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Under flatulence understood flatulence caused by excessive accumulation of gas in its cavity, which is accompanied by bloating and heave.It should be noted that flatulence is not a separate disease, it is only a sign or pathological inflammation in the intestine, thus bloating can be both permanent and periodic.

gases in the intestine are the result of vital activity of bacteria which are carrying out the fermentation of food, swallowing air while eating or receiving a call (in such cases, as a rule, the air goes to belch).Such a condition is not dangerous and severe disease, but causes discomfort and embarrassment.

Normally, the intestine and the stomach contained about 0.9 liters of gas, while during defecation is allocated half a liter.If flatulence quantity of gas can reach three or more liters.This is a protective reaction of the organism.In those cases where, for some reason do not depart gases,

flatulence can lead to serious complications due to, primarily, the main disease.The composition

normal human gases include ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, methane and hydrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, oxygen, and mercaptan.

Causes of flatulence

as causes of flatulence can act:

  • frequent constipation (when slowing down intestinal motility increases the probability of fermentation of food eaten, which leads to increased accumulation of gas in the intestines);
  • intolerance to certain foods (for example, lactose deficiency when the patient is marked inability to digest dairy products properly);
  • deformation of the palate, nose or teeth;
  • talk while eating;
  • rapid ingestion of food;
  • drink large gulps;
  • consumption of carbonated beverages;
  • improper diet (consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates are not digested, such products are fermented by bacteria).

addition, flatulence suffer people who prefer to eat foods rich in fiber, for example, eggplant, pears, apples.Often such people in the survey or the survey can reveal bowel disease, stomach (ulcers, colitis and enterocolitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver).

Flatulence occurs in people who underwent surgery on the intestines, further accompanied by pain, constipation, belching, headache, severe nausea, general malaise and weakness.

Meanwhile, flatulence can be a consequence of an acute infection of the gastrointestinal tract, congenital bowel disease (dolichosigma), peritonitis, neurosis and tumors localized in any intestine.

Pregnant flatulence is caused by compression of the bowel and uterus deterioration of functioning of the intestines due to the action of hormones.When pregnancy flatulence often accompanied by constipation.

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Symptoms of flatulence

Patients with flatulence mark at intensive and bursting pain in the abdomen, periodically appears and disappears.Such a condition may be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the stomach or intestines.

pain flatulence disappears after the start to withdraw gases.If flatulence is often observed alternation of constipation and diarrhea.For satellites flatulence should include hiccups, belching air or stomach contents.

should be noted that the gassing process in such a state can be both arbitrary and involuntary nature.With increased passing flatus is necessary to reflect the seriousness of the problem.

Newborns flatulence manifested by abdominal pain and cramps.Think about flatulence need when after feeding the child is red, screaming, running out legs to the stomach, nervous.

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Treatment of flatulence

Severe pain accompanying flatulence, treated with antispasmodics (no-spa).Reduce bloating and flatulence manages reception activated charcoal or smectic.

appearance of bloating after intestinal infections treated lineksom, Hilak forte, atsilakt.

prescribers flatulence:

  • hindering the development of gas (pepsan-P, disflatil, Espumizan);
  • accelerate the elimination of gases (Reglan, motilium);
  • means plant-based.

Without fail we treat the underlying disease that causes flatulence.

When stress appointed sedatives recommended complete rest, exercise.

When helminthiasis conducted antiparasitic therapy with the addition of adsorbents.

dolichosigma in special cases require surgical treatment.At congenial appointed strict diet with frequent and smaller meals.

When peritonitis tactics patient administration chosen strictly individually.To surgical methods resorted to only when necessary.

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Diet for flatulence

diet is to avoid or lesser use of products that cause flatulence.These products include:

  • products, which include lactose (bread, cereal);
  • milk, dairy products (cheese, ice cream);
  • beverages (soft drinks, fruit, soda);
  • bran, wheat, whole grain products;
  • peaches, apples, pears;
  • different kinds of cabbage (Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli), artichokes, onions;
  • beans.

patients with flatulence is recommended to drink plenty of water and broth, not to drink carbonated drinks, beer and soda, as the latter only increases the fermentation processes in the intestine.At the use of carbonated beverages must first remove gases, for example, by transfusion into a glass.

When used food should be slowly and thoroughly chew all the pieces of food that can reduce the amount of air in the process of swallowing food intake.

required to give up smoking, hard sweets, chewing gum, is used to limit the amount of fried meat and sweet fruit.

recommended to add to the diet of carrots, beets, buckwheat.Showing foods rich in protein, such as egg whites, chicken breast, lean beef varieties.