Зашто утрнула руке и шта да радим

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  • main causes numbness
  • pathology, which can lead to numbness of the upper extremities
  • Removal Procedure numbness
  • definite diagnosis

Many at least once experienced numbness of the upper limbs or fingers.As a rule, a symptom rather quickly.However, regular numb hands are signs of serious illness.Therefore, the problem is manifested systematically seek medical advice.

main causes numbness

Numbness can occur as a result of a careless approach to the implementation of everyday affairs.The mechanism is activated by problems due to insufficient supply of the limbs or fingers oxygen and nutrients that enter the bloodstream.Compression of the nerve endings that are "responsible" for the conduction of impulses to specific limbs, as well as from her - the second leading cause.That can lead to such consequences?

  • adoption of awkward postures;
  • long wearing tight clothing that constricts blood vessels;
  • long carrying heavy loads on his shoulder, wearing a heavy backpack or backpack;
  • intensive work hand associated with their elevations above the level of the heart;
  • vasospasm caused by exposure to cold;
  • long stay in the position in which the arm is folded back over the chair.This compressed important blood vessels and nerves.

numbness of the upper limbs or fingers due to mechanical reasons, are of short duration.It happens quite intensively rub the affected limb, activating blood circulation, to normalize the situation.If symptoms persist for a long time, need to consult a traumatologist.Immediately should contact your doctor if numb part of the arm does not feel cold or heat.

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pathology, which can lead to numbness of the upper extremities

number of diseases able to be expressed in the symptom or rather numb limbs.This phenomenon can be observed fairly regularly and be associated with certain factors.If numbness, which is repeated often enough, and is not associated with visible mechanical cause compression of nerves and blood vessels, is to pass medical examination.

Among the diseases that can cause numbness in hands, stands out:

  • Cervical osteochondrosis.The pathology associated with degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc in the cervical spine.This pinched spinal nerve roots and branches.The process is accompanied by pain in the neck, which can migrate to the shoulders and limbs.Depending on the extent of the intervertebral cartilage changes distinguish the arthrosis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia.Pathology Treatment is aimed at removing the acute phase of the impact, aimed at restoring and preventing further destruction of cartilage.Tactics of treatment is chosen depending on the neglect of the degenerative process.
  • scalene muscle syndrome.The combined name for the symptoms of the complex, which are in the process of squeezing the lower nerves of the brachial plexus and subclavian artery anterior scalene muscle.As a result, the conductive vessels and nerves are pinched upper thoracic vertebrae.Numbness in the upper limbs is accompanied by loss of sensation, weakness.Gradually may occur pain.
  • cervical spondylosis.Pathology is characterized by bony growths on the edges of the vertebrae, causing compression of the spinal roots.The patient may experience severe pain in the neck, which are enhanced by the rotation of the head or shoulder movements.
  • Traumatic injuries of the brachial plexus.Arise as a result of sports injuries, falls, which involve stretching, sprains, fractures.
  • Traumatic injuries of the wrist, shoulder blade;
  • syndrome of the ulnar nerve.Characterized by squeezing the groove located in the elbow nerve.Generally, a syndrome caused by trauma.However, the habit of reading, leaning on his elbow, can also lead to undesirable consequences.
  • Raynaud's Syndrome.Spasmodic change in vascular conductance, which manifests itself as a result of severe stress or exposure to cold.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.It manifested as a result of compression of the median nerve.
  • brachial plexopathy.The nerve plexus in the arm may be squeezed as a result of trauma, tumor development, squeezing.
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Removal Procedure numbness

Depending on the reason that caused numbness, action on its removal may be different.Compression (squeezing) of nerve endings in osteochondrosis and numbness caused by it is removed with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs.The patient is recommended to relieve tension and not to worry, that will prevent the spasm of conducting vessels.This may help antidepressants.

prevent numbness or remove already caused the symptom complex of these exercises will help:

  • in a horizontal position in bed is necessary to pull the hands up and compress a fist 80 times;
  • extend hands along telya and again to squeeze the fingers 80 times;
  • further costs to rise, to stand near a flat wall.It is necessary to pull up his hands, drawing on his toes to stand there for a minute;
  • further need to rely on your feet, and hands folded behind his head in a sturdy lock.The last exercise you need to perform, alternating three times.
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definite diagnosis

If numbness concerned fairly regularly, do not delay the visit to the hospital.It is necessary to determine the sensitivity of the nerves.Associated analyzes will be blood samples for sugar, identifying the activity of the thyroid gland, as well as the level of sex hormones.Care must be taken to the patient's diet was rich in vitamins B, as well as the minerals sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium.

Possible traumatic symptoms are detected using X-ray and tomography.To accurately determine the crushing need to pass myelography.In some cases it can be shown the passage of MRI.