Causes and treatment of the upper eyelid edema

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  • Causes swelling of the upper eyelids
  • Therapies swelling of the upper eyelids

widespread phenomenon in people over the age of 30 years becomes the swelling of the upper eyelids.Such education can have many causes, depending on which experts are selected effective treatments for each patient.

Causes swelling of the upper eyelids

eyelid edema may be caused by several factors, which primarily is attributed:

  • inflammatory processes;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • the injuries;
  • allergic reactions to certain pathogens;
  • infectious diseases of the eye;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • innate features eye structure.

swelling of the eyelids may be inflammatory or non-inflammatory in nature.

  1. If there is inflammation observed redness century, the temperature reaction and painful on palpation.On examination, edema century, experts often find hypodermic condensation caused by diseases such as barley, dacryocystitis, furunculosis, erysipelas.Call eyelid edema may be inflammatory diseases such as co
    njunctivitis, runny nose or a cold.Any inflammatory process occurring in the body, causes vasodilation, which results in swelling.
  2. Noninflammatory swelling result from kidney disease, organ of the cardiovascular system.For such processes it is always inherent in bilateral swelling, which is particularly pronounced in the morning.

cause of eyelid edema may be allergic reactions, such education in medicine is called angioedema angioedema. usually appear suddenly and disappear just as quickly.In most cases, such a one-sided swelling and accompanied by painful sensations.

Allergens with angioedema often foods, such as eggs, milk, chocolate, strawberries, citrus fruits, fish and seafood, as well as the agents can serve as flowering plants, medicines, cosmetics.Complications of the allergic process can be a variety of diseases of the eye, most often in patients develop glaucoma.

can cause swelling century conventional injury, with skin always takes on a bluish color, which is caused by bleeding under the skin.

insect bites upper eyelid swelling and becomes, but at the same time in the center of the formation of a small dot is visible.This swelling goes pretty quickly without assistance.

eyelid edema - one of the symptoms of infectious diseases of the eye, which, without prompt treatment can significantly impair the patient's vision.

Wrong way of life is also often causes swelling of the eyelids.Prolonged sleep deprivation, systematic smoking, drinking excessively fatty and salty foods, plenty of fluids, not to avoid swelling of the eyelids.The only way out of such situations becomes the observance of healthy lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits.

extremely rare cause of edema may be congenital especially eye structure. is usually caused by too thin membrane, which is located between the eyes and the skin subcutaneous tissue.With age, the membrane becomes thinner and any stress or discomfort can cause swelling of the eyelids, because fluid is retained in the tissue, practically does not separate from the skin of the eyelids.

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Therapies swelling of the upper eyelids

If there is swelling of the upper eyelids should immediately consult a doctor, who, before prescribe treatment, I am obliged to establish the cause of such education.Determining an accurate diagnosis is an important action, the results of which are appointed by the drugs.

If the patient revealed allergic processes in the body, which caused swelling of the eyelids, becomes inevitable reception antisense drugs.In inflammatory, infectious nature of the education of specialists in various ointments and eye drops may be prescribed.When the expansion vessels is advisable to apply a soothing and antibacterial drops, having in its composition substances that contribute to a narrowing of blood vessels.Effective action for edema considered rubdown and cold lotions.When such actions are commonly used solutions of novocaine and anestezina.Having greased swollen portion prednisolone or tselestoderm can alleviate the patient's condition and accelerate the healing process.

Sometimes swelling are regular, often can not find a major cause the formation of such processes.In such situations, it becomes mandatory a full examination of the patient to help diagnose diseases of internal organs.

With this inflammatory education as barley , the main symptom of the disease becomes swollen eyelids.The most common cause of its occurrence are staph bacteria.In the treatment of barley it is important not to puncture the swelling, because bacteria will spread throughout the century, making it difficult for this healing process.When eyelid edema caused by barley, patients must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, not to carry infection.

Disinfect the barley it is desirable in the first stage appearance of swelling.Primarily in barley antibiotic therapy is needed for the application in the century.For example, the drug Floksal active substance which - ofloxacin antibiotic - acts against a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms.Because of dosage forms - ointment or eye drops preparation is convenient to apply it on the affected area, causing it to act directly in the area of ​​inflammation.

If the cause of edema are allergic reactions to cosmetics , you need to find a hypoallergenic analogue designed specifically for sensitive skin.When eyelid edema, which is the only cosmetic problems, get rid of it will help visiting cosmetic surgeries.Remove minor swelling of the upper eyelids can use the lymphatic drainage massages his temples and around the eyes.When strongly pronounced swelling can cope with the problem, using methods such as electrical stimulation, mesotherapy or dermotoniya.These procedures aim to improve cellular metabolism, which will help to improve blood circulation and lymph exchange.

Swelling of the upper eyelids may be caused by various factors, thus have the formation of different symptoms and the nature of the disease.That treatment was as effective as possible, you must first determine the cause of swelling and choose the best method to eliminate the problem.