Scabies - Symptoms and Treatment ( + photos )

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Scabies refers to a parasitic skin disease that is characterized by intense itching, especially at night, raschёsami and form burrows.The causative agent of scabies is a mite called Sarcoptes scabiei, which is popularly referred to simply as mites.

females a length of 0.3-0.4 mm, life period is limited to 1 month.Every day the female lays about 3 eggs, performing moves in the horny layer of the epidermis.Subsequently, the eggs hatch into larvae, which for 2 weeks through several stages of development, becoming a mature specimens.Mature individuals rise to the skin, where the mate, after which the male dies and the female burrows into the skin in search of a new male.On this basis, it can be argued that the clinical picture of the disease is due to the vital activity exclusively female.Note that ticks are not active at night, and this is due to the appearance of the main symptoms of the night.Outside

at normal room temperature of the human body is able to survive itch mite 3 days, while at a temperature of 60 degrees mite dies within 1 hours, whereas at low temperatures and the boiling killed instantaneously.

According to numerous observations of three months without any active treatment is able to be born six generations of mites, which in quantitative terms is equal to 150 million individuals.

Causes of scabies

Causes of scabies is an infestation of scabies from a sick person, which is achieved by the contact transmission mechanism.For this reason, you can get infected through sexual contact, through bedding and clothing.

promotes the wide dissemination of the tick population density, promiscuous and unsanitary living conditions.

should be noted that suffer from scabies and animals (horses, dogs, cats, etc.), but the mites that cause disease in them, falling on the human body, are removed quickly, because there are not suitable conditions for life, thoughand cause a short-term itching and rash.

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Symptoms of scabies and photo

The incubation period is 7-10 days.

for disease characterized by itching, which increases at night, as well as the twin-nodular blisters.At the scabies mite has favored place for life: flexion surface of the wrist joints, elbow, extensor surfaces of the forearms, interdigital spaces and the skin under the breasts, - which in most cases and localized rash.

itch moves resemble thin, slightly protruding above the surface of the skin strips that can go in a zigzag manner in a straight line.Usually itch mite finishes white and transparent bubble in which you can see the body of the tick (white dot).In rare cases, the itch moves fail to detect (the so-called scabies without turns).

After a bite on the skin there are small nodules, which further due raschёsov covered with bloody crusts.Over time, the papules pass into vesicles (blisters) or bulls.It should be noted that the severity of the rash and its amount does not correlate with the severity of the disease and the number of parasites, as it is the result of an allergic reaction to the mite waste products.

As a result, regular damage skin disease can be complicated by pustular lesions and the development of eczema.

Moreover, decided to allocate the atypical form of the disease, which include Norwegian scabies, scabies "cleanly" and psevdosarkaptoz.

Norwegian scabies is typical for people with reduced immunity and increased skin sensitivity to various influences.Patients with this form of scabies, usually do not feel itching, they develop subungual hyperkeratosis zones and rashes resemble psoriaziformny dermatitis.The preferential localization of lesions - the buttocks, neck and scalp.It should be noted that this form of the disease is highly contagious, as the number of mites in the patient's skin is about 15 animals.

When scabies "cleanly" a significant portion of individuals removed from the patient's body as a result of frequent washings and reception of the soul that makes the diagnosis because the symptoms are not pronounced.At the forefront of the main complications of the disease: pyoderma, dermatitis, microbial eczema, urticaria.

Psevdosarkaptozom called a form of scabies is transmitted from animal to man.For this form of the disease characterized by urticaria papules, short incubation period and the absence of itch moves.

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Diagnosis and treatment Diagnosis

exhibited on the basis of the clinical picture, the typical complaints of the patient, epidemiological data and laboratory data are only used when erased forms of scabies.Laboratory methods are based on the manufacture of thin skin slices to identify the mites and eggs.

In cases where the scabies mite is not possible to identify in prepared smears, diagnosis is based on typical clinical itching at night, papulovezikulёznaya rash, pustular elements and putative family history.

should be noted that in the absence of treatment of spontaneous cure is not observed.The disease will take many years, with periods of exacerbation and remission.To cure is only required to remove the tick from the skin, and eggs, which is achieved by the use of local resources, without having to resort to the treatment system.

Drugs used to treat scabies, divided into 4 groups:

  • insecticidal antiparasitic drugs (creolin, Lysol, flitsid);
  • sulfur, its derivatives (Wilkinson ointment, sulfur ointment various concentrations);
  • synthetic derivatives of balsamic means (benzyl benzoate only refers to the group);
  • folk remedies and methods (avtolovoe oil, gasoline, kerosene, crude oil, fuel oil and ash lye).

before direct application of drugs the patient is washed thoroughly with a view to mechanical removal of parasites, and then begins to vigorously rub the medication into the skin (except the head).Particular attention is given to sites of lesions typical localization.

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diseases With adequate and timely begun treatment and storing the immune status of scabies is not a threat to life.Ability to work is fully restored.

In rare cases, which is typical of poor countries, scabies can lead to rheumatic heart disease and the development of post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis.