Causes numbness in the upper or lower lip , what to do

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Full or partial numbness of the lips - this external irritation or lack of sensitivity of the lips.Lip numbness rarely seen in people, however, when this happens, it may be familiar to any problems in the body.Perhaps numbness says about the lack of a substance or the side effects of a recent illness.In order not to speculate, we are now exactly see why can numb the upper or lower lip.In any case, all the tips below will be given to a man set himself approximate diagnosis and know which doctor must be addressed first.But remember, you can never put an accurate diagnosis or to engage in self-treatment.In defining the problem, you will immediately go to a specialist.

main causes of numb lips

  1. Cervical osteochondrosis.In this disease compressed or spinal cord from the long muscle tension or bias of the spine.Subsequently, this leads to poor circulation, due to which the brain does not receive the necessary nutrients.This disease can even lead to a stroke, it is not recommended to run this state
    and seek emergency medical attention, because the final could be disastrous.It is also recommended in addition to the doctor's advice to keep the correct posture, do not take cold neck or back, and before going to bed to go to the right, a comfortable position.
  2. Lack of vitamin B. If lips go numb, then it may indicate a violation of the nervous system.Often the reason for this are due to lack of certain vitamins in the body, particularly of vitamin C. It is recommended to simply enter in your diet foods that contain this vitamin.It is best to eat the bread, mushrooms, nuts, salted fish or sour milk.With these products you will nourish the body missing vitamins and can adjust the nervous system.
  3. neuritis of the facial nerve. This disease is very common and it is just the first symptom is numbness of the lips.Optic neuritis is due to the violation pulses to the facial muscles, which sends the brain.An urgent need to go to the doctor, and if you put such a diagnosis, begin treatment immediately.Because if you run, then the diagnosis can go to the paralysis of the facial nerve.To prevent this, you need to just go to the procedure and get rid of the initial diagnosis.
  4. diabetes. As is known in diabetes decreases the sensitivity of certain parts of the body.Just numb lips may indicate diabetes.To get rid of this, you just need to visit an experienced and drink drugs that normalize blood glucose levels.Then the numbness of the lips immediately take place.
  5. Migraine. Very often these days cause numbness of the lips becomes a migraine.It may appear due to fatigue or due to stress.So also very disturbed nervous system and eventually numb lips.It is recommended to simply reduce stress and add to your diet more painful calcium, magnesium and potassium.Then migraine will take place, and with it will go numb lips.
  6. Raising or lowering blood pressure. In this situation, not only the lips numb, but also a limb.Often in the same period can begin to get a headache, and people will even experience dizziness.It is recommended not to delay or drop in such a situation and call an ambulance quickly.
  7. Allergy to some means. Very often, if a man takes a new drug that had never tried it, can begin allergy.After all, we do not know what we exactly have allergies, and what not.Therefore, it is often one of the side effects after some medicine will numb lips.
  8. teeth or gum disease. If you have inflamed gums, and then began numbness, then most likely, they will be the main reason.When a toothache may also appear very stiff.If you started whining tooth or gums while onemevayut lips, nothing dangerous is not here.But you still need to go to the dentist to get rid of pain and solve the problem of tooth disease.
  9. Multiple Sclerosis. Now, many doctors say that the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis is just numb lips.After all, at this point the body's cells begin to attack the cells of the nervous system.Therefore, immediately when this symptom to go to a neurologist and checked.It is only the beginning of the disease, you can avoid complications.
  10. Shingles. When herpes, which appeared on his face, begins itching, chills and numbness of the lips.It is the first sign of numbness of the lichen on the face.If you also feel a slight burning sensation in the necks, then it is guaranteed to deprive.An urgent need to address to the expert to solve this problem.
  11. Bell's palsy. This paralysis begins with tingling of the face and lips with numbness.General paralysis captures his face, but it begins with lips and eyebrows.
  12. Any viral infection that leads to inflammation of the nerve. This is probably the most common cause of numbness of the lips.Typically, if a person or herpes meningitis, after them can be a complication of nerve inflammation.This is what will cause numbness of the lips.

Now you know a number of reasons, because of which can onemevat lip.It is not necessary to make the diagnosis for these reasons.It is best to consult a specialist.Due to the reasons given above, you can see what other symptoms is numbness of the lips.If several symptoms of the disease are the same, it is necessary first to walk to the appropriate specialist.But if you already regularly repeated numbness of the lips, and you just do not always notice, it is necessary first of all to go to a neurologist.The main thing, do not run the problem to avoid complications in the future.