What to do if a fish bone stuck in the throat

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  • What might happen if their own to remove bone
  • How to remove a fish bone from the throat

Jams fish bone in the throat reminds himself pain, difficulty in swallowing, the constant tickling, release (reflex) of a large number ofsaliva.

We strongly recommend that you retrieve your own fishbone throat.The first thing you should do - see a doctor or call an ambulance (especially when it comes to child) .Do not treat the fish bone in the throat as a simple malaise that symptoms go away on their own without treatment.

What could happen if the bone yourself delete

  1. foreign body in the throat of the baby can cause swelling of the mucous membrane of the throat and larynx and soft tissue, which is a danger to life.
  2. Removal of bone in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the throat, including pharyngitis and tonsillitis may may result in deep wounds and penetration in these infections - treat paratonsillar and retropharyngeal abscesses, occurring against this background, have to b
    e treated for a long time, with the use of surgery andthe use of antibiotic therapy.
  3. also undesirable to try at home to remove the fishbone from the throat in patients with chronic heart or lung disease - attempt any manipulation in the throat, rich in nerve receptors, is fraught with the appearance of reflex disorders of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
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How to remove the fishbone throat

important to understand.that the below-described methods of fish bone removed from the throat can only worsen the situation. foreign body may move and cause edema, respiratory failure, and damage to the esophagus provokes the development of suppurative esophagitis, in which a high probability of infection in the mediastinum, and the soft tissue surrounding the hollow muscular organ.
  1. Using viscous product viscous consistency - kefir or yogurt.Enveloping products may promote bone further into the digestive tract, but it does not guarantee that the bone would not be able to damage the esophageal mucosa.
  2. Mashed potatoes , richly flavored with vegetable oil - in this situation, be aware that fatty food can trigger the development of pancreatitis and cholecystitis.
  3. Using a piece (crust) stale bread - the probability that the bread will be able to remove a foreign body really is.With this method, you need to be prepared that the bone will move lower and hurt the esophagus with the development of a purulent inflammation of the mucous membrane.This method is completely unacceptable for patients with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance.
  4. Liquid honey - this method is quite effective.Furthermore, exposure is carried out simultaneously on the mucosa of the substances contained in honey - it reduces the likelihood of mucosal inflammation at the site of introduction of the fish bones.
  5. method based on the use of the curable wax or paraffin , it is also used, but the likelihood of burn mucous membranes of the mouth and pharynx there.In addition, this manipulation is permissible only in the case when it is possible to see the location of the fish bone, because the curable wax necessary to bring directly to the foreign body and remove it after full cooling of the material at hand.
  6. Using ptarmic or gag reflex at least doubtful - is not always active contraction of muscles of the digestive tract and upper respiratory tract ensures complete freedom from foreign body.
  7. Using tweezers and removing a foreign body under the direct control of permissible only in the case where the foreign body is located high enough.In this case it is necessary to sterilize the tweezers with flat and long legs, use a spoon or a staple for fixing the language and the local anesthetic in the form of aerosol for the removal of the gag reflex.This method of treatment is effective, but quite difficult technically feasible.

If the foreign body removal was successful, you must use an antiseptic solution (medicinal plants) to gargle - such procedures should be continued for at least 3-4 days.