Causes and treatment of diathesis in children ( + photos )

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diathesis (allergic dermatitis, susceptibility of the child to a variety of allergic diseases) as a bright red cheeks in children manifests itself most often from one to three years.At the same time these symptoms can occur in a child who has not previously had any problems with digestion, allergies, skin.There are such pretty crowded spots, in most cases, are located on the cheeks, but can pass on the neck, the chest, the inner surfaces of the elbow.

child becomes irritable, constantly wants to scratch itchy cheek, causing itching only increases, and cheeks to comb wounds.In the future, such diateznye spots covered crust, peel the edges may get wet.The child has broken a chair, there are constipation or diarrhea, kid complains of a sore throat or cough.

reasons diathesis

  • Food diathesis .By itself, the diathesis may be a manifestation of allergies or diathesis itself.Allergy in a child appears as an inadequate reaction to the admis
    sion of ordinary substances.Most of these allergies appear during the introduction of complementary foods, or change of diet (maintenance of new products in the kindergarten, school).Diathesis doctors attributed to the fact that the digestion of a young child is not completely arranged in the childhood any product can cause increased irritability of the body to him.All food is broken down by enzymes.A young child to develop enzymes does not yet provide all his needs, so any new food is not digested completely, its remnants absorbed into the blood, and then the liver tries to clean the blood from these waste products.It is absolutely impossible to guess with which the product can not cope gastro-intestinal tract.In order to avoid possible manifestations of a diathesis, parents is important to know the list of the most allergenic foods - chocolate, milk, eggs, citrus fruits, fish and seafood, some berries.However, this does not mean that the use of one of these products will certainly cause allergies - all strictly individually.
  • contact diathesis .Oddly enough, but such a reason, too, can lead to diathesis.The first thing that responds to children's skin - the content of water or aggressive detergents substances.To protect your baby, you need to either boil water, then cool and it has to bathe or to pass through the filter.For washing clothes and bedding should be used only hypoallergenic means.The same goes for the laundry relatives - longitudinally often allergic to the cheeks arises precisely from touching the mother's things that washed in the usual powder.There are certain requirements and to the tissues - better if it would be natural undyed fabric.It is also important to avoid touching wool and synthetic materials - a sweater to wear a simple shirt and roll up the sleeves, and a hat to wear synthetic cap.
  • Respiratory diathesis .There is first of all because of the dust, the use of deodorant sprays to create a pleasant smell in the room, the presence of carpets, dry feed for fish and fur animals.It is important to eliminate all possible stimuli that could cause diathesis.In the house where there is a small child, is required twice wet cleaning every day.
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Treatment of diathesis

At the first signs of a diathesis should start as early as possible treatment to allergic mechanisms did not start fully and have not led to severe chronic allergies (possible complications in this case -atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma).The main method of dealing with the diathesis - a strict diet for a certain period of time.Excluded from the diet those foods that are most able to provoke diathesis: soups, fruits and vegetables red, milk, sour cream, eggs, sweet millet and semolina, peaches, apricots, melons, nuts.In the future, you need to gradually introduce products and look at the response.

The second component of the treatment - skin care. diathesis can be both dry and moist, so you should consult a doctor about treatment options.

  • the dry diathesis, to avoid flaking, you need to use hypoallergenic emollient creams to the skin did not dry up.
  • If diathesis weeping, then the doctor will prescribe a tool that dries the skin and vice versa contributes to the formation of surface crusts dry.After the crust will go, parents need to watch the young cover, the child is not combed it again.

To ensure stable remission diathesis, as well as correct and timely development of the immune system of the child, doctors often recommend medications from the group of immunomodulators.But they have a number of contraindications: first immunomodulators are appointed only by a physician and only with mandatory immunological examination of the child before the appointment.For the independent use must choose those products which have passed the necessary safety studies and do not require additional testing before use.

To maintain the body of the child should be taken antipruritic drugs , vitamins, sedatives, drugs that normalize the microflora.Parents need to remember that you need to drink the baby as often as possible, because the urine will appear allergens, but coddle him for a walk is not necessary - the more the child is sweating, the allergy symptoms are more pronounced.In order to ensure a normal temperature in the room, it is necessary to abandon the heaters, batteries close not to overdry the air put in the container to evaporate water.

During eliminate diathesis need to remember - if the baby had a cold and sick, you should not give him syrups temperature - much better to light a candle, because the syrups contain coloring agents, sweeteners and various additives that can trigger a relapse.

diathesis - is not a sentence for life, and it does not mean that the baby all the time will limit the allergen.Over time, as the liver, the immune system, the gastrointestinal tract and leading out the system will operate normally, with the manifestations of allergy problems will not be held and the diathesis itself.