Symptoms , causes and prevention of vitamin deficiency

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Among the diseases beriberi does not cause most people should worry and concern about health.Although it is it can be the root cause of violations of normal functioning of the organs and the emergence of various ailments.

This disease is the lack of vitamins needed by the body to maintain the health and appearance in order.As a result, the person becomes weak, the color of his skin turns into a pale, unhealthy, hair loses its natural shine.In different areas of the skin begins the process of inflammation, provoked by deficiency of vitamin substances.

Symptoms of beriberi

Identify beginning beriberi can on the following grounds:

  • appearance of acne
  • dry skin
  • appearance of age spots
  • swelling and inflammation of the skin
  • hair loss and changes in their structure
  • fatigue and irritability
  • frequent colds

Vitamins B, C and E, antioxidants, zinc and biotin are able to protect people from all these ailments, if they e

nter the body and nourish it.Moreover, using these trace elements easily and have a smooth, elastic skin and prevent wrinkles.

healing power of vitamins B2 and B12 groups is manifested in their ability to create a barrier inflammation of the skin, its reddening, swelling.

Prolonged lack of the necessary amount of supply of the organism leads to the gradual loss of a man of strength and energy, fatigue and even depression.Immunity is sharply reduced, and there comes the threat of colds, which confront the weakened body is unable to.
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Causes of beriberi

The human body is so constituted that it has no ability to produce a variety of vitamins and daily needs of their receipt with the consumption of food.And they need to feed the body in sufficient quantity.The main cause of the lack of nutrients - malnutrition .The eternal human desire to lose weight, the willingness for this to comply with the cruel diet, resulting in disturbed the balance of the whole body, is one of the causes of beriberi.

Another reason for the lack of vitamins - alcohol abuse and smoking .Drinker person is unable to look after their health, in most cases, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a loss of appetite and the body is not the right vitamins.

Another factor in favor of vitamin deficiency poor metabolism as a result of poor work digestive organs.In addition, vitamin deficiency can be caused by pregnancy and lactation , when the body needs more vitamins than usual.

In a small number of nutrients are stored in vegetables, herbs and fruits in the cold season.In winter and early spring there is a sharp increase in the number of patients with this diagnosis.

stresses and limit physical activity also influence the occurrence and development of vitamin deficiency, prolonged and frequent overvoltage brain and muscles can lead to the depletion of the person.

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prevention beriberi

best prevention of this disease is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Under healthy means above all ensuring a balanced supply to the body.A diet containing a full range of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, fats, amino acids and minerals, creates a reliable barrier against such diseases as beriberi.

recommended compulsory inclusion in the daily food enriched with vitamins menu, fruits, herbs, vegetables have become an essential attribute on the dining table.You should only remember that they all have to be of excellent quality, fresh appearance, or stored in compliance with the required measures.

However, even the use in large enough quantities of vitamin products could not compensate for the lack of them in the body. So do not be amiss to such a measure, as the intake of multivitamins in the dose recommended by your doctor, and the reception of synthetic vitamins.the latter substances is balanced so that with their use there is a full digestibility with no side effects.This does not appear allergic reaction after their adoption, or some or other complications.

particularly relevant these drugs during cold weather, when there is a deficiency, in severe physical work, change of habitat in the period of adaptation to new climatic conditions.

disadvantage in the daily needs of vitamins E, B6, and zinc is dangerous to women during their pregnancy and nursing period .The consequences of a lack of vitamins and trace elements may be sad for the woman and her baby.This category of people for whom drinking alcohol and inhaling tobacco smoke are commonplace, needs additional fueling the body with vitamins throughout the year.

important to respect prescribed in the description of multivitamin complexes dosage not violate methods of receiving them inside.Excessive intake of vitamins does not lead to complete their absorption into the body, and in some cases would cause health problems.

Thus, the appearance of beriberi have every reason to be alarmed, and to take measures to strengthen the body's defenses.However, a strong move is not an assumption of such a disease, like all the others.As they say, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure it.

Monitor your health, weight, state of health.If you decide to go on a diet, only to optimism diet gives the body the nutrients, strength and energy.If you exercise, it is only to enhance, rather than exhaustion.In the measure must be present and harmony, then the disease will bypass us by.