Causes and treatment of cracks on the hands and fingers

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beautiful your skin is the main advantage of the well-groomed woman who cares not only about your hairstyle or make-up, butabout the other elements of the beautiful appearance.Unfortunately, every year to find the woman with his hands is becoming increasingly difficult, as the list of factors that negatively affect the skin, getting longer.Hard water, vitamin deficiency, household chemicals - it's not all the most common causes of cracks on the hands and fingers, they leave their mark not only on appearance but also on general health.

However, it is not necessary to consider the crack on the fingers and hands of just a cosmetic defect, as if they are transformed into open sores that often bleed or permanently, this should be a really serious cause for concern.To cure such cracks and wounds ordinary hand creams do not work, you need a profound diagnosis and consultation with a specialist


Causes of cracks on the hands

cause cracks of varying depth on the hands can theoretically be a variety of factors, most often it depends, or of any specific features of the body, or from the negative effects of environmental factors.Internal causes of cracks may be different allergies, fungal infection, certain endocrine disorders, hormonal disruptions, eczema, or seasonal vitamin deficiency.In this case, cracks often appear between the toes, on the palms or directly at your fingertips.

One of the most common diseases in which cracks may appear on the hands and fingers is psoriasis. This disease is not infectious in nature, this dermatosis develops autoimmune reasons.Another manifestation of psoriasis education becomes dry "swollen" red spots, which may peel off.These stains and cracks on your hands never go, treatment involves the simultaneous treatment of the underlying autoimmune disease.

Eczema is a chronic or acute inflammatory skin disease, have allergic character.This disease is characterized by the emergence of various kinds of rashes, moreover, patients complain of a burning sensation and itching.Eczema is extremely prone to frequent relapses, with its worsening again there are painful cracks on the hands, bending the fingers and toes themselves.

Cracks in the hands of often arise due to the adverse impact of external factors: long-term effects of direct sunlight, frequent and prolonged contact with water in which to cleanse added various chemicals, seasonal or chronic deficiency disease, the onset of a period of hormonal changes in the body.Sudden changes in humidity and temperature is also harmful, so that the skin does not have time to adapt so quickly to environmental changes.Skin hand is particularly vulnerable during the cold season.

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Treatment of cracks on the fingers

Hand Treatment cracks of varying depth at the hands depends on what exactly was the reason for their appearance.If it was due to the influence of harmful external factors, it is only necessary to limit skin contact of hands with this source of irritation.To do this, you can put on gloves to protect hands skin while cleaning or washing, and hands should be washed with mild soap and water - for example, children, or for particularly sensitive and in need of hydration of the skin.After any contact with water or chemical cleaners should be carried moisturizing hand - it will speed up the healing process.

Traditional medicine offers many tips to help deal with the cracks on the hands and fingers.In many cases, very effective potato broth, which is prepared by boiling potatoes, water infusion, add in a broth of vegetable oil and starch.Many housewives also used to deal with this problem by using a mixture of starch, milk, glycerol and water.Due to the unique combination of ingredients, this means you can heal over time, even very deep cracks and wounds.

cedar oil or cloth soaked in oil, will also help get rid of this unpleasant symptom.It is best to wipe was made of linen.It is very beneficial to the skin of the hands and apply a mask of conventional cucumbers, which strongly moisturize, and oatmeal baths with high-quality flour.

Nevertheless, in the event that the occurrence of cracks on the hands and fingers, the skin is associated with any particular disease, it is not necessary to self-medicate. In this situation, it is better to consult a specialist for advice and give recommendations for further treatment.Do not forget that before the installation of an accurate diagnosis as a child and an adult, you need to spend a few laboratory tests.Consultation with a specialist is especially necessary in the event that the cause of the appearance of cracks on the hands and fingers is psoriasis or eczema.Cracks caused by a fungal infection, treated with special antifungal ointments, and if the fault has become just an allergic reaction, then appointed antihistamines.If the cause of the defect has become a regular vitamin deficiency, you need to try as much as possible to facilitate your diet vegetables and fruits, in which a lot of vitamins A and E, that is, as nuts, olive oil, fresh herbs.

You can also use ready-made pharmaceutical ointment to eliminate cracks, but they better help about superficial cosmetic cracks than with a serious problem.They are based on the mechanism usually is moisture and stimulate skin regeneration.

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Prevention of cracks on hands

appearance of cracks on the hands quite easily can be prevented, if you try to follow some basic rules of normal preventive maintenance.First of all, it is important to wash your hands soft (or pre-softened) water and mild soap only.The skin of the hands must be wiped dry, leaving no moisture between the fingers, which most often appear and crack.After each wash better lubricate the skin protective cream.

Do not use household cleaning products without special gloves, as their composition is extremely aggressive with respect to the delicate skin of hands.Since the hand skin does not like cold temperatures, they need to keep warm.