Description and use of ointments and pimafutsin clotrimazole for thrush

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Currently, for the treatment of thrush are widely used tools for local therapy.Their use helps to create a sufficiently high concentration of the drug, capable of destroying the pathogen and to avoid undesirable effects on the internal organs in the outbreak of the disease.Thrush is a disease in which the patient is very difficult to guarantee the unconditional and final recovery - it is the causative agent of opportunistic pathogens, certainly present in the human microflora.Currently, the most popular drugs for the treatment of thrush are clotrimazole and Pimafucin.

clotrimazole Clotrimazole is an antifungal agent with a sufficiently broad spectrum of activity (it is active against many pathogenic and opportunistic mycotic infections), but to achieve the result prescribed by a physician compliance mode use of the drug is necessary.When using clotrimazole should be remembered that t

he main criterion for treatment initiation should become not simply the identification of the causative agent in smears taken from the mucous membrane of the vagina (it is there is always detected and the absence of Candida albicans shows a deep dysbiosis).Therapy should begin only after the appearance of the patient characteristic clinical picture of the disease.

Use this product in the hope of avoiding the emergence of thrush is pointless in the future, a cure for this disease depends on the possibility of successful removal of provoking factors - in the case of candidiasis is necessary not only to work on the pathogen, but also improve the body's own immune system, and to eliminate dysbiosis.

Currently, for the treatment of thrush Clotrimazole can be used in the form of suppositories for administration into the vagina, or in the form of an ointment.What is the dosage form of the drug selected should tell the doctor.In some cases, the patient has to use and vaginal suppositories, and apply ointment on the vulva and perineal skin.And in fact, in both cases after the application of a drug toilet genital clotrimazole generally used in the evening.

important to remember that in case of detection of thrush in women treatment should take place and her sexual partner - appoint only men ointment clotrimazole .

The duration of treatment determined by the doctor, but in most cases limited to the use of clotrimazole during the week, then necessarily carried out a second medical examination.Usually the drug is well tolerated, the likelihood of side effects is very low, but the existence of hypersensitivity to any component of the medication (allergy), you must inform your doctor - he will replace it with another drug.

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No less popular means for effective treatment of thrush is Pimafucin.The active ingredient of this drug is an antibiotic natamycin having a broad enough spectrum of antifungal activity.The main advantage pimafutsin experts believe high efficiency for local use and minimal penetration of the drug into the systemic circulation.That is why Pimafucin freely can be used to treat pregnant women at any stage.

Treatment usually takes from 3 to 6 days, during therapy should be administered suppository deep into the vagina.If necessary, the doctor prescribes an additional treatment of the skin of the perineum and external genitalia Pimafucin ointment.

As in the case of clotrimazole Pimafutsin in any dosage form is meaningless to use prophylactically - candidiasis and pathogen normally found in swabs taken from the vagina.Treatment should be considered only in the case when the amount exceeds normal values.Accordingly, to continue therapy, hoping to completely eradicate the pathogen, it is meaningless - the criterion of cure becomes improvement of general condition of the patient and the disappearance of pathological symptoms typical of thrush.

The only exception to this rule becomes a pregnancy - a row of prophylactic vaginal suppositories pimafutsin for three days immediately prior to the date of birth is recommended in the case of a woman during the childbearing detected candidiasis symptoms.

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Features thrush treatment for men

In the case where clotrimazole and Pimafucin appointed as a preventive measure sexual partner a woman suffering from thrush, duration of treatment depends on the state of women - how many days she continues treatment, the same time and the man should be appliedto their genitals ointments containing these drugs.

If a man has found clinical signs of the disease, its diagnosis should be engaged in the doctor (for men only on the basis of the clinical picture is not possible to establish the diagnosis of thrush), and assigned treatment regimen based on the survey results.In men, the presence of manifestations of thrush is a sign of deep lesions of the immune status, and solve the problem of prescribing solely for the local treatment is impossible.

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Other drugs for the treatment of thrush

addition clotrimazole and pimafutsin, for the treatment of thrush can use a variety of drugs.The most effective of these drugs is considered, which include analogs of clotrimazole (Ginezol, mikoseptin, fluconazole) - Some of these drugs may be administered once inside.

use of drugs, which include antibiotics, anti-fungal and Nystatin Levorinum now steadily decreasing - their effectiveness against the pathogen Candida is low, and the probability of occurrence of adverse events (including deep dysbiosis) is quite high.The methods of traditional medicine can only be regarded as an aid - they should only be used in addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor.