Causes and treatment of cough that persists for a long time ( over a month )

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  • reasons protracted cough
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often a symptom of many diseases of the respiratory system is a cough.As a rule, after the treatment of the disease cough persists.However, in some cases, the cough can stay and torment the patient for a long time period.In this case it is called a prolonged or chronic.Typically, this terminology is used to coughing that lasts more than one month.

reasons protracted cough

In some cases, the cause of prolonged cough lies in diseases such as:

  • smoker's bronchitis,
  • benign tumor,
  • abnormalities in the cardiovascular system,
  • defeat lung structures.

In order to establish the cause of prolonged cough is not transmitted, it is necessary to make X-ray .Especially significant results when there is an opportunity to compare their dynamics - changes in the nature and location of blackouts in the picture.If X-rays did not show any abnormality, it is necessary to continue to diagnose the situation in order to identify the true cause of the c


Chronic cough may be the only deviation.Frequently associated symptoms include:

  • stuffy nose,
  • wheezing in the lungs,
  • sputum with blood,
  • heaviness in the chest,
  • unpleasant sensations in the nose and throat, belching.

One of the common causes of cough - asthma. Asthma may be accompanied by a prolonged cough, and cough, allergic, occurs only when ingested allergens.Cough in asthma requires immediate elimination, receiving special drugs, otherwise it can lead to suffocation.

Another reason for prolonged cough - undertreated acute respiratory disease. In this case, the susceptibility of the lungs and increases the cough reflex occurs at the level.The cause of this cough - an independent cancellation medication prescribed for the treatment.Quite often patients stop taking medication after the first improvements, and cough are hoping that he will be held.Particularly negative attitude to antibiotics techniques and find it unjustified.In such cases, the cough becomes protracted form.

Long lingering cough - a serious problem for the patient, which significantly affects the quality of life.Disrupts the normal sleep, can occur dizziness, upset vision, headache, excessive sweating, urinary incontinence.

prolonged cough should not be left without treatment - it can be a symptom of a terrible disease.In addition to X-ray the doctors listen carefully patient, make analysis of blood and urine, sputum examination, in some cases, made Mantoux test.

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How to treat a cough

If cough etiology is not clear, it is prescribed a number of drugs that suppress the cough - menthol, camphor, honey, products with codeine.To facilitate sputum discharge given mucolytics - Ambroxol, Mukaltin bromhexine, Ambrobene, Rinofluimutsil, Flavamed.Typically, these preparations are produced in the form of tablets for adults and in the form of a syrup for children.Best of all, if with these drugs is conducted inhalation oils of medicinal plants.