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hands most often on the hands-dermatophyte fungi colonize.They affect not only the folds between the fingers, their favorite place - nails.Penetrating deep into the nail plate, they layered it, nails become brittle and yellow - become the most unpresentable form.

become a victim of this fungus can be everywhere.No one is immune to the fungus, because it can live in the gym, public transport, nail salons, keyboard and other office equipment is often used in baths and saunas - wherever there is an average person.First the fungus is on the nail, and gradually (for example, during a manicure), and spreads to the skin of hands.Most often suffer from fungal those who have a weak immune system, suffers from diabetes, impaired function of the endocrine system.


fungus fungus symptoms on the hands pronounced enough, they are difficult to confuse with any other disease.First, a modification of the nail.It thickens, becomes a dirty yellow color, the

re may be spots and streaks (striae).Part of the nail may break - crack or break off.Also on the nail may occur in the form of a kind of thickening growths - looks like a nail rises above the bed.At the very last stage of the nail can and does get a finger.

fungus on the skin of the hands makes itself felt a change in color, the appearance of islands and spots that can either get wet or be shelled.These spots may be different in size, different in color intensity - from pale pink to bluish.In some places (usually on bends) the skin dries and cracks, and then forming a white scaly particles.

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fungus treatment at the hands of

treatment of fungal infections - long process that requires patience.First you need to consult a dermatologist, who accurately diagnose and prescribe the necessary funds.If the nail is hopelessly impressed it will have to be removed.

Most of the funds for the treatment of fungus are produced in the form of ointments or creams to locally influence the lesion. However, your doctor may prescribe treatment to strengthen and tablets - in this form are also available, some antifungals.For treatment of the nails (for prevention and overall) special coatings must be applied.Among the popular and fast-acting drugs prescribed Exoderil, Lamisil, Nizoral, Candide, Zalain, fluconazole, ketoconazole, Diflucan, Nofung, Mikozoral, mikomaks, Atifin, Terbizin.

The drugs based on the penetration into the membrane of the fungus and the defeat of its structure.In this case, the fungus dies quickly.However, it is not necessary to pick up drugs on their own or on the advice of friends.A number of drugs are contraindicated for people with kidney failure, so they need to be taken only by prescription.

In some cases, you may need a hardware nail cleaning, at which grinds off the top layer of the affected nail, which in turn provides a better access of medicines in the affected area.

Recent studies prove the effectiveness of pulse therapy.In this method, the antifungal drugs are not made permanent, and short courses.The doctor paints methodology medication for "welcome-break" type, due to these interruptions to the body treatment is perceived relatively easy and as effective as long-term acceptance.