Stages and treatment of pressure sores on his heels and buttocks

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  • Causes of pressure sores
  • Where most often occur bedsores
  • Stages of pressure sores
  • Methods of treatment of bedsores
  • Drugs for
  • How to avoid bedsores

Bedsores - a dead areas of soft tissue,which are formed as a result of circulatory disorders and conduct nerve impulses, due to compression of these areas for a long time.

Bedsores can occur in people who spend a long time in bed due to the nature of their health condition.For example, older people with sustained circulation is very susceptible to this.Also, all patients are bedridden (after strokes, injuries and spinal cord injuries).

should be remembered that in the early stages, when only bedsores appear, the problem may cope, but non-compliance with basic rules and care bed sores can lead to amputation and other serious diseases.

Causes of pressure sores

If you understand the mechanism of the formation of pressure sores, it becomes clear that the cause of a bedsore is pressure on a certain area of ​​the body for more than

two hours.This is due to unequal load on the skin and tissue underneath, that is, when the pressure to the skin greater than the outside pressure on the inside wall of the capillaries.This process leads to disruption of the supply of tissues with oxygen and, consequently, to the appearance of bedsores.

Such processes are especially important for bedridden patients who, because of physical disabilities can not even turn over in bed to change the position of the body and, thus, prevent the development of bedsores.

Sometimes sores can develop at a pressure of the cast, which is imposed is not entirely correct.Even rarer are cases of pressure sores on the mucous membrane of the mouth of the mechanical action of the dental prosthesis, which is also installed imperfectly.

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Where sores occur most often

In most cases, pressure sores occur in those places where the body portions is constant and prolonged mechanical impact or pressure.This may include the following places:

  • buttocks Area;
  • sacrum;
  • Area trochanter;
  • Area ischium;
  • elbow joint;
  • Knees;
  • Ankle;
  • ribs;
  • Loboc;
  • Cheeks;
  • Heels;
  • feet;

very rare, but still possible formation of bedsores places are places such as:

  • head, back of the head;
  • ears;
  • Fingers.
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Stages of pressure sores

As mentioned above, pressure ulcers occur in areas that are most susceptible to prolonged pressure, in this case the process of blood supply in this area slowed down.Decubitus classified primarily by the degree of soft tissue injuries in depth, that is, estimate how deeply impressed tissue.

  1. The first stage - is characterized by a seal tissues in the affected area, its strong redness (hyperemia).At this stage, which is very susceptible to bed sores treated with the antibacterial, wound-healing drugs;
  2. second stage - characterized by the appearance in the affected areas of erosive changes.However, even at this stage there is no destruction of subcutaneous tissue.It damaged only the top layer of skin.This step is also to be treated and well-chosen and the therapy may be a significant improvement;
  3. third stage - is already more serious, deeper lesions characterized by tissue under the skin.There is a layer of subcutaneous lesion that leads to negative necrotic lesions.This step is very difficult to treat;
  4. The fourth stage is characterized by severe soft tissue lesions, blood circulation in the affected areas.These changes give rise to necrotic areas and further contamination and poisoning of the whole organism.

should know that at any stage due to incorrect care and treatment, it may cause worsening and substantial deterioration in the affected area.Failure to follow aseptic wounds possible contamination by pathogenic microorganisms, which may lead to serious disease.

Since not always possible only in appearance to determine at exactly what stage of development is a particular skin lesion, you often use techniques such as tissue biopsy from bedsores and the culture method for an accurate diagnosis.They allow you to examine in more detail the contents of the wound and almost completely determine what stage of development of pressure ulcers in a patient.

accurate diagnosis is very important in the appointment of an adequate, proper, and most importantly, timely treatment.

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Methods of treatment of bedsores

For best results in the treatment of pressure ulcers need to respect the basic principles of treatment of pressure ulcers:

  1. First, restore the normal supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the affected area of ​​the body;
  2. Second, spend manipulation to help get rid of the already dead tissue, so they do not poison the body;
  3. Third, spend treatment, helps to heal wounds and prevent falling into the wound microbes.

By following these guidelines, you can achieve good results.Much of the success of treatment depends on what stage of development of pressure sores called for help.Naturally, in the early stages of the likelihood of relief of this condition and complete deliverance from bedsores, much higher than in the past.

That is why people who care for immobile patients should not only perform basic duties, but also to exercise care and responsibility to do no harm and do not exacerbate an already difficult state of the sick person.

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Drugs for

The use of many drugs designed to achieve an antibacterial effect that the section did not develop bedsores pathogenic microflora.Very effective medications containing silver ions:

  • chlorhexidine;
  • Ointment "Solkoseril";
  • Ointment "Iruksol";
  • Argokrem;
  • Argogel;
  • Argov.

also used drugs that improve the microcirculation, anti-inflammatory effect:

  • Tribenozid;
  • Pirikarbat;
  • Dexamethasone;
  • Hydrocortisone;
  • prednisolone;

are also essential drugs, which have a healing effect:

  • Methyluracilum;
  • Vinylinum;
  • Dexpanthenol;

In some cases, drugs used necrolytic:

  • Trypsin;
  • Chymotrypsin;
  • Collagenase;

Traditional medicine:

  • camphor alcohol 10% to lubricate the skin, which may cause pressure ulcers up to two or three times a day;
  • Lotions with raw chopped potatoes and honey to impose on the wound several times a day;
  • Lotions with an oil extract of Hypericum use up to 3 times a day;
  • tea tree oil to lubricate the skin areas where pressure sores begin to appear;
  • with a mixture of olive oil with vodka to grease sores several times a day;
  • vegetable (olive) oil wax, butter, incense and rosin - this mixture lubricate sores twice a day;
  • Infusion of marigold flowers used for lotions, it is important to change them frequently, about every hour;
  • The infusion of chamomile and sweet clover to use as lotion twice a day;
  • Juice Kalanchoe treating bedsores up to 3-4 times a day;
  • Drink infusion of burdock, hazel, plantain, violets half a glass in the morning and before going to bed;
  • Steamed hot milk elderberry leaves applied to wounds twice a day;
  • rosehip oil is used for lubrication of pressure sores three times a day;

Procedures for handling bedsores:

  • Irradiation of the affected areas by ultraviolet radiation;
  • procedure electrostatic soul;
  • Air baths for the affected parts of the skin;
  • Massage tissue near bedsores, without touching the affected areas;
  • Shock-wave therapy;
  • In the latter stages of surgical treatment, skin grafts;
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How to avoid bedsores

Bedsores are very acute and sensitive issue, because it is very difficult to treat them.Therefore, the possibility of their occurrence the best tactic in the fight against them is to prevent them.In order to avoid pressure sores, we recommend the following rules:

  1. It is important to regularly and thoroughly implement skin care: wipe the skin, which are in direct contact with the surface of the bed;at the slightest appearance of skin damage in a timely manner to carry out the processing and treatment;
  2. regularly carry out change of bed linen, not allowing to fall into bed chips or other particles that can cause damage to the skin;
  3. use special water or air mattress that promotes even distribution of body weight and improves blood circulation;
  4. Implement change patient position, turning it at least every two hours from side to side, from back to stomach and back.Inverting only in such postures that allow a physician as excessive rotation may severely harm the patient;
  5. necessary to eat right, to the diet was rich in protein food.And no less important is the daily intake of fluid volume (1.5 liters).You can drink as use almost any fresh juices.Very useful cabbage, carrot, apple, tomato, orange and grape juices;
  6. Use as needed special Antiacarian circle that lay under the parts of the body most exposed to compressed (the buttocks region of the pelvis).Or use bags filled with grain, and also enclose them under the places where it is needed;
  7. good effect simulated muscle movements that they performed work, while consuming oxygen and performed muscle power.This can be done with the help of massage or special equipment (in Canada have developed electric underwear), which supplies a pulse to the muscle, allowing it to believe that it works by itself.