Wen in the back and neck : the causes of treatment ( + photos )

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Wen - a vulgar name lipoma, which is a tumor (benign).Lipoma - a fatty formation, which appears in any part of the body where there is fat, but most of it is located on the back, neck and around the eyes.In most cases, wen has no effect on human health, but behind it is still necessary to watch and consult your doctor.

Causes Wen

doctors are still not established the exact reasons, because of which there is a lipoma.Traditional medicine suggests that talc occur in the body due to the sheer amount of toxins and harmful substances, but this theory is not supported by research and through research.

Most doctors still considered the most reliable 3 reasons:

  • hereditary factor. If genetic level failure has occurred that affects the exchange of the sebaceous glands, the lipoma can be transmitted from generation to generation.
  • Menopause. Since talc are often formed in women older than 45-50 years, doctors attribute this to the violations occurring in the body
    due to the occurrence of menopause may occur imbalance of the sebaceous glands.
  • Injuries and damage hypothalamus.Because hypothalamic lesions often appear talc, as a significant part of lipomas appear after infectious diseases and received head injuries, which had an impact on the brain or central nervous system.

What is wen?

If there is a lipoma on her back or the back of the neck, then immediately you can not see, because the dimensions are small -. About 0.5 cm At the same time appeared a lump is not uncomfortable, it is elastic, has a moderately solid consistency.

Usually it detects the person, if the lipoma begins to grow, or relatives.In the neck or back wen can cause cosmetic defect, especially if it is large in size and bulges.

What danger bears wen to the body?

Lipoma, or wen - is benign, that does not always need to be treated with medication or surgery.However, as noted by all the doctors, it does not mean that you can forget about it.If

wen appeared, it is important to remember that, firstly, it may become a malignant tumor, and, secondly, to start to rise and reach a large size (about 10 cm).Hide it in the neck or back is almost impossible.

Even if the lipoma does not cause discomfort, finding her body is not conducive to the emergence of positive emotions, as its further development is unpredictable.

In some cases it is necessary to get rid of the oil lamp?

Doctors do not always recommend treatment Wen, but in some cases it is extremely necessary.

From lipoma must be disposed of if:

  • it is larger than 5 cm;
  • it is less than the above size, but is growing rapidly;
  • have even mild symptoms of the tumor could be malignant;
  • danger to human health and life;
  • appearance of lipomas "on the leg."This occurs when wen droops and gets insufficient blood supply.The result is a deadening of tissue, which is extremely dangerous for the whole organism.

last point refers to Wen, which appeared on the neck, since their growth increases the risk that their weight will put pressure on the windpipe, the risk to human life.

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Treatment Wen

In medicine, there are two ways to treat Wen: surgical and medical.Before you decide, your doctor will assess the size of the lipoma, its ability to develop into a malignant tumor, as well as how much it interferes.

Getting rid of the oil lamp with the help of special drugs

Before prescribe treatment, the doctor should be fully convinced that the person really wen.To this end, appointed US lipoma and diagnostic puncture.

Wen can be treated with drugs that break lipoma only if it is small - up to 2-3 cm, it does not hurt and does not bother the person.The drug is injected into the area of ​​the oil lamp with a fine needle.

choosing this treatment, one should not expect quick results, fat splitting process can take up to 3-4 months, not in all cases wen disappear completely, it may simply be reduced.

Methods for removing wen

Wen removal by surgery is shown if it is growing rapidly, hurt, worried, bought a large size, and stands out from under the garment.

To remove wen medium sized local anesthesia is used for large, general anesthesia is used.

In medicine, there are three ways to remove a lipoma, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Surgical .It conducts operations under local or general anesthesia.The surgeon makes a small incision and pushes the contents of the oil lamp, and then all the scrapes and cleans out his capsule.This method is more often used to remove the oil lamp on the back, but not suitable for the neck, because after he left a scar.After surgery, you must within two weeks regularly seen by a doctor.
  • puncture-aspiration .The process is similar to the previous one, but the content is not Wen removed through the incision and using a thin needle.This method does not leave scars, but no doctor can guarantee that in the future in the remaining fat tissue capsule begins to grow again.
  • Laser . most painless and effective method of removing oil lamp, particularly in the neck, since no scar remains excluded and the possibility of re-growth of adipose tissue.This method refers to the bloodless, the term wound healing from laser - less than 2 weeks.

Wen - a benign tumor, which rarely can be dangerous to human health.Still, for him to follow and to consult regularly with a doctor.To get rid of a lipoma, it is necessary to choose the right way to remove.This will help an experienced surgeon.