research: general and biochemical blood tests, the study of hormonal background;
  3. puncture with cytology;
  4. screening for malignant tumors;
  5. US - during the formation of the oil lamp in the internal organs: the uterus, liver, lung - or deep under the skin;
  6. additional ophthalmologic examination.

The purpose of this research is to accurately diagnose lipomas and other tumors to prevent the possibility of a carcinogenic nature.

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Therapies Wen

There are several ways to combat wen:

1. Surgery. traditional surgical removal is considered to be perhaps the most effective way of getting rid of the oil lamp.The decision about the necessity of surgical intervention takes doctor on the basis of laboratory tests for the virus and sexually transmitted diseases and specialist that the operation is possible and necessary.This usually occurs when fatty tumor on the eye:

  • increases too rapidly (within a month - 2-3 times);
  • interferes with normal vision;
  • causes painful sensations;
  • presses on other organs;
  • creates a cosmetic defect.

During the operation, which, depending on the lipoma size is performed under local or general anesthesia, the surgeon excised tissue, removes himself wen, and partly buried in the surrounding tissue connective tissue capsule (to leave it is impossible, or increases the likelihood of recurrence of the tumor) andstitches.Remote poisoned tissue for a biopsy.Pending the results of the patient can leave the hospital and continue to monitor.

rehabilitation period after surgery lasts 2-3 weeks, depending on the regenerative activity of the organism.Crusts on the spot Remote Wen can not scratch or rip off, as well as wet as it can remain visible scar.

Sometimes patients are solved on independent operation at home. However, it is understood that its implementation is due a serious risk to put on the body infection and even mutilate the body, especially if you wen appeared in the eye area.

Because the main conditions of such an operation - the accuracy and ultimate sterility.The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. materials and tools should be thoroughly disinfected;
  2. on hand to put on sterile medical gloves;
  3. needle handle alcohol;
  4. century lubricate the skin with an antiseptic;
  5. after it dries pull the skin on the eyelid and sharply pierce wen (do not push and do not pick!), Let alone the accumulated liquid to come out;
  6. immediately treat wen with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol;
  7. tighten periodically lubricate the wound inflammatory ointments "Tetracycline" or "Levomekol".Zelenka or iodine is not recommended during the "operation".

2. Laser removal Wen. This gentle non-invasive method of surgery with the help of precisely directed beam of high energy.The method without blood, scars, completely painless, because all the whiter popular.

3. Electrocoagulation. This treatment method is widely used in cosmetics, is the removal of tissue using an electric current.As a result, the volume of tissue around the lesion removed zone occurs its rejection.After the operation at the place of Wen does not remain even a trace.In rare cases, there spots, but it fades with time.Complete healing of the wound occurs in 10 days.

Electrocoagulation small wen performed without any anesthesia or with local anesthesia.Most often, coagulation is indicated for localization on the skin several wen.

4. Medical manner. lipoma up to 3 centimeters can be treated with medication, introducing into the tumor after the puncture biodegradable solution.Prerequisites for this method - patient hospitalization and sterile conditions.Progressive tumor resorption occurs within 2-3 months.

5. Traditional medicine. There is a large number of "grandmother's recipes" to get rid of the oil lamp on the eye.However, we must understand that choosing a non-traditional methods of treatment, the patient is always at risk to spend a lot of time on them and still not achieve the desired result, or even more harm to your body.Because it is not necessary to expose your health at risk and it is better to consult a qualified professional.

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Prevention Education wen

best recipe to prevent lipomas in front is a thorough skin care and a balanced diet.People with excessive sweating and oily skin should pay special attention to cleanse and nourish the skin.

diet should be complete and correct: the minimum baking foods with preservatives, oily, spicy, smoked foods, plenty of vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables.

treat diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract should be timely.And do not forget that the best prevention of any disease - a healthy lifestyle!

Instead of an epilogue

So, in time to diagnose and cure formed on wen eye, you need to remember the following:

  1. Wen - the swelling is painless and sometimes invisible, but to ignore it is impossible that his size increased over time were not significantcosmetic and medical problem.
  2. determine the cause of the oil lamp on the eye is not always possible.It may be a violation of metabolic processes, hormonal failure, dysfunction of the pituitary or thyroid, renal diseases of the urinary system, liver and pancreas, or genetic predisposition.
  3. Before treatment should undergo a serious diagnosis, to avoid re-occurrence of the formation of lipomas or more serious complications.
  4. most conventional methods of getting rid of the oil lamp on the eye is a medical treatment and surgery.Very popular in cosmetology are also laser surgery and electrocautery.
  5. Avoid the "old wives 'methods' in the treatment of the oil lamp on the eye, so as not to expose the health and appearance of danger.
  6. main preventive measures against lipomas are skin care, proper nutrition, and in general - a healthy lifestyle.