Symptoms , causes and treatment of yeast infection in men ( + photos )

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  • Symptoms and signs of yeast infection in men
  • Features thrush flow in men
  • Treatment of yeast infection in men
  • Prevention of yeast infection in men

Thrush (urogenital candidiasis) - a disease caused by a yeast fungus that affects mostall genital mucosa.In 95% of cases the causative agent is Candida albicans.The disease affects both men and women (see. Article "Thrush in women").

Symptoms and signs of yeast infection in men

  • itching, burning sensation in the genital area;
  • redness of the glans penis and foreskin;
  • appearance of white-gray plaque on the foreskin, the head;
  • discomfort during urination (or mild pain);
  • discomfort during or after sexual intercourse;
  • dry head;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • small notches on the glans and foreskin (in chronic and untreated).

If thrush becomes chronic, in men it appears 3-4 times a year. This symptoms can be erased: no pain, redness or swelling of tissues.If thrush appears more often than 3-4 times a year, you need additional tests, as it may in

dicate the presence of other diseases.

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Features percolation thrush in men

Thrush affects men 4 times less often than women.This is due to the anatomical structure: fungi, hitting the penis, quickly washed out in the urine.During lung disease in men in most cases.

women have thrush often occurs as a reaction to the change of state of an organism, for example, as a consequence of intestinal dysbiosis, pregnancy.Men are more likely to fall ill after sexual intercourse, symptoms are mild or not appear at all.

In some cases, the rash becomes visible for only a few minutes, often after drinking.That is why the symptoms sometimes not taken seriously, taking the individual body's response to alcohol-containing beverages.

Sometimes the disease goes untreated. But we must remember that the lack of attention to their health can lead to the fact that yeast goes into chronic, with frequent relapses.In this case, the cure it would be much more difficult.Also, a person who has not been assigned a competent treatment, can become a carrier of the disease, although it will feel good.

is possible spread of the fungus on the urethra ascending.This can cause diseases of the genitourinary system, in rare cases - infertility.Fungi are able to provoke the development of balanoposthitis.Also, the discomfort can reduce the sensitivity of the penis, and it may lead to some psychological problems.Often men celebrated asymptomatic.

That man sick thrush, may indicate a decrease in its immunity, hypovitaminosis, diseases of the endocrine system, the presence in the blood of the herpes virus.Most often, when sexual transmission first symptoms appear 10-15 days after exposure.

If urogenital candidiasis ill partner, need to be treated as men.This must be done in order to avoid possible complications, as well as due to frequent asymptomatic course of the disease.Self-medication can not be engaged in any case.Necessary laboratory tests (there are several methods to establish the causative agent), complex treatment.

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thrush treatment for men

Since most men, the disease is mild, often the doctor prescribes a topical treatment.In this case it is necessary to apply expert recommended ointment on the glans penis and the foreskin as described in the instructions to the drug.

More about ointments and other preparations from yeast, please visit this page.

In more complex during appoint additional drugs of general validity.Among them, the most popular and Diflucan fluconazole.It is also advisable to take drugs that increase immunity.In chronic and severe disease should be consulted several doctors - therapist, endocrinologist, urologist.

At the time of treatment is best to give up the sweet, starchy foods, and alcohol.Especially on whose composition has yeast.It recommended a thorough wash underwear, preferably by boiling and using a disinfectant detergent.

risk group

  1. People with weakened immune systems.
  2. Persons infected with HIV.
  3. Diabetics.
  4. promiscuous.
  5. drink a lot of sweet and starchy foods.
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Prevention of yeast infection in men

  1. exception casual sex.
  2. Proper use of hormones and antibiotics.Overdose of drugs, self-medication can significantly reduce the body's immunity and disrupt hormones.
  3. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.It is advisable to wash hands not only after using the toilet, but also to.Wet warm environment for the development of the fungus is very favorable, so after every bath or shower should be carefully wipe, especially in the genital area.
  4. Nutrition.It is proved that an unhealthy diet, and in particular, eating high-carb meal, sweets in large quantities creates favorable conditions for the growth of fungi in the body.
  5. Wearing underwear made from natural materials.Due to the fact that the air enters through the synthetic fabric with difficulty, it creates excessive heat and humid environment in which fungi multiply rapidly.It is also desirable to wear very tight trousers and jeans.
  6. If the disease is manifested in the partner, it is not recommended to engage in unprotected sex.It is advisable to use a condom, which will significantly reduce the risk of infection.

In extremely rare cases, thrush affects not the penis, and the mucous membrane of the mouth or skin.In the mouth, there is due to the strong weakening of immunity, in some infectious diseases due to bad habits and others. In obese people can develop in the skin folds, armpits and others. But in most cases, a man is still infected by their sexual partner.