Ringworm in humans ( trihofitia ) - symptoms, causes and treatment .Folk remedies.

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Ringworm, or as it is called, trihofitia, is wide enough common skin disease ofthe group of so-called dermatophytosis, which is characterized by lesions of the skin and its appendages (hair and nails).

Causes Ringworm

causative agents of this disease are antropofilnymi mushrooms, which are called Trichophyton tonsuran, and Trichophyton violaceum.A feature of these fungi is that they can be spread not only on the skin surface, and through the lymphatic system.Moreover, carriers of these fungi are most often the children of the middle and young children, as well as animals.Moreover disease derived from any animal, proceeds much harder than that obtained by humans.

Infection is possible not only in contact with the sick person or animal - quite often the pathogen enters the body so-called contact-household way - using a common headgear, clothing, combs and so on.

lot was contaminated b

y the following factors: a weakened immune system, damage in the horny layer of the epidermis.Most people infected with ringworm, had a long-term contact with a sick animal or human.

risk of infection provokes a weakened immune system, damage to the horny layer of the epidermis, as well as the neglect of the elementary rules of personal hygiene.

mushroom feature is its ability to cover not only the skin but also through the lymphatic capillaries and vessels in the skin, which explains the appearance on the skin surface "eliminations".
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symptoms of ringworm

After infection, the incubation period begins, during which no further symptoms of the disease, despite the fact that the agent has already got into the body.Lasts this period from two weeks to several months.

first symptom of ringworm is the appearance of first one and then the set of foci with a diameter of one to two centimeters.Typically, one of these centers is larger than the others and its size has a diameter of about four centimeters.Outbreaks have irregular shape, clear boundaries they do not have.The skin in the area of ​​each of the centers and several swollen bloodshot.

foci are located separately and together had not merged.On the skin appears white and scaly peeling gray scales.Later, these skin disorders and others align: crusts, pustules and vesicles.Typically, these defects are located on the scalp, trunk and extremities.And if trihofitia apply on the scalp, in the hearth area there is breaking of the hair at the root, or at a distance of couple of centimeters from it - it is a characteristic symptom of the disease, which gave it its name.

Sometimes the disease is accompanied by nail lesions.Moreover, their surface becomes dull and muddy.The very same nail plate loses strength, easily broken, and shows the dents.Nails become unhealthy dirty grayish hue.

Often ringworm passes in the chronic form.And the sick man constantly is a danger to the people around him.It manifested in the form of a herpes small bald spots on the head with a pinkish-bluish tint.These areas are swollen, devoid of clear boundaries, and on the surface there may be peeling, blisters and scabs.For the chronic form of the lichen is characterized as the presence of itching that bothers the patient almost continuously.

To distinguish ringworm from other types of lichen, such as pink, read the article http: // lechimsya-prosto.ru / vidy-lishaya-u-cheloveka about the kinds of lichen.

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Ringworm Treatment

Immediately after detection of foci of ringworm should consult a qualified dermatologist.Before this can not lubricate the affected area with iodine or brilliant green, as this could significantly complicate diagnosis.You also can not take a bath or wash in the shower.You can seal the pockets of wide band-aid.

Treatment should be started immediately - if it does not start on time, ringworm can become chronic.The doctor will most likely prescribe an effective antifungal drugs that can eliminate the disease as soon as possible.Very popular drugs such as mikoseptin, miconazole, clotrimazole and others.Usually, treatment is about two weeks.After this treatment continues for another week to completely eliminate relapses.

If the disease has started strongly, as well as extensive lesions of the scalp dermatologists often spend a systemic treatment that includes oral medications.However, this method of treatment is carried out only under the close supervision of the mycologist, because most antifungal drugs have teratogenic effects, as well as a bad influence on the work of such an important body as the liver.

After completion of the treatment process is obligatory disinfection of objects used by the patient - they may for a long time to keep on its surface fungi pathogens that will cause trihofitii relapse.

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Treatment of folk remedies for ringworm

course, traditional methods alone can not be beat zoster.But they can be used to accelerate the healing and reduce the unpleasant cutaneous manifestations of this disease.However, to use these recipes is only after consultation with dermatologists and in combination with their assigned medication.

So, the most effective traditional methods are:

  1. shredded cabbage leaves mixed with fresh sour cream.From the resulting mass to make a compress, which should be applied to zoster.After drying compress should be changed to the new;
  2. beets boiled in a small amount of clean water.The resulting broth mixed with the same amount of honey, and the resulting mass is spread on zoster several times a day;
  3. glass of buckwheat boiled until tender in two cups of water.Salt is not added.Porridge strain, obtained as a result of this decoction should be lubricated more often scab;
  4. mustard mixed in equal proportions with the usual apple cider vinegar.The resulting mixture should be a scab can be lubricated more frequently wiping therapeutic mixture in the direction of the edges of each of the centers to the center.

Thus, ringworm - this, of course, quite a difficult disease that requires a careful attitude.But still, with timely treatment to the doctor, he recovers and does not come back again.