The causes of red spots on the body ( skin )

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  • stress and dysregulation of the nervous system
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases

Numerous medical studies have confirmed the postulate that the state of a person's skin and general state of health is closely linked - atmany diseases of the body on the skin may appear red spots in different locations and different shapes.

reasons for the appearance of red spots on the skin can become as a state, does not represent a real danger to the life of the patient as well as pathological conditions that can eventually lead to serious breaches of human life processes requiring urgent treatment.

Stress and nervous system dysregulation

Frequent stress (physical and psychological), strong emotional experiences may be one of the causes of vegetative-vascular dystonia - disturbed tone of the nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation of vascular tone changes.As a result of these processes on the skin often appear red spots, which may persist for a l

ong enough time.

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Allergic reactions

red spots on the skin often becomes one of the manifestations of allergic reactions - skin rash may occur in allergic reactions of immediate type (urticaria), cold allergy, delayed type reactions.In this case it is necessary to assess not only the appearance of the rash, but other symptoms of this condition.It is important to remember that allergies can trigger the development of a variety of chemical compounds, and in the development of allergies of immediate type patient requires emergency medical care.

to allergic conditions include chronic and allergic diseases - eczema, atopic dermatitis, allergic reactions developing as a delayed-type when ingested allergens substances.In this case, each error in the diet or hit by other allergen (often through the skin surface) can provoke deterioration of the patient - there are new red spots, and their appearance may be accompanied by painful itching and skin brushing.

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Infectious Diseases

appearance of red spots on the skin may become a symptom of many infectious diseases caused by viruses, fungi, bacteria - often the location of the lesions, their appearance and distribution help the doctor make the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

Viral infections

Often the appearance of red spots on the skin is the first sign of viral infectious diseases - most often these symptoms are accompanied by chicken pox, measles and German measles.In these diseases requires mandatory isolation of the patient to prevent outbreak of any of these infections, so the physician must examine the patient in a timely manner and make the correct diagnosis.

important to remember that each of these "children" infections characterized by its rhythm and direction of the red spots on the body:

  • measles red spots appear on the face and gradually descend down the body, and almost simultaneously on their background appear the elementsrash, filled with liquid;
  • with rubella red spots, the surface of which is covered by 3-4 day scaly crusts, often localized on the extensor surfaces of the extremities, trunk - these spots can disappear when pressed;
  • varicella (chickenpox), red spots, which soon formed vesicles and pustules localized on the entire body surface.

Details of chickenpox in children here.In adults, the disease is a little bit different - refer to the material.

Bacterial infections

most common bacterial infections that manifest the appearance of red spots on the skin, are diseases caused by streptococcus.

This group includes streptococcal infections, erysipelas inflammation of the skin, and scarlet fever.For each of these diseases in nature spots and their location localization strictly specific, and may cause other symptoms (formation of conflict, full of liquid at streptoderma, simultaneous appearance of red spots on the skin and sore throat in scarlet fever).

Fungal infections of the skin

Fungal skin infection may also be accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the surface of the body - these symptoms may be accompanied by widespread candidiasis (thrush) (See article "Thrush in women", "Thrush in men."), Andringworm.

With the development of ringworm on the skin formed red scaly patches round, which are located mainly on the scalp, but the spread of infection is a high probability of occurrence "screenings" in other parts of the body surface.When candidiasis appearance of red spots on the skin indicates the generalization of infection and sudden immunosuppressed patient.

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Autoimmune diseases

reason for the appearance of red spots on the skin can become an autoimmune disease of the body - diffuse connective tissue diseases (scleroderma, lupus erythematosus).

appearance of red rashes is more prevalent in the limited versions of these diseases - if the spots appear at an early stage of the pathological process, most specialists regard this as a favorable sign from the point of view of the forecast, indicating the primary lesion of skin and subcutaneous tissue.

When lupus erythematosus on a background of red spots appear foci of peeling, whereas in scleroderma spots are formed on areas of the skin scar changes nevertheless it, red spots on the skin can occur when activated chronically flowing process in systemic autoimmune diseases variants.

This group of diseases is adjacent psoriasis - disease with vague nature, but occurs on the background of immune system disorders.In this disease, pathological lesions are localized mainly in the skin, but with the deterioration of the disease may damage the joints, nails, scalp.