Causes and treatment of numbness of the little finger on the left or right hand

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Numbness of any part of the body - unpleasant sensation that can occur in anyone, even the most inopportune moment.Most often numb limbs - fingers or toes.There is numbness often suddenly, although some patients experience precursors - tingling, burning sensation in the limbs, stiffness.

Discomfort brings numbness of the little finger on one hand.Especially when you consider that the people at this time can perform critical operations.Note that isolated cases of numbness are not a serious threat to health, but the systematic problems with the fingers, can testify about the "failures" in the nervous system.Usually disease masquerading as numbness, and are accompanied by other symptoms - weakness of the limbs, pain, incoordination, etc.

numbness of the fingers, especially the little finger has increased in recent years.More and more people are turning to a neurologist with a similar complaint.As doctors say, one of the most common causes - long work at the computer, in which a hand strained in handling

the mouse.Such monotonous routine movements, repeated day after day, provoke pinched nerve in the wrist, which results in numbness.The same problem haunts and the people who are essentially forced to work long and hard to write.

Another cause numbness of the little finger - tunnel syndrome. It is due to the fact that the nerves are clamped between the ligaments, bones and muscles, which form a kind of tunnel where the nerves and stacked.With long-term preservation of the same provisions of the nerve is compressed, there is tension, pain, tingling, sometimes small tremors, numbness of fingers.

these reasons have in common is that they are easy to handle - enough to change body position or develop hand (for example, to arrange Hourly exercises with expanders) and numbness will pass, but with proper work and rest, and not overtake human again.Also useful for massage, physiotherapy, physical therapy.However, there are other reasons for going on a little finger numbness.They are more serious diagnosis of these causes is also difficult, and treatment of the underlying disease can, unfortunately, do not lead to the complete disappearance of the little finger numbness.These include low back pain, ischemia in the limbs, heart disease, intervertebral hernia, beriberi, injury arm or hand, and as a result - poor circulation, arthritis, diabetes, nerve entrapment, multiple sclerosis, endarteritis, Raynaud's disease, stroke intervertebral arteries, depression, anxiety, mania, infectious disease, hypothermia, intoxication .. In order to make a correct diagnosis, the patient may need to undergo a series of examinations.Refuse is not worth it, because the causes numbness in the little finger are diverse and do a professional inspection will not succeed.Difficult to diagnose and that itself is a manifestation may be far from the main pathology.It would seem, but even brought bronchitis or pneumonia can cause numbness in the future of the little finger

disease Treatment should begin consultations with a neurologist or surgeon. Most often already at the first visit are assigned more specialized research - X-ray, tomography screenings.Depending on what the diagnosis is assigned and further method of treatment.Most often it is the medication, a course of massage or physical therapy, physiotherapy, every kind of disease prevention, adherence to proper work and rest.If necessary, the patient will be offered to be treated in hospital.

For most causes of numbness treated in a conservative manner.However, if the cause was a tunnel neuropathy, you may need surgical intervention, and (if the imposition of tires on hand applique or carpal tunnel have failed).The essence of the surgery is to reduce channel pressure squeezing nerve.The operation resulted in improved blood flow in the limbs, recovering a damaged myelin sheath of the nerve.If the problem is detected in time, it is quite possible to eliminate it.The operation itself is not complicated and largely effective.

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numbness of the lips is also an unfavorable sign.

If neuropathy is caused by previous trauma and damage to the nerve trunk, the treatment should be carried out as quickly as possible.In this case, resorting to neurolysis - operation, which frees from post-traumatic nerve compression.If from the time of injury has been more than two months, then surgery may be somewhat harder plastic may be necessary.Most of these interventions goes favorably, lost innervation is restored, and the little finger numbness goes away.