The hormonal and non-hormonal ointment for eczema

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Eczema - a pathological skin condition caused by an allergic reaction to stimuli.The disease usually has a sharp tint.However, the formation of a stable reaction of the organism and systematically repeated exposure to pathology can go into the chronic stage.Activate mechanisms of regeneration of the epithelium may be a variety of reasons:

  • mechanical damage of the skin (cracks, bruises, abrasions, schesy, etc.);
  • exposure to high or low temperatures (scalding, hypothermia);
  • disorders of organs and systems (central and peripheral nervous system, liver disease, gastrointestinal tract).

Depending on the cause of eczema, tumors can be of several types.

At the first sign of skin disease is not necessary to try to cope with their own reactions.It is important to win not only a symptom but also to determine the reasons for its existence.The most common means of medication is considered as an ointment.They are divided into two typ


  • hormone;
  • hormonal.

Some medications need to be used only a limited number of days.Local impact properly selected ointments beneficial effect on the affected skin.However, the treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Hormonal drugs for eczema

  1. hydrocortisone ointment .The tool helps in the formation of irritation and swelling.Its therapeutic effect can be traced quickly.A common and affordable, this ointment still has its contraindications.Therefore gidrokartizonovuyu ointment prescribe physician.The tool is contraindicated in skin pathologies identified infectious nature: pyoderma, mycosis (fungal infection), tuberculosis.Ointment is not indicated for open sores on dermis.Apply hydrocortisone ointment must be 3-4 times a day, causing a thin strip at the location of defeat.
  2. Prednisolone .The synthetic analogue of the secrets of the cerebral cortex of the adrenal glands - prednisone - has a number of positive actions.Ointment will provide anti-allergic effect, soothe irritated skin, relieve shock.Characterized by said means antitoxic effect and marked antiexudative and antiinflammatory activities.However, to avoid habituation and hormonal disorders do not abuse means.After two weeks from the beginning of therapy is necessary to change or medication or a break in treatment.The drug has a number of contraindications.It should not be applied to persons suffering from diabetes, hypertension running, acute renal failure.Pregnant women are not recommended to apply ointment Prednisolone.Uncontrolled reception of funds can lead to violations during the menstrual cycle, reduce the body's defenses, weight gain, acne rashes and other side effects.
  3. Soderm .This corticosteroid raids strong glucocorticosteroid activity.Action means directed against the itching of the skin, discomfort and pain.However, the tool has a whole list of contraindications that defines its purpose solely by the attending physician.Apply the ointment is no more than 3 or 4 times a week.Carefully should be taken to the sensations of the body after the first application of ointment.If you have pronounced side-effect vehicle is replaced.What specific side effects may cause the application of an ointment Sorerm?First of all, this increase in eczema symptoms: increased flaking and itching and pain of the affected skin.In addition, it may be pigmentation covers (stains), as well as appear with the endocrine system problems.Soderm not prescribed for persons who suffer from dermatological problems of nature: smallpox, skin tuberculosis, syphilis, acne.
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nonhormonal ointment for eczema

nonhormonal remedies for eczema local action can help in all stages of the disease.Typically, they are assigned to complex drug enhancing the barrier function of the body.In this group of non-hormonal ointments less sensitive to the timing of their application.

  1. Dermasan. This means a solution is recommended for early signs of disease manifestation.The drug is effective in relieving disease in a first step and will help in its advanced stages.Apply Dermasan is up to three times a day, rubbing in a clean, dry skin.Currently there is no information about the side effects of this agent.However Dermasan not administered to persons who have allergic reactions to certain components of the preparation.In addition, the ointment prohibit use during lactation, during pregnancy, the presence of open sores on the skin.
  2. Skin-Cap. this ointment is a common and effective treatment for eczema.Local antifungal and antiseptic action is effective in the treatment of eczema infectious nature.The drug is applied to the strip on the affected area and gently rubbed into the skin.The course of treatment is 14 days.Means beneficial for patients with eczema of all categories, there are no significant contraindications.However, eczema requires the attention of specialists and persistent course of disease - even more so.
  3. Aurobin able to help with the initial stages of the disease.Ego therapeutic effect is based on the healing of fractures and damage to the mucosa and epithelium.

Getting rid of eczema is a long process.It is necessary to recommend to strictly follow the doctor's prescription.It is not necessary to apply the prescribed ointment to stop when there is no pronounced effect after a few days of treatment.

addition should recommend to strengthen compliance with regulations and rules of personal hygiene, as well as strengthen the immune system.