What if much swollen feet, what causes

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  • Types edema
  • Causes of leg edema
  • Prevention of lower limb edema
  • Treatment edema

Almost everyone at least once in his life faced with the problem of swelling, and the older we get, the moreWe have to suffer from swelling of feet.By its nature, the swelling - a pathological accumulation of fluid in the organs or tissues.The reasons for this condition can be set, but to provide an effective treatment can be used only if it is for certain identified factors leading to the occurrence of edema.

Types edema

  1. One of the most common are gidremicheskie swelling that occur due to accumulation of excess fluid due to any kidney disease.
  2. cachectic edemas are a consequence of exhaustion or some cardiovascular pathologies.
  3. Stagnant swelling may occur at an elevated vascular permeability, reduction in blood protein, albumin.
  4. Mechanical edema often appear during pregnancy or in case of benign or malignant tumors, as well as such swelling occur due to injury.
  5. Neuropathic edema are mainly in dia
    betes and alcoholism.
  6. Allergic edema usually is a very deep swelling of the skin.edema formation occurs in minutes, it can be removed only after proper treatment.

lower extremity edema is one of the most common types of edema.

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Causes of leg edema Edema

human lower limbs can be triggered by such factors as:

  • profound metabolic disorders;
  • Abuse plenty of fluids, especially just before going to bed;
  • Flatfoot;
  • presence of excess weight, an additional factor is provoking severe obesity, which is already present for a long time;
  • habit to sit in the not too physiological positions - for example, with his legs crossed;
  • of the seat at low or soft seats;
  • incorrectly selected shoes.Despite the fact that many women love high heels, wearing them for a long time can not.This also applies to any shoe without a heel, because it is also a traumatic factor.It is best to choose shoes with a small heel, and it should be fairly easy and free, never peredavlivat leg.It is also important to avoid compression of the fingers;
  • thrombophlebitis, or varicose veins.At the very beginning of the illness swelling unobtrusive, they appear in the late afternoon and are often associated with the need for a long stay in the upright position.Over time, the symptoms of the disease progressing.In most cases, the swelling can be seen only on one leg, and he will be directly associated with trophic disorders;
  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • kidney disease.Edema in this case present on both feet, but is not accompanied by itching or feed.Along with the lower limbs may swell a little eyelids, there are circles under the eyes, and the amount of urine color changes;
  • bowel disease.In this case, the symptoms are similar to "renal variant", but the patient is not a violation of urination and prolonged diarrhea.
  • recently transferred SARS, the consequence of which was inflammation of the kidneys.
  • «elephantiasis", where there are violations of lymph circulation, which provokes the strongest edema;
  • Some problems in the thyroid gland.
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Prevention of edema of the lower extremities

Theoretically, almost any kind of swelling can be prevented, but it is necessary to perform the few simple recommendations.

  • If possible, you should not walk in the same shoes for more than 2 days in a row.
  • If you are in the morning wearing heels, it is best to bring along a change of shoes that you can wear when the legs get tired.
  • not worth a whole day just to stand or sit, you should try to move, but in moderation.
  • Take them your diet salt.
  • in any pharmacy you can buy a special compression garment that will keep feet tone.
  • Sleeping preferably with slightly raised legs.
  • You can do yourself a douche, but do not get too carried away.
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Treatment edema

When swelling occurs, it is important to consult with a specialist, who will appoint a survey to identify the true cause of the swelling and then we will be able to recommend a suitable treatment.Enough effective means of prevention and treatment of edema becomes simple exercises for the legs.

  • few minutes you can walk to the fingers.
  • bare feet you have to train to lift off the floor a small ball or knob.
  • maximum wiggle your toes at least a couple of minutes per day that will get rid of stagnant processes.
  • make circular movements of legs feet first individually, and then it is possible and together.
  • Standing or sitting, "rolls" from toe to heel and vice versa.

One relatively recent, but already well-proven way to treat edema is a lymphatic drainage massage, which can be done both individually and in specialized institutions.To do this, you must have a special device, because it manually make themselves right lymphatic drainage massage simply will not work.This method can be combined with other methods of treatment of edema of the lower extremities.

on doctor's advice can be used drugs in the form of tablets or ointments that will be assigned depending on the cause of edema.Independently appoint a certain means is strictly forbidden, as self can only worsen the condition.As a supplement to the basic treatment, you can also use the recommendations and advice of traditional medicine, but before applying them also advisable to consult a doctor.Particular attention should be paid to swelling during pregnancy - this condition may be a sign of preeclampsia and is considered a threatening factor for pregnancy.