Causes and treatment of ligature fistula after surgery ( + photos )

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Most major operations end ligation - a special thread that sews layers damaged tissue.Typically, during the operation the wound thoroughly washed before you start to sew.This is done using the resorcinol, chlorhexidine, yodopiron and other solutions.If the thread is contaminated by bacteria or the wound has been insufficiently treated, the ligature suppuration occurs and as a result, the fistula formed ligature.

around the thread pulling together the wound edges, forming a seal, called a granuloma .In this seal itself fall suture material, collagen fibers, fibroblasts and macrophages.Very ligature is not encapsulated - it is not limited to the fibrous sheath.Once the abscess is opened, and a fistula is formed.Most often, a fistula is formed, but there may be more, depending on where the ligature was left.

Usually this complication makes itself felt quite quickly, even during the stay of the patient in a medical faci

lity, so when viewed from a doctor a member ligature fistula symptoms are identified and treated promptly occurs.It reveals a fistula in a few days - the skin appears a breakthrough, through which trickles purulent discharge.Along with this detachable and can leave part of the ligature.In some cases, the process dies, the fistula is closed, but after a short time opens again.Suppurative process may take several months, if not in time to see a doctor and do not remove the cause of suppuration.

Most often ligature fistulas occur when post-surgical wound was sutured with silk thread.It is worth noting that at the present stage, surgeons are trying to use the suture material that dissolves, so you do not remove the sutures, such as catgut.

Symptoms ligature fistula

Usually, the fistula can not be overlooked - its outward signs clearly expressed.

  • First, around the wound channel there is a seal and infiltration.The bumps that appear become hot to the touch.
  • Second, near the scar left after surgery, you can clearly see the inflammation - redness will go during the ligation.
  • Third, the wound begins to fester and quickly from the outlet is separated purulent contents.discharge volumes may be small, but rapidly developing process can be observed tangible Moisture.
  • Fourth, these processes provoke swelling of the surrounding tissue and increase body temperature to significant parameters (39 degrees and above).
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Treatment ligature fistula

Treatment ligature fistula should be started as soon as possible, because this is a serious complication that can lead to secondary infection, disability, and in severe, advanced cases and sepsis, which threatens patient a lethaloutcome.Prescribers should be a doctor, and if suppuration occurred at home, the patient should be immediately sent to hospital.Treatment of ligature of the fistula can be done in two ways - surgical and conservative.The most common surgical treatment - it is to remove the infected ligature, then the patient must undergo a course of antibiotics.The patient makes a small incision to allow pus to come out.This will protect the patient from developing cellulitis - purulent fusion of tissues, resulting in cure the disease will be much more difficult.If you can not remove the ligature, the fistula closed.Otherwise, try again spend a few days until the ligature will be removed.

In severe cases, when multiple and ligatures formed whole fistulous passages, it shows excision of all postoperative scar together with the remnants of ligatures.

For wound surface needs special care - the affected area should be cleaned with a special solution to rid the wound of pus and prevent further development of the pathological process.Usually used for this purpose furatsillin or hydrogen peroxide.If there are excessive granulation, they recommend to cauterize.After the initial assistance provided under the ligature need to impose again.

Conservative treatment is possible only when the process is just beginning and the amount of discharge is minimal.In this case, the patient removed the dead tissue around the fistula, thoroughly wash out the pus.If possible, also cut those threads, the end of which are located outside.Next, the patient is given antibiotics and agents that enhance the immune system.

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To avoid ligature fistula is necessary to correctly handle the wound before suturing and use only sterile suture.Also, when the first signs of this complication is necessary to provide timely assistance.Generally favorable outcome.