Pediculosis : the causes of and treatment , remedies for lice

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causative agent of the disease are blood-sucking insects such as lice.This is strictly specific parasites which are found only in certain species of animals and humans.The cycle includes the step of the development of insect eggs, larvae and mature individuals.

reasons lice

  • head lice - called parasitism head lice.This insect is 2-3.5 mm in length and predominantly affects people with long hair.Transmission of the parasite can be carried out through a comb, hats.The spread of the disease contributes to poor hygiene in relatively closed communities such as schools, kindergartens.Outside the host body head lice remains viable for 55 hours;
  • pediculosis corporis - develops during infection Hanging lice.This pathogen is 3-4.5 mm in length, and is most common among people who have no fixed abode.This type of lice and nits are found not in the body of the patient, and in the folds of his clothing.Every 2 hours the insect feeds, drinking pe
    r day 0.7-1.2 liters host blood.
  • pubic lice - This disease causes the pubic louse, living mainly in the pubic, chest, eyelashes and armpits.Dimensions of this parasite is 1.5-2 mm.It has 2 or 3 pairs of legs that help him be held at the base of the hair.Unlike other species of this parasite pubic lice almost not moving, which somewhat complicates the diagnosis of head lice.By transmission is sexual contact, although it is possible contamination of children when dealing with parents, through bedding, clothing and towels.

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Symptoms of lice

Manifestations of head lice most commonly found in the area, located behind the ears.Consequences of bites occurring during blood feeding parasites, become noticeable after only 2-3 hours.The most common response to appear bright red papules.Also, patients tormented by severe itching.Active scratching promote penetration of the skin infection secondary to the development of septic complications.Often, the hair begins to flounder, leading to the formation of Koltun or trichomes.If you look closely at the base of the hair nits can be seen, which is a clutch of eggs of the parasite.

When pediculosis corporis in the bite appears redness and itching of the skin, blisters, papules, erythematous spots.Soon after the defeat of the surface is covered by scratching.Characteristic changes may be found anywhere on the body.

Clinical manifestations of pubic lice are most visible in the pubic area, armpits, abdomen, although young children characteristic symptoms can be found on the scalp.As a rule, patients worried about mild skin itching, so scratches are not usually expressed.On the site of the bite spot appears bluish-gray color, with a diameter of about 1 cm. With the defeat of the eyebrows and the eyelashes they found serous cover.

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Treating lice

lice treatment is aimed at destroying not only the parasites, but their nits.

To eliminate head lice can be used the following drugs:

  • malathion - This solution is designed to be applied to the scalp and hair.To complete the processing normally requires 10-20 ml of the preparation.Then you need to give your hair dry naturally.After 12 hours of exposure should be carefully washed with shampoo.The following processing is carried out in 8-10 days.The tool is absorbed by the keratin of the hair, so that has a lasting effect.Malathion is contraindicated for the treatment of head lice in infants;
  • lindane - is 0.3% gel, which is applied to freshly washed wet hair.About 15 ml of the product should be thoroughly rubbed into the scalp and spread over the length of the hair comb.Thereafter, the drug remains on the hair for three days.After this period, the final destruction of nits is recommended to rinse the head with warm vinegar solution in a ratio of 1 part 6% vinegar to 2 parts water.To remove the nits should comb your hair fine-toothed comb.Lindane is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.
  • permethrin - is a cream that is rubbed into the wet washed hair.Depending on the density of hair for complete treatment may require 10-60 ml protivopedikuleznogo funds.The drug should be washed off after 30 minutes after application.Combing hair toothed comb helps to remove dead parasites.
  • para-plus - is a combination of permethrin and malathion.This tool is available as a spray, which turns out to be equally effective in the fight, and with lice and nits.The tool is sprayed on the hair from a distance of 1-2 cm. Particular attention should be paid to BTE region, temples.After 30 minutes, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it with a solution of vinegar.Scanning for nits and lice spend a week after treatment.If parasites are detected again, the preparation is applied repeatedly.Pair Plus is suitable for the treatment of hats, scarves, but a means of better use in a well-ventilated area due to toxicity.Contact with it undesirable for pregnant women and children.
obligatory point is the treatment of head lice inspection of contact persons.Medical examination of the patient to be members of the family, children attending a kindergarten, a school, nursing home patients.

wardrobe lice treatment includes the following:

  • boiling and disinfestation undergarments and clothing of the patient;
  • use of contact insecticides in the form of a spray;
  • treatment of skin complication of the disease in accordance with the general therapeutic techniques.

In order to combat pubic lice following events are held:

  • use the same dezinsektantov as for head lice, for the treatment of the pubic area, armpits.For the treatment of diseases using lindane, piperonilbutoksin, allethrin;
  • providing treatment exposed to sick persons;
  • at defeat head lice lice eyebrows and eyelashes are removed with tweezers, then edge surface of the eyelids smeared with Vaseline, a 5% solution of malathion, 1% yellow mercury ointment.Application of drugs should be carried out 2 times a day for 7-10 days.