Symptoms, causes and treatment of stomach cramps

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  • Causes stomach cramps
  • Classification stomach cramps
  • main symptoms
  • Treatment of stomach cramps
  • Prevention

Under spasms of the stomach is meant functional disorder manifesting a temporary reduction in smooth muscle that provokes pain.Duration of pain can range from a few minutes to days.

reasons for stomach cramps

To date, the true causes of stomach cramps are not fully installed, which complicates the treatment and prevention of disease.Furthermore, in this pathological condition researchers have been unable to detect any abnormalities and lesions in the body and in its walls.Note that pathological processes spasm affect on gastric motility, disorders accompanied by motor and secretory functions of the digestive tract.Disease susceptible mainly adults, with as a push to the development of the disease typically appear and metabolic stress situations.

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Classification stomach cramps

Stomach cramps can be divided into organic and functional.

Organic stomach cramps found mainly in adults and occur against the background of already existing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.Functional spasms of the stomach exposed mainly young people, and their occurrence is associated with metabolic disorders, and nervous system.Meanwhile, in infants emit a special condition requiring immediate medical attention, called pilorospazm, which is caused by temporary disturbances of work the muscle tissue and nervous system development.

Organic stomach cramps are always associated with organic lesions of the gastrointestinal tract that triggers various dysfunctions.Such diseases include:

  • gastritis and gastroduodenitis;
  • peptic ulcer (duodenal or gastric);
  • erosion.

When functional spasms of the stomach is problematic to establish the cause of this pathological condition, since a lot depends on the patient's individual characteristics.The main causes of functional stomach cramps, should include metabolic disorders and disorders of the nervous system.

main factors contributing to functional disorders:

  • taking certain medications;
  • prolonged chemical attack (for example, at work or in the community);
  • mechanical effects;
  • food allergies (especially frequent);
  • smoking;
  • caffeine;
  • unusual food (food is not systematic or overeating);
  • prolonged hypothermia;
  • poisoning (food and spirits);
  • frequent and prolonged stress.

As mentioned above, functional disorders in the majority of cases are due to the individual characteristics of the organism.It should be noted that such disorders are predisposed people with heightened emotionality (frequent changes of mood, tendency to depression, high susceptibility to stress).Additional factors include IRR, neurosis and nervous system disorders predominantly functional character.

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main symptoms

main prevailing in the clinical picture, the symptom is a dull, acute pain occurs in the stomach, which may be accompanied by considerable discomfort and inconvenience.Quite often marked urge to vomiting, nausea.Pain triggers spasm of abdominal muscles, leaving the patient can not straighten up.

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Treatment of stomach cramps

Despite the fact that to date not revealed clear causes of stomach cramps and there is no single approach to the treatment of disease in medical practice have therapeutic and preventive measures, which are aimed at alleviating the patient's suffering.

To begin to conduct thorough and detailed diagnosis to ascertain the exact cause of the disease.If such is detected, treatment is sometimes last for several months and sometimes years.

For loosening and pain relief to the patient appointed antispasmodic drugs, which include No-Spa, Almagel, Spazmalgon.

If any of gastritis or peptic ulcer disease conducted complex treatment with the appointment of proton pump inhibitors.In cases where the ulcer and gastritis (duodenitis) related to infection by Helicobacter pylori, held eridikatsionnaya therapy according to the latest recommendations (antibiotics, proton pump blocker).

erosions Treatment requires a comprehensive approach to identify the cause.

Compulsory patients received diet therapy, which provides for an exception:

  • roughage;
  • fresh bread;
  • fried and smoked foods;
  • spices, salt, pepper, seasoning;
  • animal fats;
  • alcohol;
  • strong tea and coffee;
  • hot and cold food.

duration of diet therapy is 90 days from the day when the patient began to celebrate improvement in general condition.Diet - 5-7 meals per day.At night, it is recommended to drink warm, but not fat milk.

In rare cases, for the treatment of stomach cramps resorted to traditional medicine.For removal of pain attack mix nettle, St. John's wort flowers and meadowsweet, each herb on two spoons.The mixture is poured boiling water (500-600 ml).The first patient should drink a glass of an hour, and the rest - during the day 4 times.

When severe pain Leonurus juice helps in the amount of one teaspoon, which are bred in a glass of water.

In addition, pronounced antispasmodic and analgesic effect has a tea made from mint.To cook it you will need 2 teaspoons chopped mint leaves, which are filled with boiling water.Tea infused for half an hour, after which it is drunk throughout the day.Mint tea also has a good calming effect.

sometimes for pain attack enough to hold massage places of pain.

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Prevention Prevention of the disease is to avoid smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, correct and consistent power, rejection of fat and smoked food, in small use of strong tea and coffee.