Description and use of ointments for burns : Levomekol , Panthenol

Category Ointments | August 12, 2017 18:01

man in everyday life is exposed to risks of burns - burns household home, at work, even on the beach - anywhere the skin has a risk of thermal exposure.The burn should be treated immediately - easy degree it is possible to heal at home, and heavy - in a medical facility.In order to provide timely help yourself, at home must be such ointments as Levomekol or panthenol.

Levomekol - water-based lubricant, hydrophilic.It can easily be washed off, it can be combined with other means.Therapeutic components of the ointment is easy to penetrate to the affected site and quickly produce its effect.A huge advantage of this means - anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.It includes Methyluracilum and chloramphenicol, which destroy the pathogens that can lead to a festering wound.Burns treated with ointment, less fester and heal faster.Action metiluratsila aims to stimulate the exchange of substances in the cells, which leads to rapid recovery of affected structures.Also Methyluracilum promotes leukocyto

sis, which is very important for the fight against microbes - the first white blood cells come to be protected from viruses, bacteria and fungi.

one-time application of the ointment lasts for about twenty hours - later the wound to be treated again.Usually already during this time with the affected area goes much swelling and purulent mass removed (they can be easily removed from the wound surface).If severe burn, the ointment can be administered at some stage by a doctor.

Levomekol applied by overlaying the ointment on a bandage made of gauze, and then directly to the burn.Before closing the burn, it must be possible, rinse with cool water to remove the pus.Such a bandage with ointment should be changed every twenty hours.If no improvement is noticeable, change the ointment often as possible.

contraindications in the ointment there is little, it can be used during lactation, overdose does not happen.Before use, should make sure that the cream has a smooth white color, its shelf life allows the use of the drug.

Panthenol - is another effective remedy for burns.It is best to buy it in the form of a spray.With the penetration of the body components of the ointment are converted into pantothenic acid, it is very important for cell activity.Thanks to panthenol regenerate damaged tissue faster, inflammation is removed and the wound is accelerated.Panthenol striking feature is that it is particularly successful fighting with purulent wounds, helping to drain the pus beautiful and restoration of living tissue.

If the burn is characterized by little - there is only skin redness, local hyperthermia and peeling, there is also recommended to use panthenol, which helps stop the process on the light stage.In this case it is not necessary to cover the burn dressing - enough to lubricate the affected area, a little rub into the skin and leave until completely absorbed.Taki can be done up to four times a day depending on the patient's condition.

Panthenol as Levomekol is safe, it can be used for pregnant women.Only a small number of patients may experience mild allergic reaction to the drug, but it is not necessary to cancel.