Symptoms , causes and treatment of foot fungus ( + photos )

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  • Causes of the fungus
  • symptoms of fungal foot
  • Treatment fungus feet
  • Traditional recipes
  • Prevention

athlete's foot (fungal foot) is an infectious disease caused by parasitic fungi and transmitted byperson to person.

should be noted that before the fungal skin lesions were so widespread that only a small number of people managed to avoid infection.The situation changed radically in the 60-70 years of last century, when it became available, many effective drugs that will not only bring relief to the patient, but also can cure.To date, the disease remains the most common skin disease, after which there is a ringworm.

When athlete's foot often affects the surface of the skin of the foot and between the toes, in rare cases, there is involvement in the pathological process of the hands.The latter is caused not so much by the spread of the fungus, as fungi toxins circulating in the bloodstream.Furthermore, additional contamination due raschёsami hand leg skin, whereupon hand-parasitic

agent can be transferred even onto the scalp.This pathway should consider patients with athlete's foot, to protect not only themselves but also others.

Here is the skin affected by fungus

Causes of the fungus tinea pedis

cause opportunistic and pathogenic fungi.

  • pathogenic species of fungi always cause the disease process and lead to the development of the disease.
  • Opportunistic fungi since the birth of man inhabit cover, but cause disease only in the presence of predisposing factors.

Infection occurs when visiting the pool, trying on shoes and personal hygiene.

fungus commonly affects the skin of people over age 40 with diabetes, a history of skin

Trauma refers to predisposing factors, contributes to the development of the disease reduced immunity, chronic diseases, circulatory disorders.

ideal environment for fungal growth is humid and warm, so the risk group includes athletes, soldiers, miners, and those who are on duty and due to the specifics of the work required to be a long time in close and closed shoes.

should be noted that a similar pathology in children is extremely rare, due to the acidic sweat reaction and rapid replacement of the epidermis.

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stop fungus Symptoms

are the following forms of the fungus feet:

  1. Squamous .peeling skin between the toes and at the base, on the arch and heel stop.Typically, no subjective symptoms.
  2. squamous giperkeratoticheskaya .the skin on the soles of the infiltrated, sealed, skin furrows and drawing reinforced pleated celebrated mukovidnoe peeling.The patient complains of itching, intertriginoznoy .It affects the skin folds.The skin between the toes redness with cracks, detachment of the epidermis peeling, the patient noted the presence of itching, burning sensation and discomfort.
  3. Disgidroticheskaya form .Against the background of erythema occur bubbles of clear liquid.After the bubbles themselves may leave erosion pockets or layers of peeling skin detachment.Symptoms for this form is acute, there is oozing, burning, increase in body temperature in rare cases, constant itching and swelling.
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Treatment fungus feet

foot fungus treatment requires a mandatory trip to the dermatologist, who, after a thorough examination and analysis assigns the appropriate treatment.

should be noted that, even though the efficiency of modern antifungal drugs is not always possible to quickly heal the sick by the fungus feet, which is explained later appearance before the patient to the doctor, and the incompetence of the physician.

At the preliminary stage of compulsory disinfection of shoes, clothes, bathroom items and care with a 25% formalin solution.Feet require full care, implying the frequent baths, proglazhivanie socks, their change.

When the initial forms of the disease the patient appointed:

  • antifungal ointment;
  • creams;
  • mash;
  • antiseptic ointment;
  • varnishes;
  • baths;
  • varnishes.

As local treatment solution applied aniline dyes, silver nitrate, boric acid, resorcinol, etc.

In severe cases, in addition to the basic local treatment, prescribers inside.

should know that the cure in the early stages of the disease is faster and less painful than in advanced cases.However, even at a low severity of the pathological process of treatment requires patience and thoroughness.

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Traditional recipes

the presence of erosions and scales is recommended to use trays with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.During the procedure should be the maximum number of separate scales.When thickening of the skin and the presence of large number of flakes can use salicylic vaseline, which is applied 2 times a day before, yet not separate all scales.

only after removing the scales you can begin to folk recipes.

  • treatment celandine .For baths need 4 tablespoons of celandine, 1.5 liters of hot water.Legs hover for 30 minutes.The course of treatment is 20 procedures.Sometimes celandine replaced wormwood.
  • Treatment burdock leaf .A hammer to remove the juice from the leaves of burdock, and then wrap the leg and secure the bandage mug.Compress change 2 times a day.The course is 3 weeks.
  • Treatment rowan .To do this, knead the fresh leaves of mountain ash, and then apply them to the affected area of ​​skin, fix bandage.Keep the bandage during the day, change 1 times per day.Before attaching the bandage can wrap the leaves of burdock leaf.
  • Treatment with sea salt .For baths need 1 teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in 1 liter of water.Preparation of the solution to wash his feet every night for 2 weeks.
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  • not wear someone else's shoes, do not wear your shoes to give to others;
  • patient's family members are required to have their own personal scissors, nail file and other accessories for personal hygiene;
  • disinfect the premises;
  • not use false nails for a long time;
  • carefully wipe the skin after a visit to the soul;
  • change socks daily.

Tip! very important role in the prevention of treatment of a shoe.Take 40% acetic acid or 1% chlorhexidine.Wear rubber gloves and handle with a cotton swab the insides of the shoes and insoles.Prepare a sealed plastic bag and put it in his shoes treated for 2-3 days.