Symptoms , Causes and Treatment wen on the feet and hands

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  • Structure and types of Wen
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Diagnosis and treatment of lipomas

lipoma or fatty tumor - a benign, developing adipose tissue.Most often this type of cancer found in women aged 30 to 50 years.

Lipomas can be formed wherever there is fat tissue, including internal organs, breast tissue and in the joints, but mainly localized on the hands and body in the subcutaneous fat layer.In 94% of cases, it formed a single lipoma, but there are multiple education, being located on the same or different parts of the body.

In medical science expressed different assumptions about the causes lipomas, but no proven theory at the moment does not exist.

Structure and types of Wen

Lipoma (fatty tumor) primarily consists of fatty tissue, but may include a connection or other types of tissue.Education is most often segmented into shares, surrounded by a shell that separates it from other tissues.

In composition, education and place of lipoma location distinguish species such as:

  • annular lipoma of the neck - is a ring around the neck,
  • tree lipoma - developed within the joint and has a tree-like appendages,
  • encapsulated lipoma - develops from the fatty capsule tissuearound body,
  • angeolipoma or cavernous lipoma - is characterized by a large number of vessels,
  • diffuse lipoma - has no connective tissue sheath,
  • fibrous lipoma - a lipoma with the growth of connective tissue,
  • painful lipoma - multiple lipoma causing the patientpain,
  • ossified lipoma - a tumor that contains bone,
  • petrifitsirovannaya lipoma - contains calcium deposits,
  • lipoma on the leg - lipoma, which is developing for a long time and reached a considerable size, forms a skin leg,
  • soft lipoma- education, having a soft consistency of the pre-emptive detention of adipose tissue,
  • dense lipoma - a high content of connective tissue, therefore, has an elastic consistency.

wen on the hands and feet usually are mild or dense lipoma.They are benign, rarely develops into malignant.

Lipomas over time virtually no change in size or grow slowly during the growth of pushing and crowding out other tissues.Growth wen is not associated with weight man and his way of life, while losing weight contrary lipomas may increase as the tumor tissue does not respond to the control signals to the brain, so the treatment of lipomas diet is the content ↑

Symptoms of the disease

Wen on the hands or feet are usually visually noticeable, painless at palpation, little is mobile, that is not associated with the skin soft and elastic consistency, the skin over the form is not changed.At the initial stage, Wen size usually no more than a pea, over time education can reach 4-5 cm, but there are also larger.

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Diagnosis and treatment of lipomas

Lipoma diagnosed by clinical examination.If there is doubt about the type of education, suspicion of his malign character, doctors may prescribe X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan and cytological puncture in the course of the last treatment using a thin needle is taken small amount of formation of tissue for analysis.

Wen Indications for treatment - its size, rapid growth and the desire of the patient.Most of these formations grow very slowly and do not cause inconvenience to any other person, in addition to creating an aesthetic defect.Also at the location of a lipoma on legs foot or in another mobile site, it may cause inconvenience while driving.It is worth noting that the majority of physicians still recommend the removal of lipomas of all types and sizes, as the risk that the lipoma due to injury or internal factors develop into a malignancy, can never be ruled out.When choosing a method of treatment depends on the type and size of Wen.

There is only one non-surgical removal lipoma, it is applicable if the formation does not exceed 3 cm, and gives a positive result in 80% of cases.In this case, inside the Wen introduced a special drug that promotes the resorption of the tumor tissue.Extinction Wen can be expected in about two months after the procedure.

In other cases, the only way to treat lipomas - surgical removal.Small talc removed under local anesthesia without hospitalization, for the removal of significant size Wen may require hospitalization for one or two days, and general anesthesia.

The most common method is the traditional invasive surgery: incision was performed in the amount of 2/3 of the tumor body, it is removed, the cavity is cleaned, then the incision is closed.The operation usually lasts 20-30 minutes.Post-operative recovery period for this procedure is 1-2 weeks, as the site of the tumor to the complete fusion of tissue fluid can be formed, seroma, which must be removed in a timely manner.

In addition, there are non-invasive methods of removing wen.But they are not always applicable because of size, type and location of the complex lipoma.

To apply minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, during which the formation is removed using an endoscope, a special optical system, through a small incision.This avoids any visible operation and reduce the time of postoperative rehabilitation.

To remove soft consistency Wen also used liposuction procedure involves the removal of fat through a tube.When applying this method, after an operation can be maintained capsule lipomas, which sometimes leads to relapse.

also to remove lipomas are now widely used to achieve laser surgery.During the operation, a laser beam is made the cut at the place of the oil lamp, the tumor is removed along with the surrounding shell, then the cavity is processed by high-energy beam, the incision is closed.The laser has a coagulative properties and disinfecting, besides the application of this method reduces the risk of recurrence lipomas.

forecast in removing Wen usually favorable, although sometimes there are relapses, ie lipoma appears again in the same place.

should be noted that doctors do not recommend self-treatment Wen traditional methods, especially with the help of piercing and extrusion.Most of them are not just useless, but other than that can contribute to infection is listed in the cloth or the occurrence of other severe consequences, such as the subsequent abnormal development of education.the effects of, for example, subsequent abnormal development of education.